Celebrating the Spring Holidays

4:20 Festivities | GMPatten

4:20 Festivities | GMPatten

today is Thursday April 18 I'm finally in Tucson I am tired it's gonna be a very fun I'm really really excited and I try to blog for the most part it's Friday April 19th but I grab some Dutch earlier me and my sister went about Tucson explored the hood a little bit and now I'm heading home I'm recording on my phone so you can't hear my cool tunes but so disgusting right now but I'm currently doing my makeup we stopped we stopped at the gas station girl's side to the gas station real quick to get my man's a straw we're actually heading to the dais on the Green Festival up in the valley it's 420 bridges so it should be pretty fun I'm just putting on my face slowly flesh Italy so yeah we just made it to Avondale the fear farm place is like a block down the way we had to come get cash for parking and you know that I roll a blunt and get ready so I'm pretty excited we were pretty bummed because we actually wanted to see tribal see slightly stupid aeration and all those people were yesterday and we didn't know that I didn't check the website to like 6:30 and I saw that they were tonight are yesterday night so we were pretty upset but we still decided to come anyways because we got to see sublime with Rome one of the ones on my bucket list so I'm pretty excited it's kind of warm this clip I do have them becoming Michelle Obama book and barely on page ten but so far it's good reading this is my new makeup bag from Winston Paulo on Instagram shout-out to Calandra this is amazing when I first saw I had to have it like I loved it it to Blue Bird and all my fits in here so go to in San Paulo and get yourself a makeup bag support indigenous businesses yeah I got all my up in here I forgot to record herbs report I forgot to charge my little probe so I'm just recording on my phone if my makeup looks like crap I honestly I care about I don't care because I least I like presentable I'm gonna start cleaning out my little bag here that way we can go ahead and get once we get there we can kinda just go inside I got some Peppa Pig feeling right hand sanitizer always I got my all my identifications in here to make me get my beer I'm probably gonna have one beer but it's 4/20 so I've already put sunscreen on around shorts because any attend also we're filming this so you better look happy [Applause] there would be at least bit surprised to learn that all four than eventually smoke marijuana cigarettes reefers [Applause] [Applause] what a beautiful time to be alive thank you guys so much [Applause] this one is all [Applause] Oh [Applause]

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