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Best beaches in Tenerife – Tenerife holiday guide

Best beaches in Tenerife – Tenerife holiday guide

In this video a complete guide to the best
beaches in Tenerife. For beaches I don’t believe in top 10 list
as the ideal beach can be different from person to person and your situation, so I will show
you all the beaches in Tenerife worth mentioning, where they are, how they are like and some
tips and tricks to make your beach day even better… and I will also inlcude my personal
top 5! The first beach is the Playa de Ajabo or the
Ajabo beach. This beach is located in Callao Salvaje area. One of the less crowded resorts in Tenerife
and because of this the beach is most often the same and not so crowded. Next to the beach there is a pretty nice restaurant
that especially becomes very nice in the evening with often life performances. The Playa Benijo or Benijo beach is all the
way on the other side of the island, north of the Puerto de la Cruz, near the Anaga nature
reserve. This beach is quite a far drive from anywhere
on the island so I would advise you to take some stops in the Anaga nature reserve on
the way there or on the way back. This is a beautiful beach but since there
is no lifeguard or services, I would not advice this with small children and definitely bring
food and drinks. If it’s very windy or on high tide, know that
the entire beach can pretty much disappear with the waves, as was the case when I filmed
this. Also know that after a long drive, most people
see a beach and want to go on it. But the first beach you will see is NOT the
Benijo beach, the Benijo beach is a bit further and hidden, you need to take stairs down to
get there. This is a very nice beach but because of the
long drive… I would place this beach on 5th place in my
personal top 5. The Playa San Juan or San Juan Beach is also
worth mentioning. There is not much tourism in this area and
prices are pretty low. It feels pretty authentically Spanish here
but the beach has been very much improved in last year to attract tourists to this area. So you get a nice beach with everything you
can expect, but not overrun with tourists. I was here on a rainy day to film this, so
not the best footage, so you have to use your sunny imagination a bit. In the Costa Adeje you will find the Playa
del Duque. This is one of the most beautiful beaches
in Tenerife. For that reason I will give it the 4th place
in my top 5 of best beaches in Tenerife. It’s a little pricey eating or drinking
in this area, but that’s just the way these things go. Next to the Playa del Duque, you will find
the Playa Fanabe or Fanabe beach. This is a nice beach as well but much more
crowded and more touristy than the Playa del Duque. Depending on what you like, this might be
a great beach to visit as well. If you are staying in the Costa Adeje or Playa
de las Americas, both these beaches are within easy walking distance. The Playa Amarilla, or translated, the Yellow
beach is a nice and very unknown place to swim in the Costa del Silencio area. Because of this you will rarely find many
people here and its a great place to snorkel. This is also next to the Montana Amarilla
or Yellow Mountain that has different routes to explore it. It’s a nice side activity when visiting this
great place to swim and snorkel. The Playa del Callao or Callao beach, is next
to the main beach of Los Cristianos. It’s a good place to get away from the sometimes
busy Los Cristianos beach since it is hidden out of sight and very few people know that
it is there. There is a pretty nice beach club here as
well with fair prices and it’s a great place from where to enjoy the lovely sunsets in
this area. The Playa de los Cristianos in Tenerife is
right next door and is much bigger. It is a great family friendly beach with all
facilities you would need and nice white sand. The Playa de Troya or Troya beach is in Playa
de las Americas. It one of the nicer beaches here. Just know that in high season it can get pretty
busy and a bit more rowdy than other beaches on the island because of many people looking
to party in this area of Tenerife. El Medano resort and beach is a surfers paradise. There are not many hotels here and the whole
area feel like a real relaxed Spanish town visited by loads of surfers. There are some nice places to eat here as
well. The beach is nice, just go to the correct
part. When driving into town, the best beaches are
on the right, not the left. Because of the vibe and atmosphere here, I
would definetly put this on beach on place 3 in my top 5 best beaches in Tenerife. If you want to go on a family day out, you
might want to consider the Playa Jardin in Puerto de la Cruz. This is not only a great beach, it’s also
less then 2 km from Loro Parque, a great zoo on Tenerife with live shows and loads of things
to see and do. In combination with the Loro Parque, the beach
of Playa Jardin is a great day out for the family. For this reason, I am putting this on 2nd
place in my top 5 of best beaches in Tenerife. Also in Puerto de la Cruz, you will find the
Playa Martianez or Martianez beach, another great beach, but generally the waves here
are much higher and is also next to a bigger road. So would more advice the Playa Jardin. However the Playa Martianez is very popular
with surfers. The Playa los Gigantes or Los Gigantes beach
is often mentioned as one of the nicer beaches in Tenerife, and I really don’t understand
this. Yes I can see it is next to the Los Gigantes
mountains who are 800 meters high and yes that is a bit impressive. But the beach here is right next to the harbor,
quite often overcrowded and I don’t think it is very nice in general compared to some
of the other beautiful beaches in this area. The Playa la Arena in the Puerto Santiago
area next to Los Gigantes I consider a much better beach then the Playa los Gigantes. This beach is just a few km away and within
walking distance from Playa los Gigantes. The next beach is the Playa de la Teresitas
in Tenerife. This is also on first place of my top 5 beaches
in Tenerife and winner of my best beach in Tenerife. But do know that there are many similar beautiful
beaches on Tenerife and maybe some even nicer. I like this beach because it is very authentically
Spanish and because of it’s unique setting in the North of Tenerife. In the weekends and especially on Sunday they
have loads of drinks and food trucks here at extremely low prices compared to other
more touristy places on the island. A mojito in the touristy resorts 7-8 euro…
here… 3-4 euro. You can also combine this beach with visiting
the Anaga nature reserve or many of the cultural things in Santa Cruz if you would want to
do so. So I hope this video helps you have an even
better holiday in Tenerife because of it and consider subscribing to the channel for more
great holiday advice covering Tenerife and the rest of Spain.

Reader Comments

  1. Nice compilation, although it doesn't include all the playas of the island. Looking forward for a "Best Beaches in Tenerife" part II ! 😉 (tips: have a look at the the beaches at Punto de Teno, San Juan de la Rambla, Abades, El Puertito de Güimar; these are other nice places you may include in the Part II of your forthcoming footage. 😉
    Anyway, congratulations and thanks for this nice video.

  2. Yes, Las Teresitas is the best of all, no doubt about it, what so ever. We have been there in December, water was just great, the views are stunning, we drove from Puerto de Santiago which is over a 60 miles away, but it really was worth it. Its very close to the Capital of the island.

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