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7 Greatest Thanksgiving Day Players In NBA History

7 Greatest Thanksgiving Day Players In NBA History

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– Design your own custom snapbacks and hats. Unfortunately, in recent years the NBA has
stopped scheduling games on Thanksgiving Day but back in the day players used to play on
Thanksgiving a lot. It wasn’t even that long ago when we saw stars
battling it out on that day. In this video I’m gonna take a look at some
of the greatest Thanksgiving Day performances ever. Players that thrived on this holiday and captivated
fans with their incredible play. How’s it going fellas? My name’s Andy and Happy Thanksgiving! Here are the 7 greatest Thanksgiving Day players
in NBA history. Number 7 – Andre Miller. Now if Andre Miller played more Thanksgiving
games, he’d probably be way higher on this list. However, in his 17-year NBA career he only
played in one Thanksgiving game. That was in 2002 as a member of the Los Angeles
Clippers. In that game he had a ridiculous performance
scoring 37 points and dishing out 16 assists. At the time the 37 points was a career-high
although he would surpassed that years later. He went 14 of 24 from the field and only recorded
1 turnover. That’s pretty insane – 37 points, 16 assists
with just 1 turnover. This performance was arguably the best performance
of his entire career right next to his 52-point game in 2010. Unfortunately, that was the first and last
Thanksgiving Day game Miller has ever played. Number 6 – Elgin Baylor. In the 1960s Elgin Baylor was a scoring machine. He could score from all areas of the floor
and had multiple seasons of averaging over 30 points a game. If it wasn’t for the fact that he went 0 for
8 in the finals he’d be more respected but on Thanksgiving, he never disappointed. In 5 Thanksgiving games he led the Lakers
to a 4-1 record while averaging 32 points a game. Although his field goal percentage was not
great, he did get to the free-throw line a lot and back then most NBA players did not
shoot a great percentage. Number 5 – Jason Kidd. Kidd played a total of three games on Thanksgiving. It was three consecutive years 2001, 2002
and 2003 back when the Nets were competing for the championship. In his first Thanksgiving Day game in 2001
he recorded a triple-double with 16 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists with 3 steals. He didn’t shoot the ball well, but he was
10 for 10 on free throws. But in his second game in 2002 he recorded
35, 8 and 8 and it was his best performance. And then in 2003 he put up 18 and 10. On average Kidd recorded 23 points nearly
10 assists and 8 rebounds a game with a record of 2 and 1. While he did have an absurd 2nd game the other
two games were just all rights. The Kidd’s triple-double in 2001 was only
a couple hours away from being the first triple-double ever on Thanksgiving Day. You’ll find out later who was first. Number 4 – Bob Pettit. And back in the 1950s and 60s there were a
lot of games on Thanksgiving. In almost every year teams would play each
other. For Bob Pettit in his 11 seasons in the NBA
he played nine Thanksgiving Day games. In those 9 games his St. Louis Hawks went
6 and 3. Pettit averaged over 28 points a game and
over 20 rebounds a game. Over the years Pettit has become one of the
most forgotten and overlooked big men ever. For his career he was an 11-time all-star,
11 time all NBA, 2-time MVP, a champion and a first-ballot hall-of-famer. He never got the same recognition as guys
like Wilt Chamberlain or Bill Russell and nobody talks about him today. But statistically he matched up pretty well
against both of them. Number 3 – Wilt Chamberlain. You might be surprised why Wilt it’s not that
high on this list and that’s mainly because despite putting up a ridiculous performance
on Thanksgiving he only led his teams to a 4-4 record in the 8 games he played in. Individually like always Wilt was amazing. On Thanksgiving Day in 1964, Wilt scored 63
points shooting pedestrian 27/58 from the field. That comes out to about 47%. However, that 63 points and those 27 field
goals made are still a Thanksgiving Day record. And in the other games Wilt did not play well. To be fair most of them were later in his
career where he didn’t score as many points. Overall, he still averaged 33 points a game
in his 8 games on Thanksgiving. Normally I’d put Wilt higher on this list
but the 4-4 record and besides the 63-point game he didn’t play well in the others. Number 2 – Jermaine O’Neal a player who most
of you recognized but probably have not heard of in a while. Jermaine O’Neal was a very good player a 6-time
all-star and one of the best big men of his time. A step below guys like Dirk, Duncan and Kevin
Garnett’s but he was around a borderline top 10 or a top 15 player in his prime. The Indiana Pacers played on Thanksgiving
pretty often in the 2000s with O’Neal leading the team. In 4 Thanksgiving Day games he averaged over
24 points and 11 rebounds a game on 56% from the field. A drastic increase over his career field goal
percentage of 47%. And number 1 – Jamaal Tinsley. Rounding out this list is none other than
Jamaal Tinsley, another former Indiana Pacer. The Pacers won a ton of games during Thanksgiving
and it seems like their players always step up. While Jermaine O’Neal was a perennial all-star
and expected to have big performances, Jamaal Tinsley was nothing more than a role player
with career averages of 8 points and 6 assists per game. However, on Thanksgiving he always looked
like a superstar. In his first ever Thanksgiving game in 2001
he put up 19 points, 23 assists and 11 rebounds. He holds the honorable title of being the
first ever player to record a triple-double on Thanksgiving and he did it a couple hours
before Jason Kidd on the same day. Tinsley also holds the record for most assists
in the single Thanksgiving Day game. He also holds the record for most total assists
ever recorded on Thanksgiving despite playing only four games. Oh, and he was on the same team as O’Neill,
so he also went for 4-0 in those games. And that’s all folks. Those were the 7 greatest Thanksgiving Day
players in NBA history. Surprisingly not a lot of superstars have
played on Thanksgiving and if they did, it wasn’t that many games. And as I mentioned earlier the NBA nowadays
seems to have stopped scheduling games on Thanksgiving. So, most of these records will stay this way
for the foreseeable future. Also, a big shout-out to capbeast.com for
sponsoring this video. If you want to customize your own snapbacks
and hats check out the link below. Anyway, that concludes the video. Happy Thanksgiving y’all. I hope you enjoyed the video and as always,
I’ll see you next time. Peace.

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  1. Great content as always, Andy. My idol as far as youtube career goes. Andre Miller didn't surprise me. The man has had really a great career. A forgotten passer that could also knock down shots.

  2. I think it's sort of unfair to hold Elgin Baylor's finals record against him. All of those losses were to those ridiculously stacked Celtics teams in the 60s (and also one loss to Walt Frazier's Knicks in 1970). Great content, man. Always love your videos. I always end up learning something new!

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    You should make a video about top 10 performance on Halloween.
    It’s a little too late but I just wanna see Derrick rose haha

  6. Hi Andy , i'm from Romania and i really enjoy basketball and i like your videos , keep up the good work , happy thanksgiving day!

  7. Thanks for a great video as always

    But how did you bring those records?
    Are there any articles writing about this?

    I’m so curious how you managed to find these records nobody cares and put it together like masterpiece.

  8. Fun fact: Jason Kidd is 2nd all time in total assists and steals behind John Stockton
    I don't think many people know that

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  11. 0:07 that’s not unfortunate, it’s a great and necessary thing. Forcing players to play on Thanksgiving and Christmas is awful, these holidays are for spending time with the family

  12. Happy thanksgiving to Andy Hoops and to all who love the game of basketball. I'm thankful to post this comment cuz I felt like it 😎

  13. Man I used to love those Indiana teams. Their battles with the Pistons were always memorable, for better or for worse.

  14. I gotta check the rating numbers cause I'm pretty sure they were low for the NBA on Thanksgiving but I'm happy they have games on Christmas!

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