Celebrating the Spring Holidays



Hey guys happy Artydays! We’re back here
with another holiday video. Today I’m gonna show you 10 holiday doodles that
are super easy that you can do in your sketchbook this holiday season. So if you
need some inspiration… you’re in the right place. The first one we’re gonna
take a black marker, or you could do a colored pencil… whatever you want, really.
Jjust draw some curly lines all over your sketchbook page. I’m doing both
pages, and you’ll see why in a minute, but just fill that whole spread as much as
you can. You can leave a space in the middle for words later if you want, or
you can omit that. Next, we’re just doing some lights. That’s what we’re doing!
We’re doing strands of Christmas lights I chose some fun holiday colors with
greens, dark reds, pinks, and yellows. You can really choose whatever you want.
I decided to do the old-fashioned giant bulbs, because I just think they’re so
cute. I kind of chose a color pattern and followed it until all my strands
were full. Once my light bulbs were situated the way I wanted them, I decided
to add a few extra details. So what I did was I got some glittery pens, and I just
put polka dots all over them… so when I hold this sketchbook up to the light,
these bulbs literally feel like they’re glowing! It’s really cool, and it was
super easy. So here it is, and that is the first doodle idea!
The second doodle idea was probably my favorite out of the entire video!
What you do is pick something holiday themed that you really like, and draw the
outlines on your sketchbook paper. I decided to do a reindeer because I felt
like drawing some fancy, curly-looking antlers. After that, you can take a marker
and outline your entire sketch. I’m just using a red crayola marker. Once
my sketch is outlined, guess what we’re doing?!
A zentangle! I do a lot of these zentangles in my doodle sketchbook
videos, but they are so fun, and let’s face it… the holidays can be really
stressful. What’s a better stress reliever than is zentangle?! Alright… well
if zentangles are new to you, they actually might give you stress… but bear
with me! You can do tons of curly little fun designs, repeating patterns,
triangles, ocean waves, curlicues… you name it, you can do it! I basically just
filled my entire page except my reindeer. Once it’s done, it’s gonna look so cool
because that reindeer is gonna pop off the page! It’s probably better to pick
more of a simple shape… mine isn’t that simple, but you wouldn’t want to do
something that’s so detailed that it’s hard to do your zentangle around it.
This probably took me maybe an hour to draw. After I drew it, I felt great! I
just watched a show while I drew it, and it was a good time! I even caught up on
some of my favorite YouTube videos. So yeah, here it is. I hope you like it, and I
hope it inspires you to do one too! The third doodle idea is a holiday wreath.
Basically, I’m taking different leaf shapes, and I’m repeating them in a
circle, but they’re all facing the same direction… So it looks like there’s some
flow to it! This was really fun. It looks really
detailed, but don’t let that overwhelm you.. because there is no shading on this
wreath. You’re pretty much repeating shapes, adding branches… you can add berries.. and another thing is you see I’m using watercolor. I’m using my Arteza palette, but don’t let that intimidate you either. You can really use whatever
you want, so if this feels like something you wouldn’t want to do… you could use
markers or crayons whatever you have, really. By the way, though, I’m gonna link
all the art supplies I used in this video down below, because I
know you guys are curious, and sometimes I forget to say what I’m using. So to
save time, I’ll just put it all down there (in the vide description). Yeah, I’ll put links. After that, I left
the middle blank so I could do this calligraphy in the middle (of the wreath). I just chose the word Noel, because I really love when Christmas decorations say that,
and I wanted it in my sketchbook. It just makes me really happy. You can choose a
different word if you want. Whatever makes you happy. I think if I didn’t do
this word, I would have done the word “joy.” I don’t know… but this one was really fun,
and I really love how it’s very colorful and cheery. Oh my goodness, guys! The
fourth doodle idea is so fun. It’s a little bit of a mixed media piece, but
grab some fabric, scrapbooking paper, felt, …whatever you have. really. You could even
use a newspaper! Oh my goodness! That would look so cool! Cut some
Christmas trees out. We’re gonna use these for our sketch… and this one is so
easy, guys! I love this one. Basically, I’m just taking a glue roller. That thing is
a beast, by the way. And I’m securing these little felt trees onto my page.
Just like that. Now I’m taking a black fineliner, and drawing some scenery
around it. I drew a couple hills, and then I added some light lines here and
there just to give the page some depth. So I guess that’s a ~little
bit~ of shading, but not much! Then I drew some snowflakes in the sky, and what
do you know?! This is a super simple wintery scene. It really didn’t take a
lot of work, because we cut out our Christmas trees for a little bit of
extra detail! I decided to draw a silhouette of a reindeer running across
the page… and there’s a little bit of snow on the ground… and we are done! The fifth doodle is great! Especially if you’re watching Netflix or YouTube, and
you just want to draw at the same time. Draw a bunch of snowflakes
on a page. This is so easy, it just takes some patience. I decided to
draw all of mine with glittery pens, and they sparkle! It’s so pretty! I really
loved this one, especially because all the snowflakes get to be different, and
that just feels really special. After I filled my page, I filled all the little
empty spaces with some dots and X’s for baby flakes. Here it is up close, and
that’s really all there is to it. The sixth doodle involves upcycling your old
artwork, so I’m cutting out this truck that I painted a couple months ago for
