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A Trailer Park Thanksgiving

A Trailer Park Thanksgiving

Sub Pop what relax what are you doing I'm good at Thanksgiving dinner Thanksgiving thanks you know it starts with thanks and yeah I get that what any Thanksgiving playing another week I practice it all right it's all that for butter who uh bird bar are you making a turkey bird you will cook a grandpa all you needs a goddamn hammer and a pound of bacon okay so what are you doing here cut those ching-ching wings chicken mister feet if you have enough time to go please I know I like the cuckoo butter but that's a lot of butter okay so what are you doing oh so liquid coming out of it butter butter liquid butter oh you're joking but it's not did I eat you brother open now you get it open hey did you got raw turkey and pepper and buggy on the goddamn so these are called heart attack turkey wings for it yeah hardening of the arteries of the wings put it back in make it up by the way start with just redo you putting the turkey wings back in let me tell you what God can say right now I'm fucking this Bobby you ain't fucking this puppy I'll fucking this puppy okay why are you sorry I got that idea you got in there but if I was like him you scare me I didn't show you put it in the oven I just wanted to do that I'll show you got there you see it now you got me by the fire in the oven all right I want him in the other day and Larry shot goes way here let that motherfucker now get a face your wing goddamn look at that motherfucker I'm not filming it funny ah you'll see my turkey ho I don't see anything else look at the wings now get out I got in you would do my interpretation of a goddamn turkey for Thanksgiving go ahead we got the best part stopping the night woods what uniform got me nabe whoa the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go I want to make our our adjudicator buying a sweet potato pie with sweet taters it's not why are you cooking all this right now you ain't gonna watch us Brian cook it in a year yeah just coming to my house for Thanksgiving yeah so you think so what'd you bring in bring it a guardian but over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go we know we homies Marty's look but he's making the sweet tater pie son of a goddamn bitch so you don't have to whittle pans up when you were a homeless man oh whatever in the woods Grandmama's house we go wash your hands mr. Keeley yeah there oh it's too liquidy hear or feel good you sure you're perfect in a fucking pie you're sure about that so you do me free the pies place get right yeah we're gonna bring the past I gotta make sure the right you have no measurements do you that's too much vanilla oh good god Dan there's too much vanilla gonna fight you fight a you only need a little bit of that but no one uh tease you just pour with no regard to you you fuck me did you think we get thicker cuz it ain't getting thicker okay this single says diarrhea oh you're joking dude yeah bit too much there we go that's ready going on one out god damn this you me time to check the pie sweep tighter who they got there nice and brown yeah and nice and freakin fuck fuck hell is rough gosh we were your finger in force by the way have no goddamn sweet dear bah-bah lose that part of dinner we could've eaten in a soup what vault isn't it oh fuck god damn fuck fuck fuck thank you oh yeah yeah late it got these them that's it what happened to that pie that's how hot yeah fuck you get out of here job I got it everyone I'm in it I'm done okay is when you get your father puzzle Thanksgiving dinner but base Kevin is over goodbye

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