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3 Cherry Pie Recipes at 3 difficulties (Perfect for Thanksgiving!!)

3 Cherry Pie Recipes at 3 difficulties (Perfect for Thanksgiving!!)

– We are Sorted, a group of mates from London, exploring the newest and
best in the world of food, whilst trying to have a
few laughs along the way. We’ve got chefs, we’ve got normals. And a whole world of
stuff for you to explore. But everything we do starts with you. – Hello, my name’s Ben and this is Mike. – Three stonkers, cherry pies, compared. – You’re welcome. – In front of us now
are three very different cherry pie type things. Each one of them has a
very different method, but which one is the best? – We’re gonna show you
how to cook all of them and then we’re going to
eat them and compare them. And, Ben, where are we gonna start? – We’re gonna start
with Barry’s very simple five-ingredient cherry turnover. – Yeah, you heard me right. Just five ingredients
to make a cherry pie. I gonna keep it short and sweet. This is all you need. Number one, cherries. Number two, some demerara sugar. Number three, some ground almonds. Number four, an egg. And number five, ready
to roll puff pastry. And the machine I’ll be using as will everybody else is this. I’m gonna do the most complicated thing of this recipe first, which
is simply de-stoning cherries. And then to, actually, make my filling, I’m taking my cherries, my ground almonds, and my brown demerara sugar, and sticking that into a food processor. I’m gonna blitz that
up into a fruity paste with the “Knife Blade.” And this is where I’m cheating big time. I’m using ready-to-roll puff pastry which I’m just gonna lay
out and cut out six squares. I’m gonna then take my filling, put a dollop of that into
the corner of my pastry. Brush two edges with beaten egg and then take the other corner
to make, well, a turnover. And, to finish these off, I’m gonna give them a quick egg wash and chuck on some demerara sugar for extra bit of crunch, then, into the oven at 190 for 15 minutes. – Yeah.
– Turnover, pasty, or pie. – Looks great, but how about, adding chocolate, taking away gluten? So you want to taste
that sweet cherry pie, but you don’t want the gluten
that comes along with it. Well, maybe I can help you out. For my gluten-free cherry pies I’m gonna be using, a pastry made out of; ground almonds, caster
sugar, bicarbonate soda, unsalted butter, and one large egg. A ganache from dark chocolate, butter, and double cream. And a filling made of cherries, a lemon, caster sugar, and corn flour. First up, we’re gonna be making our pastry lining to our pies. Now, to make these gluten-free, we’re gonna be subbing out regular flour for almond flour or ground almonds depending on what you call them. We’re basically gonna chuck
all of our pastry ingredients into a food processor with a
Knife Blade, whiz it all up. Now, because our pastry mixture doesn’t have any gluten in it, it is gonna behave slightly
differently to a normal pastry. What that means is, we don’t
need to let it chill up in the fridge, and we can
work with it straight away. So, putting it into some
individual pastry cases, down the bottom, up the sides, and then we’ll bake them
off for about ten minutes in an oven, 180 degrees Celsius, so they’re lovely and golden brown. Whilst they bake off in the oven we can make a quick chocolate ganache. We’re gonna heat up some double cream in a small pan and then
pour that over some butter and dark chocolate, and the
residual heat from that cream will melt everything. We’ll stir it all up, and we’ll have a
beautifully smooth ganache. Now, for our cherry filling
for our cherry pies, we’re gonna de-stalk and de-stone
a whole bowl of cherries, and we’re gonna add them
into a pan with some sugar, and some lemon juice, let that simmer away for about fifteen minutes. All of the juice will
come out of the cherries and the lemon, it’ll be
absolutely delicious. Then we can add in a corn flour paste, which is just corn flour and water to thicken it up slightly. When the pastry cases have had ten minutes and they’re nice and golden brown, whack ’em out of the oven, get a little bit of
your chocolate ganache, pour a layer on the bottom and then when your cherries
are done, get that on top, put them all into the fridge for about five to 10 minutes to set up. Jobs are good ‘un. (aah)
– See. – Chocolate and cherry, classic combo. – I know, what you take with one hand, you give with another. – But, when it comes to classic, is there anything more classic, than a lattice cherry pie? My version is gonna be as classic and iconic as possible. Homemade pastry and a homemade filling. For it, I’m going to need plain flour, ground almonds, sugar, cold diced butter, and egg to make the
pastry, cold water too. For the filling, it’s a
whole ton of cherries, but also cherry jam, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, almond liqueur,
ground almonds, corn flour. To begin the pastry, and
it’s an-all-in one method, throw all the dry ingredients,
flour, sugar, ground almonds, into the bowl of a food processor. And then add in the cold, diced butter and it should be straight
out of the fridge, super cold, plus a beaten egg. Then with a Knife Blade attachment we’re gonna blitz through
it until it forms a dough. You might need one or two
tablespoons of cold water too. And as soon as it’s come
together into a dough it’s gonna be pretty soft. Divide it into two and
wrap both up as discs in cling film, and get them
in the fridge to set up. That’s why your butter was
fridge-cold to start out with, and you wanna work with it
quickly before it melts. And now for the filling, and this is a celebration