fall. I was gonna fill it with pumpkins (for home decor), but I just never got around to it. So
what I’m doing now… I’m gonna paint a snowy scene. Not too much detail, because the truck is already detailed. Now I’m taking this Elmer’s glue roller and
attaching some glue to the back, because I’m gonna add this to the middle of my
sketch book page. Boom! It looks like I spent a good hour on this, but guess what?
Ha, joke’s on you, because I didn’t! Not while I was doing this, anyway (the truck took a long time though). Now I’m
using some of my Arteza watercolor, and painting a tree in the
bed of the truck. I think this is so cute. These trucks have been trending for
like two years now anyway… so, hey why don’t I add it to my sketchbook?! I took
some pencil at the end and just shaded underneath the truck, and then I took a
glittery marker and added some flakes in the sky and outlined the hills. Boom!
That’s it! I think this is so adorable! The seventh doodle is so fun! This is
probably my second favorite one of the entire video. If you’ve seen my previous
sketchbook videos, I’ve done something similar in the past. I will link that one
below if you’re curious… but remember those blob patterns that I did? Well, this
is very similar, except we’re gonna draw a bunch of different squares and
rectangles, because we’re drawing presents!
We’re gonna fill each present with a different pattern. I love these, because
it’s a really good way to add some color to your page to make the page pop, but also save time because you’re not doing a full-blown zentangle. I think that
these are just really great for relieving stress. You don’t have to think
too much. These give you a great opportunity to stop and revisit it later,
because it’s not like you’re doing shading, or super complicated stuff. Plus, far away it just looks so pretty! I mean there’s so many different colors,
so many different patterns… it looks like it could be its own wrapping paper! Seriously guys, repeating new shapes and patterns like this are my go-to in my
sketchbook! They’re so fun so easy and they just relieve my stress! I hope it
helps you too! The eighth doodle is always simple, always stylish, and always…
snowy… until spring rolls around! Then it might melt! Yes, that’s right!
We’re drawing a snowman! I’m just sketching the body, putting a face on it, dressing
it up, and now I’m taking a black fineliner
and outlining everything I drew. If you don’t have a fineliner, you can just use
your pencil and press harder for darker lines. You could use colored pencils…
whatever you have… and make this snowman pop off the page! I decided not to add
any (nvm, I add some later) color to the page and just focus on the lines, because I have
trouble appreciating my own line art. This was a really fun exercise
for me… I even drew this little baby snowman over here in the background. “Hey, hey! What’s up guys?!” These are really fun because snowmen’s arms are made from
sticks, so you could be really obnoxious and have them look like they’re
dancing or whatever! At the end, I decided to stipple my snowman
and then add some flakes in the background with my favorite glittery pen
for the holidays! I love this thing! It just feels so snowy. I don’t know why I’m
so obsessed with it right now. Here it is! This is my snowman. It is done. Well… if
you don’t have time to go to the store to get some frosting and a gingerbread
making kit… guess what you can do for the 9th doodle idea?! DING DING DING! We have a winner! That’s right! You can paint or draw a gingerbread house! I’m using
watercolor again, because I just love using that my sketchbook. I’m
painting the shape of the house, then we’re gonna get fancy and do some candy
canes on the sides! You can pretty much do whatever you want. Look up pictures of
gingerbread houses online, or if you already made one… draw it so you always
remember it! That’s really cool too! Now I’m just painting the doors and the
windows, and pretty much gearing up to add some final details. You could make
this a full-blown Christmas scene, or keep it a doodle like we’re doing in
this video, and try it too just be simple. I’m adding some little frosting dribbles on
the roof… and I think that was my favorite part. It was really fun doing
that squiggly line. Then I decided, hey, let’s add some little peppermint candies for
the stepping-stones. Do some candles in the windows… and that’s really pretty
much it! I added the ground and some snowflakes in the sky. That’s all. If you
want to go the extra mile and add some more scenery, like trees in the
background, go for it! I just simply didn’t feel like it (haha). The
tenth and final doodle is similar to the gift package idea that we did earlier.
Remember all those patterns that we did inside the gift boxes? Well, we are
drawing a bunch of candy canes. What’s nice about this is it’s
pretty much the same shape (repeated). You could even trace a real-life candy cane, and it
would work out! Dude! That’s a really good idea! Trace a
real-life candy cane, and you wouldn’t have to draw all these by hand. After
that, I outlined it with a black marker. Now I’m just going in and adding stripes
on all of them, because guess what? That’s pretty much all you have to do! Stripes,
stripes, and yeah… more stripes! I decided to use a bunch of different shades of
red, green, and pink for this. And yeah, I went all out.
I really love these repeating pattern doodles, because I find the holidays to
be a little stressful. I really like the holidays, and they’re very inspiring, but
sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy it! And in doing so, a simple doodle
like this can really do the trick! Anyway, thanks so much for watching! Comment down below and let me know which doodle idea was your favorite! If you have done
any of these before, and if you have any other ideas, feel free to comment them
down below too! Because it could help somebody! Alright, thanks for watching! Ff
you’re new to the art fam feel, free to subscribe! We have videos every week here! Have a Happy Holiday season, guys! Bye!

