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and the reason why I'm taking oh by the way Labor Day you guys will be seeing me there what amtrac because I lost my ID or my state ID so I cannot get on a plane with the idea that I have so I have to take em track so I like literally just had a client at eleven o'clock in the morning train them I'm about to go to my right now like I'm like pressed for time but I had to stop just to update you on what it's about to go down I'm gonna post this video I'm also it's it's gonna be a whole entire blog for the whole entire thing that's gonna follow me up I just did I had to work out before I go because I have a feeling when I get there my friends will not want to go to the gym with me and I have a feeling I'm not gonna end up working out and I really want to so yeah this is about to be a dope weekend it's my first in meymaneh I have my suitcase with me this is my hat Packer this is where I put all my husband so that they don't crumple up in the suitcase so yeah see you guys in Atlanta if you're from Elena I will be dropping I will actually call my Instagram so I will be at Lennox more Lennox well you say you gonna loop this loop is like the best loop ever you come on you gotta get the snags was a juice oh come on we gotta hurry up we got 10 minutes at least cuz they really call it right on top give me get me a chest man Orioles are not I don't really eat chips so you can get shit for yourself we've all fuck around I get no type of good snacks watch we rush it the what right so we in the Amtrak oh we're going to yo we just made it for our train literally the last call we have been friggin Elena in Atlanta motherfuckers in pieces a t-shirt I'm faster all Buckhead I new emoji me do this out here Travis I'm with some that I eat before we were on a B&B you're looking a long night there yeah so this was a long yeah I'm better than I say my name and we open this in New York that's a fact what's how's it open and then no job [Laughter] now watch a MADtv this way there's a little nice dog it's not too hot but Lena what's up we're trying to find a place to eat cuz we are waiting for like two more people so uh in the plane we don't get lost New York niggas don't get lost we gonna walk let's go Eve eyes I'm going to eat like hungry but I'm excited to like start the day like I'm hungry don't get me wrong but like I'm like what we got Thanks when she is the way she was to like do come here when El Amin's so met up with the rest of the squad [Laughter] something is wrong with these people I'm gonna go shower huh and change the style hey you already said my mother tell them that we're showers check in here Lucho tool so yeah we have one more where does that Pete son somewhere want be sure somewhere be Sheree wait where I still haven't found no peaches like I heard a Linda yeah I heard Al and I got all the pictures the peaches better enjoy it patty pies with patty god no that was when a peaches that is right we in Atlanta you know beat put you like this live hold it at Pete's Pete older I'm gonna give me a piece no I think put you inside the zonals pisser back we get some hungry because I'm hungry looking dumb yeah remember what grow up they came without me this is this is like this is I'm trying to have a full body than the show you is bananas out here better no here's the ring is in the water we now gotta get it now you've got to get the ring you ever once we did market necklace I can I show you Rhonda you guys chains won an Emmy Award oh did you get so did you get to ring baby kick [Laughter] I'm excited let's go eat Waffle House fucking dummy now you won't have a football everybody you two wanna get the cake so I'm about to try Waffle House for the first I don't know how good or bad it is I like pancakes but waffles okay I know I want waffles if I'm gonna go to Waffle House Wow facts and then we're going to land there we go that's and then cuz you're knocking I can't it's kids watching chocolate wait are we gonna we're gonna pee more pop right now – seola yo if I don't see no peaches it's gonna be a problem because I heard they be having like the good ones I saw some adding some peaches now now Alana's bend over like it's it's nice out I had Waffle House for the first time it's a nagger body the whole plate it was a cup swap the one by arm piemonte yeah Lana's window if you're Norman Elena you don't follow me on Instagram – your problem I'm gonna be traveling out soldier following your Instagram I'm not gonna come update the time oh you like my colors I know I got the cake what's up now is there you like the cake I stubble so yeah I'm vlogging telling them about where we go in this town and where we what we see I would move to Atlanta but to me is a little boring if you ever experience New York it's hard to just up and move it's really hard like as I travel everywhere it's not the same is too much so much as it is make way yeah like weather today [Applause] his chemo talk on the games you came to pride by yourself let me ask this chicken the chicken came to pop by itself and now here in the corner shit so let me ask you a couple of questions how do you feel about pride what are you doing having kids so once again we wanna we wanna waffle outs again so yesterday I went to a ball I walked the ball on if I ever talk to you his son all out yeah okay Bobby chinks this son is crazy oh oh so we I went to a ball I walk the ball but my phone died when I got inside the ball so I couldn't really record anything from the box I really wanted you guys to see what the ball life is like here and stuff like that I might have a couple of videos like for a link I'm a legend equities today's my meet and greet as well wanna go live from YouTube in a few we're gonna go live on Instagram just so you know update everybody I did not post on YouTube cuz honestly I told you guys like I feel like if you guys are gonna follow me on youtube you guys should follow me on Instagram so you can keep updates I don't want to always update you on my next mukha sometime I could just get up and travel you don't have time to post on YouTube and I hats are so necessary different yeah that has been thanks thanks be that way Wow this spot was speaking dope we playing a game you way or me and my boys do we did we take everything yeah a tea break treat me nicely yeah no the doors are closed right he that's what he said sure

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  1. Hey BOOM SQUAD y’all I had so much freaking fun in ATLANTA. Made me want to move there so bad lol but nahh thank you to everyone for making Atlanta fun couldn’t capture some footage from the mall because my camera and phone went bad on me but overall I had a great time meeting great people. And a special thank you to xareria for making my YouTube intro y’all go follow her on YouTube, and IG @xareriaaa


  2. Hey question, how long did it take to get to Atlanta? and what hotel did you stay at , I’m playing to go for two weeks but need more knowledge about this Amtrak situation… please pretty please πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜

  3. u swim like a mermaid lol …ahhhh u n ur friend looking good let me know when you coming to Florida I'll show y'all wats up

  4. Hey handsome.them guns r fully loaded n then waves r spinning!!! Bod on 1000 whewπŸ‘‹πŸ˜πŸ”₯.

  5. How to drink daiquiris I always add them was fruits and two shots of whatever liquor preferably White but I never knew you drinking straight from the bag πŸ€” but I'm kind of like to your Channel but I'm catching up on all the videos I hope you enjoyed yourself in Atlanta I stay in Florida

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