of so much cherry. We’ve got fresh cherries
because they’re in season, but you can equally use tinned or frozen. If they’re tinned, you wanna try and get the
ones without too much syrup? But the first job is to
remove all of the stones. While I’m doing that, I can heat up cherry
jam and water in a pan. The cherry jam is the only
real sweetener in this filling, and once it is bubbling we’re
gonna add in the other spices. Vanilla, ground cinnamon, and
a little grating of nutmeg, then adding ground almonds. Almond, cherry is such
a classic combination, and for that reason, also
about a shot of almond liqueur. Then throw in all of
your prepared cherries and thicken it with corn
flour that you’ve let down with a tablespoon or two of cold water. Bubble it until it thickens. Once the corn flour has thickened up, and the mixture bubbled, it
should be this wonderful, glossy, shiny consistency. Place into a tray and put it
into the fridge to chill down. You need both the pastry
and the filling cold, in order, to be able to work the lattice. With the pastry set up on
a floured work surface, roll it out to about
half a centimeter thick and then line it into your pie case. Trim the edges, place the filling inside, and then roll out the second disc to about the same thickness. But this time, do it on baking paper. It will be easier to make a lattice. Now, this is a nice
touch, if you’ve got one. It’s a crinkle cutter. If not, a sharp knife, or just a regular pizza cutter will do. And cut two centimeter wide
strips out of your lid. You’re gonna use those
to create a lattice, so alternating pieces
with a gap between them interlinked with everything else. Then get that into an
oven, 180 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes initially, and then cover the top with tin foil to stop it from colouring too much. It will need 35 minutes beyond that, so almost an hour in total. And then leave it to cool
before you try and hack into it. (gasping in surprise)
Ta-da! – All made the same way,
always deserves the, ooh. – That’s a quintessential
looking cherry pie. – Do you wanna turnover? – Oh, Barry. – Cheers, cheers, cheers. Can can see in there, yeah? – Five ingredients! – So flipping simple and so effective. – Cherry and almond always work. I always think like, cherry Bakewell, but with the crispy,
flakey, buttery pastry, and those little crispy bits of demerara, you wouldn’t know it was that easy. – It’s like a really posh, Hot Pocket. – Yes, what a great pie base. Oh, a good start. – Shall I cut some of these up? – Look at that! – Incredible cross section. – What I liked, cheers! – Cheers.
– Cheers. I think this how you’re suppose to eat it. – Chocolate in a cherry pie. – How indulgent is that? – You get instance where almost cherry jam stickiness on top. But it takes a while
for that rich chocolate to come through, dark chocolate. And then pretty much
just almond shortbread. It’s not really pastry at all.
– No. – It’s more like a shortbread. – But because it’s not really a pastry, and because it does use the almond flour, it’s so simple. There’s none of this waiting
around for pastry to rest. – See already, the turnover,
best served slightly warm. This, delicious cold. – Yeah. – I feel like this one
could go one of two ways, hot or cold. – I’m gonna say it now, I’m not sure that’s beatable. – Cheers.
– Cheers. – The nutmeg, and the
cinnamon, and vanilla, and the little bit Amaretto in there. It’s almost kind of like
mulled Christmas-y cherry pie. – You know, that is, classic, home cooked, like your Nan makes, grandad makes. That is, that really is, a classic pie. – I’ve never made a
pie, that good at home, but every year we but
one of those from the WI. – It’s probably him, that’s paying you. – Now. – Do we have to pick a favourite? – I think I’ve got one. I’ve had that recipe a lot growing up, it’s very familiar, very comforting. My favourite’s the chocolate one, because it’s just, it’s
something very different. – For me, I love difference
in blended up cherries, just like a cherry purée in the middle. These, ’cause they were
bubbled and simmer away, kind of jammy. Whereas these have still
got a bit of a bite to them, and even that is a point in difference. But, that one, with that almond crust. – I have to agree. I love the simplicity
of using puff pastry, and putting whatever you
want in the middle of it. I think that that is,
that’s a surefire winner, last minute get something on the table. But, this just goes to another level and it’s not, actually, really, any more difficult than what you did. Well, you know what we think, but we would love to know what you think. Comment down below, let us know which cherry pie takes
your fancy the most? – If you liked the look of those, please like the video, give us a comment? What did you think? We try and read all of them. We try to reply as many as possible. And then having left a comment, don’t forget to come back
every Wednesday, every Sunday, because we’ll always be
here, in this very fridge, with great content for you. – And you can remember to come back by, subscribing, if you’re not subscribed. – Do that. – As we
mentioned, we don’t just make top quality YouTube videos. – We’ve built the “Sorted Club,” where we use the best
things we’ve learned, to create stuff that’s
hopefully interesting and useful to other food lovers. Check it out if you’re interested. Thank you for watching and
we’ll see you in a few days. – Now for the cherry
filling for our cherry pies, we’re going to de-stone and de-antenna, stalk, that’s probably a better word.

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