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  1. The holiday wreath one looks amazing <3 so I’ll probably give that one a try! And also the the gingerbread house one

  2. Me: I wish I knew what kind of art I could make to decorate my home. I've literally lived in homes with white walls all my adult life… What do people do?
    Mira: I got you fam.

  3. Right before getting hospitalized, I got a bunch of new mini sketch books, and one of them is dedicated to doodling. I decided a month or so ago, that I needed to practice my line work. I figured the best way to do so is to start doodling more. It should give me better control, more confident strokes, and it should also enhance my speed. So this video came at an absolute perfect time. I absolutely LOVE the wrapping paper design doodle idea, and the gingerbread house designing idea. I may even try to do a couple of gingerbread house designs, and make one a full illustration! I love candy, I love architecture, I love cookies, and this just wins all of that lol.

    Edit: they were thinking I can get out of the hospital Tomorrow! Although the way the doctor was talking, Monday is more likely at this point.

  4. AHHH I missed watching your videos! I'm finally done with my college finals! I will definitely be doing the zentangle, wreath and even the snowman! Much needed to get rid of all the leftover stress of finals lol. These would be fun to do with my nephews once they get on their winter break too! Hope you're doing well 😊

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  8. I love simple ideas like that. Usually in "how to fill a sketchbook" videos people say stuff like "look around you" or "draw something new to you" and yeah, that might be useful but sometimes you just want someone to tell ya "yo, draw a snowman" cause then you don't have to overthink, you say "okay" and do it.
    Now I hope for your sketchbook ideas for every season 😀

  9. I adore the wreath, candy canes, and presents! I'm going to try them all. I'm just starting out sketching and subscribed to your channel since you make it look easy and I love your style. Due to neuropathy in my hands I had to discontinue all my other arty/crafty things (quilting, knitting, hand stitching) but I can still hold and control pencils, pens etc. So now ART is my new hobby and stress relief. I never knew it was so much fun! Having fun exploring your many videos. Keep up the wonderful work and thanks for sharing and providing inspiration for doable art for us beginners.

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    A year later…

    Now I have completed two in less than 18 weeks…..

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