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A Short Weekend in Daegu, Korea VLOG | cafes and wandering

A Short Weekend in Daegu, Korea VLOG | cafes and wandering

Maybe it’s my upcoming 28th birthday. Maybe it’s the general state of doom and gloom
we’re living in. Something about 2019 has me on trains, planes,
and buses, making space and taking time. Prioritizing seeing the people I love. It’s so easy to get busy and before you know
it, it’s three months, a year, ten years, since you’ve seen certain people. The internet makes it so easy to feel like
time hasn’t really slipped away. But there’s something different about physically
sitting down with someone. and catching up. I didn’t necessarily plan it this way, but
2019 has been the year of making that happen. Which brings us to Daegu. A dear friend lives less than 2 hours away
by train, and it’s been over a year since we’ve properly caught up. so it’s time to correct that. Good morning from noisy Daegu! I was trying to wait for the sirens to stop
but they didn’t. So I’m here to see my friend Keiko who I haven’t
seen since August of 2018 even though we live a two hour train ride from each other. So I’m literally just going to spend – I got
here last night – going to spend the day here. If you want to see an actual like ‘what you
can do in Daegu, all that Daegu has to offer’ cause its like my favorite town, I have a
video linked down below where I kind of did like a more touristy really ‘see the city’
kind of day. This is just going to be * is sick* probably
we’re going to hit a cafe we’re going to talk a lot I’m going to try my best to film. But it’s really just about catching up with
a friend who I should have seen much more this year. So I’m currently going to head and get a cup
of coffee, wait for things to open, cause it is early Saturday morning. Just had the most delicious breakfast from
my guesthouse. It was $30 a night but its like the most luxurious
guesthouse I’ve ever stayed in so anyway now let’s get coffee and explore Daegu for the
day, Let’s go! So that cafe was playing Christmas music and
it is currently the temperature of like a winter morning in San Diego so I’m just I’m
so in the Christmas spirit right now I am now walking to meet Keiko to start our day
and it’s going to be lovely and I’m in such a good mood so yay oh I see her she’s dancing
she’s so cute. So we were promised soup according to their
Instagram. According to one photo on their Instagram,
but there is no soup and we’re hungry so we’re going to leave that beautiful cafe which we
might come back to and find food because we’re hungry girls. Let’s go! Okay we’ve had our fill of coffee, and now
we’re going to start heading downtown I think, um, and we honestly might go get a massage? So let’s see. what the heck?! okay, okay Daegu. Cheers. Candid. We’re friends in real life. This place just turned into a club oops hi
sorry! So we haven’t updated in a while, we’ve just
been sitting and chatting the massage place did not have any openings so we got lattes
and lemonade instead and now we’re going to go visit Santa. And send myself a Christmas card Keiko will
probably send one too, she should! So yes, let’s go! Found him! Look happy! We’re friends!We’re real friends! Cute! We’re in the Daegu downtown! This is where Suga used to freestyle? We caught that on tape!! Keiko is the best! (keiko: what did I do?!) We’re going to Sulbing. She was like “isn’t bingsu a winter…” or
“isn’t it winter?” (keiko: sick impression of me) I’m so sorry
this is such a bad impression of you. But she is eating Sulbing for me cause Kurt
doesn’t like bingsu. A true friend. Let’s go get it. Don’t drop it. Don’t drop it dontdropitdontdropit. Oh Keiko. You ruined the vlog. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. Okay a short but very sweet vlog, it was really
really nice, we just talked the whole day. Sorry if it wasn’t a very exciting vlog but
it was just nice to sit and catch up. Talk about life yeah. Keiko is really great so. Yeah Daegu was lovely, the weather was perfect,
I’m just walking back to my guesthouse. I have to go home – I have like a meeting
on Sunday so I have to take an early train tomorrow morning, so I’m going to go to bed
early and head back to Seoul at 7am! I will see you tomorrow I guess! On the train! Thank youuuu! Bye! I know how lucky and privileged I am so have
the time and money right now to make seeing friends and family possible. I hope that you’re able to see your loved
ones as well and if it’s not in the cards right now, I hope this video could inspire
you to send a little email or letter, to someone you haven’t really talked to in a while. Not just sending an emoji or a quick DM. We’re all busy but you’ll never regret spending
an hour or two catching up with someone you care about. I hope that 2020 is filled with lots of love
and laughter for all of us! and thanks as always for joining me, I’ll see you guys next

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  1. Don't worry Daegu, I'll be back again soon^^ Here's my other vlog from Daegu – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sej3WAlN6uU

  2. Maybe not the most eventful vlog, but so cute and wholesome I don't think it could need anything else… Also all those Suga meme faces kinda killed me 😂

  3. I can emphasise enough how much I love your videos✨
    It is so inspiring to see you grow as a youtuber, and specially as a person. No matter how much the world is changing, you always stay true to yourself! And it shows in your videos😌
    Thank you for always brightening my mood and views in life!🥰

  4. That Beginning is so cutee and also is your Friendship 😊 thank you for calming and warming me with you video on this cold Night in Germany 😊

  5. At first, I really thought 0:13 was one of those highly detailed model railroad diorama. Ya know, those model train enthusiasts with their highly detailed sets. 🚂🚅🚞

    And does the sign @ 1:13 mean right now, over here???

