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#5 Thanksgiving Day Prep "Cooking Schedule"

#5 Thanksgiving Day Prep "Cooking Schedule"

hi guys this is Heidi with kiddos Corral and today is going to be the last video of our Thanksgiving prep I'm gonna give you a little closer look at the inside of my Thanksgiving planner but I'm going to show you guys the photo on the front and up close okay so again I'm gonna have to replace this finder with the larger one because as time goes by this is going to get full way too fast and I'm going to have another binder explosion and I don't want that but today I want to talk to you guys and I've taken this out of its sleeve because I didn't want it to be you know the light reflects his sleeve see because it's plastic so I kind of want to talk to you guys about a cooking schedule now every Thanksgiving I always have to arrange kind of in my mind all the items that I can make a day in advance or sometimes even two days in advance and that is going to be what you see there at the top of my my seat I've got my making salad I'll be doing drinks and ice I'll make my cheese balls and my pie dough and those are the items for Thanksgiving that I can actually make ahead now if there are items that are in the freezer I also need to consider taking my my turkey out and putting it in the refrigerator early so that is fully thawed you don't want to end up with a frozen turkey on Thanksgiving Day and then we also want to I'll have like you know bread frozen and things like that for my stuffing things that I'll put away at this time for Thanksgiving so I want to make sure that I lay all of that out on the 23rd and do the turkey way earlier than the 23rd so then on Thanksgiving Day so depending on what time you all like to eat some people eat you know lunch time sometimes it's more around dinner this year I'm shooting for noon the reasoning behind that is because I have one son that still will have to go to work that evening and that way we have a little time more time I should say to relax and kick back on Thanksgiving Day but my morning is going to start at 6:30 in the morning that is when my turkey will go in the oven now the night before and I know I don't have it down on the 23rd it's kind of like a no-brainer that the turkeys the main course and you got to make sure he's ready so it will already be in the baking bag it will be seasoned and it'll be ready to go in to the oven of that morning so all I have to do is turn my oven on and place the bird inside at 7 o'clock I will be making my bread dough I will make my dinner rolls if you all have not seen that video I will put it down below for you guys it is a definitely a win win for Thanksgiving Day at 8 o'clock my stuffing goes into the crock pot because it won't take as long as the turkey does at 8 to 30 and also to keep in mind that I am writing this time schedule with the thought that I'm going to have about a 20 pound turkey that's usually what I purchase as a 20 pound turkey so you know I'm looking at 15 minutes a pound so do you guys know how this is all getting written out so then let's see 8:30 when appeal and cute potatoes and put it on water at nine o'clock my bread dough should be risen and then I'll punch it back down and then I will make my bread rolls at ten o'clock the appetizers will come out and I see 11 o'clock green beans on and potatoes on because the potatoes I'll have to boil 11:30 the turkey comes out and I will tell you I will have extra hands in the kitchen at this point so it kind of goes really really fast rolls go in and they take anywhere between 15 and 20 minutes so those go in gravy goes on because I use the drippings from the turkey to make my gravy and so I will get the drippings off and start the gravy which doesn't take me any time at all to make and then Scott usually carves the turkey then the last thing I will do is mash the potatoes and we are ready to eat at 12 o'clock at 2 o'clock I will start making a desserts and I will be making two desserts this year I will be making apple roses with caramel sauce and I will also be making mini mason jar pies and I did do a video I'm not sure when are we releasing it but it's a cook with me video where I make mason jar pies for the first time I think it's very important that you all do not put anything on your menu that you have not ever made at least give it a test run before you go making it for a house full of people because it can mess up on you and recipes that can be touchy so I did make the mason jar pies and then now I know what I need not to do and what I need to do later just a reminder got the cover photo a made from Walgreens and then we open it up and in here we have my meal plan for Thanksgiving and I'm sorry about the glare we have my meal plan for Thanksgiving as well as on the back we have my grocery list so I'll be taking this to go to the store and I will buy everything except for the turkey I will hold off and actually purchase that between you know like the second week of November or probably towards the end whenever they will go on sale I've got these really cute dividers in here and I have not divided up main dishes or desserts but later I will when I get a larger binder but they have these really cute sayings in here I've really enjoyed these and they're very colorful now I have all of my recipes and so we start off with my dinner roll recipe and we go in to pumpkin bread and then we have cream cheese pumpkin roll and cannot live without the cream cheese pumpkin roll I've got a pumpkin dump cake I've got my apple crisp in here and you notice because I'm visually impaired that I have all of my recipes and extra large print which I printed out and type to myself my freezer apple pie filling I've got apple roses that's something I'm going to be making this year let's see what we have here this is my harvest cheese ball that I'll be making this year that will be delicious I've got my slow cooker stuffing and these are my mason jar pie recipe that I just acquired very fall and Thanksgiving like recipes in here so what I'm going to do is I'm going to slip this into the sleeve and place it in the front and that way all of its together in my binder but I hope you all have enjoyed seeing how I prepped for Thanksgiving and I hope you all have a lovely holiday with your friends and family if you have not subscribed to my channel please do so and give this video a thumbs up I hope you all have a blessed day and I'll be talking to you all again soon bye

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  1. I like your time schedule. I would have never written out the times to do each thing. I just wing it. Lol. Great idea.

  2. your binder and it's colors are beautiful☺ when you were going through your recipes I was checking my list off lol…. so very helpful…take care☺

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