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Welcome to Kid’s Fun TV! Today we’re filming a three colors of glue slime challenge. [Cheering] This is how it works. The first person closes
their eyes and picks a glue. Whatever three glues we get is what we’re
gonna mix together. After we pick our
first three glues, we’re gonna play
left, right, center to see if anybody gets to trade. Let’s get started! We’re playing rock,
paper, scissors to see who gets to go first. You two first. Ready? “Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!” “Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!” Ughhh! “Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!” “Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!” Yeah! I’m first. I’m second. I’m third. Here I go. [Cheerful music] This one. [Children laughing] This one? This one. What? [Cheering] I think those are good colors. You got gold. Show ’em the gold. Pink and clear purple. Now we’re gonna mix
it up for Kaden. Close your eyes! I hope he doesn’t get gold. I know. I hope I get a gold. Or a silver. Or no glow-in-the-dark ones! Okay. Let’s go. Put your hand over your eyes. No! He picked it… [Gasps] [Cheering] I think its gonna
make, let’s see. I would say green cause
green’s the darkest. Maybe it’s gonna turn- Maybe kind of like- Brown. Well, like, maybe
darkish, pinkish, or goldish I think; maybe. Sweet! It’s finally my turn. Let’s mix it up! Close your eyes. [Children talking sped up] Okay. Go! Hey! I feel like this is a good one. Oh no. [Children squealing] Nope. [Laughter] Yay! She picked the bad one. Oh… No! [Cheers] I think mine’s gonna make purple because blue and pink is purple. But here’s the
twist. [Record scratching] We each get to roll
these dice three times, to see if we get to trade
left, right, or center. [Cheering] If you get a dot you
don’t get a trade. I’m first. [Dice clattering] Oops. Try again. Right! I pick this one. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. I’m not trading with you. This one. Okay. Okay, fine! My turn! Yay! I got a center! You’re gonna pick
the last gold. No! Let’s see. Or are you gonna pick
glow in the dark? Glow in the dark. I’m thinking glow in the dark. Want this? Yellow? Does this glow in the dark? There’s also a pink… There’s also a… Are there any gold ones? No, there are no gold ones. Are there any ones… Okay, nevermind. Oh, yeah. There
are gold ones. That’s a plain gold one. Okay. Yeah. My turn! I get to keep it! She gets to keep hers. Okay it’s my turn. Right, again. I pick this one. Hey! Dang it! Don’t worry. It’s my turn. I’m
gonna get it back. Yeah!
No! My turn! Hope I get a center. Crossies! Center! She’s gonna pick another gold. Glow in the dark pink. I knew it. Okay it’s my turn. Hope I get… at least… this one or this one. Don’t be a center. You gotta keep it. Yes! Your turn. Last turn. Center! I’m keeping my stuff. Last turn! Keep it. K, let’s get started! I don’t like these colors. I love my colors because I got two glow in the
dark colors and I already know it’s probably
gonna end up purple, but including this
pink, I don’t know. Maybe light purple. I think my colors
are gonna be great. I get to go first. That is a lot of glue. Now it’s time for pink. I like that peachy color pink. Looks like a watermelon. Time for purple. It looks blue. It looks like it’s
gonna turn out blue now. It’s my turn! Yeah. Whoa! That’s definitely
one glossy… Well, It’s gold. It’s totally gold. Grrr! Time for squeezing! Ahhhh! Now yellow. Yellow or gold? Volcano! Volcano! Time for glow in the dark! Whoa! That’s really glittery. I’m nervous how yours
is gonna turn out. Don’t defeat the gold,
please, glow in the dark. Don’t defeat the gold. Don’t defeat it. Bye bye. I’m done. My turn. Finally! Which one should I do first? That one. Whoaaaa! Okay, let’s go to the next one. Glow in the dark, still. Whoa… Ah! Okay this is even harder. It just gets to easy then hard! Just hold it and