  6. It's horrifying to realize how rarely I speak with my family and closest friends. We live scattered around Europe and I get to see my family so rarely (and friends even more so) that I really should pay more attention to them and how they're doing. Sad part about being an adult with constant need to move around – I can't take my loved ones with me once I move forward. Thanks for reminding me and thank you for this beautiful vlog! Your friend seems so sweet and, as always, everything looks extremely pretty.

  7. This was a really cozy vlog 😊 Time to message friends who I have not made enough time for recently. It's so easy to make time to connect even though we are supposedly more connected than ever! Also mass appreciation for Sugas stank face 😂A to the G to the U to tha STD

  8. When this time of year rolls around it seems like you get to thinking about what the year really meant to you. I can honestly say one of the best parts of this year for me was watching your videos and getting to travel to all the places with you. Because of a chronic illness I'm limited in traveling. So your beautiful videos let's me enjoy so many places I will never see myself. I'm looking forward to the coming year. Stay happy, healthy, and safe. Blessed be

  9. Oh Cari, funny enough i've been having a peep talk with myself about not seeing my friends and family as much as i would like and i have to change that. I'm gonna say your vlog poping up is a validation of my thoughts! Maybe one of this days, when i get to Seoul, we will bump into each other! 🙂

    All the best trips to you in this end of 2019 and in 2020.

    P.S – your voiceover in this vlog was everything!!

  10. This was so precious and wholesome ❤️ I hope to go to Daegu someday! Sooner rather than later would be nice haha. Lovely vlog as always 🙂

  11. I jump every time I see an upload from you now. You're my favorite Youtuber in general ever since I found your channel and your content satisfies all of my needs for international sightseeing and daily to-dos. I'm so happy that you're living your best life (or from what we can tell – hopefully) and I'm honestly so glad that you're doing well. Can't wait for the next upload!

  12. Just what the doctor prescribed during the finals season 😫🙌 thank you helping me relax a bit during my study break 💖💖💖

  13. hi cari, this is gonna be long one but i have to say what i have to say hahaha. Today is finally the day of my last paper, but its at 2pm why cant it be 9am i just want to get it over with 😩 but thats not the point here, my point is how thankful i am to have stumbled upon your channel, you’re honestly the only youtuber where i can watch like the same vlog for like 5 times🥰 you’re so inspirational, intelligent and kind just like a fairytale character, im always, especially on days like today, i just feel extra thankful that people like you and my mum exist!! Hehe thankyou for always being so down to earth and real, hope you have a great day ahead and cant wait for your next vlog 🤧🙆🏻‍♀️🌈

  14. My fave quote that my friend has shared with me before I moved to another country is this: "The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart". It is just hard to lose that connection you have with old friends. BUT I also believe what you try to convey in this video, that if you value the deep friendships and relationships in your life, you will make it known by putting effort in reaching out to them. Especially if there is physical distance between you and the other person. ♡♡♡ PS. Daegu looks beautiful (i will watch the other vid u have for it) and the Suga memes are so funny!!!

  15. so i just rewatched a bunch of my favorite childhood movies, which included a few ghibli films (spirited away, howl's moving castle, kiki's delivery service). they never fail to make me feel very warm and fuzzy and satisfied inside, and this time around, they helped me realize what it is that i love SO much about your vlogs. you always manage to make the mundane seem so lovely. you force the viewers to step back and really look at everything we take for granted and see its beauty by looking at it in a new light.
    lovely video as always- we appreciate all the work you put into these!
    ps i hope the YT algorithm stops screwing you over soon

  16. To the one person who has disliked this video: I don't know what has happened in your life to make you so sour to dislike such an adorable video, but I hope you feel better soon!

  17. Next time you’re in Daegu you should check out a coffee shop called Schumann&. I went all the time as a broke student, they have a free plate of any breads when you get a drink!

