Celebrating the Spring Holidays

ARE YOU READY FOR CHRISTMAS?!!! Cookies, Gymnastics & Caroling!

ARE YOU READY FOR CHRISTMAS?!!! Cookies, Gymnastics & Caroling!

he jail what are you doing they eat Christmas cookies so we have our sugar cookie mix and here's a melted butter you're not making them from scratch this is an easy recipe for a kid to do by herself so Gillian I just snuck up on her and she's well already in the kitchen bacon yeah and you're a spell star when you keep it in the bowl 3 in a mixer or just you're just you hi me a mixer you're the mixer okay you know you put so much frosting and candy on it that it really doesn't matter whom with the cookies be fun see what we have so we have these interesting ones that have designed in the actual cutter it looks really cool and it's done and then we have this your classic gingerbread man and another tree yeah Tennessee's tree there's a little tree and another tree what's up with the tree all right here's a star and then we have this gingerbread boy that actually has a face so he's kind of cute aunt Lou I like this one it looks really pretty a snowflake and then we have good old Joey Stan Smith there and of course one of these two sizes snowman boom Deden hey baby we have all this candy frosting sprinkles yeah some food guy I'm gonna get some more frosting and more sprinkles so we have a lot to decorate with we're gonna put this dough in the freezer just to get it really cold because Jill's hands are hot what do we have here we have a Messier are you having fun yeah we are decorating cookies oh great you guys how much fussing to do eight zero yeah I use a Messier so we've got here are the final creation no not fine just finishing up one and I'm finishing whoo that looks really cool what is that gingerbread man that we rug thing with some chocolate chips but it's nothing it's no man no man what is what is snowman like in a gingerbread mamillus red suit wow these are pretty he said looking good you guys I need the green yeah [Applause] [Applause] you

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  1. I am your actual number one biggest fan! Please reply to my comments it will mean the world to me!

  2. Hi Jillian,

    I hope the holidays went well!

    I am suggestion a film I am really enjoying right now! It involve music and dance.

    This a film for a movie night suggestion to enjoy.

    Did Jillian ever saw Mad Hot Ballroom Documentry a film? Where New York public school 4/5th graders learn to Ballroom Dance for 10 weeks, and learn 5 types of dances. Then afterward students are pick to represent there school in a friendly competition. At the end see who’s the best ballroom dance team in the school of NYC area. The programs is called Dancing Classroom and non profit.

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  4. Merrychismas jillan love you so much and vid happy New Years like me pls because do you like jillan or Evan.?

  5. Hey I love ur content. You should do another Barbie dreamhouse episode where you and ur mother shrink in it and give a tour

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