let it drip out. See, it’s slowly going down. Whoa, okay, that works! Mine looks like unicorn colors. Mine’s gonna look like gold
at the end of the rainbow. Mine doesn’t look like
a watermelon anymore. So I am gonna actually- on some videos that
I saw on Youtube but they don’t mix their
glues together and they just dump the Borax in and
it just stays the way it is. So I’m not gonna mix. The other thing, if
you don’t mix them, it wouldn’t glow in the dark. I’m gonna mix and I also think this is kind of like, clear-ish thingy and
there’s yellow sparkles and gold sparkles in it so I think it would turn
out gold-ish yellow-ish. I think mine will turn
out like a watermelon. A watermelon. ‘Cause there’s light green,
pink, and purple; so, that will make it look like a watermelon. I think mine’s gonna
look like pixie dust. I’m gonna go ahead
and grab the Borax. I’m gonna mix while
she’s doing it This is just Borax and
water mixed together. It’s the activator
to make slime. I’m gonna put some in, too. Whoa. Whoa! Whoa! Oh! Just a little bit. Just a little bit. Whoa! Pink is battling green. Here we go. We’re gonna start
out with a little. Let me do it. Let me have some. It’s quick sand to my spoon. It’s quick sand. Oh. Oh. Oh. That’s a lot! I don’t know if
yours will stick. I’m not gonna mix. I’m just gonna
mix with my hands. Oh, I just touched it. It’s staying where it is! Whoa! Look at this. Just when I start mixing. I think I put a
lot of activator in. This is so cool. I think this is way
too much activator. It’s turning purple now. It’s like, it’s like a planet. Like, a type of universe planet. I don’t know if
I can touch this. It’s like a sunset. I don’t know what to call it. It looks like a
unicorn, I guess. It looks like Unicornland. It’s weird. Ooo, I put too much activator. You made your own
Unicornland, Jaz. Hurray! Can someone grab the
activator and put some in? Kaden can you put the
rest of the activator in? The rest? For what? Okay I’m just gonna put
my hands in it this time. Whoa. This feels so nice. Don’t put yours in mine. Mine looks like- A turtle’s bum. Yours looks like mud to me. Whoa… Let’s see if mine is stretchy. I like to knead it, knead it. I like to knead it, knead it. It looks ugly! Mine looks prettier. Prettier? His looks
the prettiest. I wanna touch it. No! I wanna touch yours. No! No, no no! No! No! No! Mine’s kinda stiff. Mine is exactly how
I wanted it to be. Hey, guys! Oh! Hey, guys. Let’s test it out in the dark. Let’s test it out in the dark. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Yeah. Ewww… Mine turned our the exact
same color I expected. I’m gonna show you if
it glows in the dark. We’re seeing if ours
glow in the dark. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Look! Whoa! Holy macaroni! Ours looks the same now. Look! What… Hey, don’t… This is mine. I’m Jazzy. This is mine. I’m Kaden. Ahhh! My slime looks like
a gold brick. See? I don’t know why
I went wrong but I would vote for
Jack’s even though his is the ugliest
but I would say his is more like, softer. It doesn’t look soft,
but it’s softer. Stretchier. I’ll show you the stretch. Ready? Well, we’re gonna have
to do to a re-do ’cause I don’t like mine. You mean you loathe it. It’s because we didn’t
add shaving cream. Mine looks like an octopus. No it doesn’t. It looks like a unicorn. I’m naming mine Fluffy Unicorn. Actually, just unicorn.
It’s not fluffy at all. I’m naming my slime- Harold. No! I’m gonna name mine- George! George! Professor Goldy Pants! Okay… [Laughter] I’m gonna name mine– Mr. Dookins. Ha ha! I made a taco! The question of today is,
who made the best slime? Comment down below if you
think we should do a redo. I comment down! Subscribe below! And give us a big thumbs up! If ya like it! Comment down below and we’ll see you guys next time. Bye! Oh snap. The first one to comment
down below will get my slime. Ouch. [Fun music]

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