Celebrating the Spring Holidays

Reader Comments

  1. I really wish there was more to this DVD, like others have stated, I wanted a cute little animated turkey, some form of a cornucopia, autumn forests/scenes similar to the ones on the winter wonderland DVDs, candy apples, some pumpkins (not Jack-o-lanterns), cute scarecrows, or other symbols of fall. But this is not to say that I don't love this DVD, I've purchased several atmosfx DVDs and the quality is just as amazing as all the others. The falling leaves are beautiful and I especially enjoy displaying them in the summer when I'm trying to avoid the heat and longing for the crisp breezes of the fall.

  2. Feels like a weak effort. Love their Halloween and Christmas videos, but I was expecting a lot more for Thanksgiving.

  3. Like it but there should've been some other things like a turkey perhaps, but still something other than Halloween and Christmas! 😊

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