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✈ 72 hours in Las Vegas! | Spring Break 2018 ✈

✈ 72 hours in Las Vegas! | Spring Break 2018 ✈

Hello my fellow explorers. I’m going to be really awkward. Because there’s a bunch of people literally everywhere. We’re in Las Vegas. We are staying at the Flamingo. And we’re just out to eat. It’s our first day here, I’m on spring break with my parents. Because what better way to spend a spring break And I’m trying not to be really awkward right now. But year we’re going to eat and explore today. We’re going to a show tonight. And then tomorrow we’re going to the Grand Canyon. Which I’m super super excited about because I’ve never been. And then the rest we’re going to play by ear. Quick interruption. We decided to walk into Ceasar’s Palace to go into the Forum Shoppes it’s really cool and really fancy. It’s got these really cool spiral escalators. It’s one of the only places in the world if not the only place in the world that has them. We stop at a place called Ted Baker. It is a clothing store that originated in London. And it’s got higher-end clothing. Dresses between 3 and 5 hundred dollars I would say. But we really just went in to look. The only one that really drew my eye was the one we saw in the window but in a really pretty blue color. And my mom was like “you have to try it on you have to.” And I looked at the price and was like Ope No. Bye. I would never spend a ton of money on a dress that I would wear once or twice. She was like “you can wear it to your brother’s dress rehearsal for his wedding.” “You can wear it to graduation, you can wear it to all these things.” I didn’t even want to entertain the idea. My dad was just kind of sitting back He was just sitting outside of the store like “I am staying out of this entire conversation.” But she kept pushing and I eventually tried it on. Surprise surprise I loved it. But I just broke down sobbing because I didn’t want to spend that kind of money on it. But my mom kept pushing and pushing. “This is from us to you… blobbity blah” Long story short, we ended up getting the dress I’ve now worn it three or four times And I plan on wearing it on as many occasions as I can Because there is no point getting a dress I’m not going to get a ton of uses out of. Anyway, lets get back to the video It’s been awhile. It’s been all day actually. I got a really expensive dress which… Did I need? I don’t know but… She’s persuasive. So yeah that happened. And then we did more shopping and more shopping. And then we made it to the Wynn hotel which is where we’ve been most of the afternoon. We did a two-for-one thing to get the buffet which was amazing! And then to see the “Le Reve” The Dream show Which is what we’re sitting in waiting for. So that should start in about five to ten minutes. Yeah and apparently I’m allowed to film so that will be good. Good morning friends. It is Monday. And we are currently Hiking up the bridge Of the viewpoint of the Hoover Dam. We are taking a day trip of the Grand Canyon And we got up at 5’oclock this morning. I’m really tired. But it’s pretty, and it’s warming up. So because I’m an awkward human being. I am standing behind my bus. We’ve been at the Grand Canyon all afternoon. We got up at 5. Left town around 6:30. ish. A little later. Got here around 11. It’s almost 3 now We are actually at the Grand Canyon West Rim. The South Rim is the most famous It’s the biggest tourist area. But the West Rim is different than the other three rims. It’s actually run by the Hualapai because it’s on their land So technically it’s not part of the National Park. It’s its own thing. So we’re technically kinda not in United States territory. We’re on an Indian reservation which is really cool. So what’s different is that because it’s not a national park they don’t have barriers up against the canyon. They don’t have railings or anything. Like the government has to. at the other three points. because it’s part of the national park and they’re trying to be safe. But here they’re trying to preserve the land and not ruin the land and respect it. like they have for centuries. So you can kind of just go up to the edge which is really dangerous and I don’t recommend. The other thing about this place verses the other three. Is that they have the skywalk which is which juts out over the canyon. And has a window at the bottom So you can just stare down. There’s some really cool vantage points. An area you can learn about the history. about the reservation and wagon rides and horse rides. And I’ve been kind of in awe all afternoon. We are about to leave I should probably get on the bus. But I wanted to inform you guys because I have not vlogged at all today. And I bet a bunch of people in these other buses are staring at me.

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