  18. This is my life. I have not met my friends in months! This inspired me to really make time and make them make time, too. Enjoyed Daegu in your perspective! 😊

  19. Your message at the end is very meaningful about reaching out to friends and family despite our hectic life.
    I will certainly do that this holiday. Thanks Cari~

  20. Another lovely video, thanks again ❤️❤️❤️ If it´is possible could you tell me what Airbnb did you stay?? I need that angel for my trip 👌😄.

  21. I’m turning 28 next year and I’m planning a solo trip..but now I want to go to Jeju as well because of your videos lol I adore your channel <3

  22. I've been watching your videos since day one basically,it never gets old,love them now just as I loved them before,always makes me feel a bit better about the world.. Love from Croatia

  23. Keigo is reallly cute! I just came back for a trip with my best friends, sometimes we cant see us as often even when we live in the same city but we try to make the time an those little times we make it worth it!

    Thanks for sharing and Daegu looks amazing!!

  24. Thank you for the recommendation! Will certainly try to go to Daegu next year 🙂 what's the use of having a 5 year visa if all I go to is Seoul, right? hahaha as always love your content. you are my inspiration thats why i had the guts to start creating short videos already. Keep it up Cari Cakes!

  25. J’habite à l’Etats-Unis (particulièrement, Ohio). Je parle Français. Mdr!!

    It blows my mind that enough french is spoken in Korea to have a cute little poster! I would have never guessed!

  26. K,it's decided I'll blog about different ways to celebrate the holidays away from home.this and your last video gave me an idea!thanks a lot!👩‍⚖

  27. Oh, I've stayed in that Airbnb before!
    The host is the sweetest and I've never had such a full breakfast before!
    Have a lovely day ♡

  28. You're videos, especially vlogs, have a way of making me feel nostalgic for a place I've never been to. Like… I've never even been to Korea.. but I miss it a lot? I don't understand how your videos can make me feel like this but I love it! They're so wholesome and heart-warming to watch. Please don't ever feel like you have to give us """exciting videos""" all the time. I for one love these everyday, slice of life videos so much, they brighten up my day 💖

    P.S I adored intro & outro voice over!

  29. Yes!! Even know I’m far away from my family and friends, I still try to make an effort to see them every month 😊

  30. Hi, Thank you for all your beautiful videos. I’m thinking about moving to Seoul next year, maybe by finding an internship. I’m afraid, but like a real Capricorn 😅 I know that I’ll work hard and get there. You’re my inspiration. Wish you amazing holidays. Lots of love from France. 💕

  31. Cari you're just so good at this. The angles and the music are charming. You have a great taste. Please don't stop making videos ever. Love from Egypt.

  32. Next time you're in Daegu, I would love to connect with you! I'm living here and sharing my experience on my channel. It is such a great city!

  33. Daegu is officially on my bucket list of places to go now. 😀
    Also can someone explain what a guest house is? Is it like or hostel or more like an Airbnb?

  34. I love that you are going in airbnbs! If you ever come in Athens/Greece let mw know. My airbnb will be free for you

  35. This one is one of your best vlogs ever! And I loved the sentiment in the intro! It made me feel like I was watching a movie. I feel the same way about missing people as you do. Also Daegu is beautiful.

  36. Ahhh the monorail!
    They were just starting to build that when I lived there. Would've cut my 2.5hr commute to visit my aunt in half 😢

  37. Random fact but my very first Carrie Cakes video was the apartment tour in Daegu, the one with the loft. It's how I found your channel. 😂❤️

  38. I'm going to open up here in the comments, is that alright? Cari's message at the end of the video made me a bit emotional.. the last couple of years I had been very focused on my job and my own goals that I didn't consider spending time in real life with my friends as a "need" because I took for granted being caught up with what they would share online or would briefly talk about on our group chat because sadly that's how we feel close to people nowadays. Last december a very dear friend of mine suddenly passed away and trust me, there hasn't been a single day ever since where I don't regret trying to go get a coffee with her, go watch a movie together, or simply calling her and try to catch up via phone while she was still here… It was a wake up call that made me change my priorities, I'm doing better as a friend now and I hang out with my close friends once a week (lucky enough to live in the same city). Never take your loved ones for granted. We're not here forever. We tend to hear that a lot but there's not a worse feeling than fully understanding that phrase when it's too late.

  39. I'm begging you to find a place where they have a full English breakfast cos I really can't deal with rice or soups and kimchi for breakfast like they do in Korea. I'm trying to find everything I'll love before I move to live in SK in 2022.

  40. seeing u have so much fun with ur friend made me realise how much i missed mine, but it was also very heartwarming so thank you ! <3

  41. It can be so difficult to meet up with people sometimes 😔 And I've been becoming more and more discouraged over the past few months… But! this encouraged me and reminded me how worth it it is to keep trying, so thank you~
    Love ya Cari 💕

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