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BLIZZARD Gift Wrap Challenge w/ Gavin Magnus & Sophie Michelle! 🎁 Holiday Melee Episode 1 | Nick

BLIZZARD Gift Wrap Challenge w/ Gavin Magnus & Sophie Michelle! 🎁 Holiday Melee Episode 1 | Nick

Oh hey, Gavin. Oh hey, Sophie. Santa! – What?
– Guys, it’s me, Matte. You know, I’m kind of a
Santa-in-training, so… Weird flex, but OK. OK look, I brought you two here today
because you two are going to compete in a Holiday Melee. No, that’s not right. Holiday– a holiday–
Oh, pssh. Duh, a Holiday Melee. Awesome. What is ‘melee’? It’s a Holiday Melee. You know what that means! No, we don’t. Yeah, you kind of threw the cue cards
and we’ve never done the show before. So, uh… Welcome to the Nick Holiday Melee. Sophie and Gavin are about
to have their holiday spirits put to the test in a series of
top elf-inspired challenges. Do they have what it takes
to rule the yule? Maybe, maybe not. Alright, Sophie, Gavin, everyone knows that Santa’s elves
can perfectly wrap any present, even in a blizzard. So you guys will have
to work on your taping, your wrapping, your…bowing. OK, look. You two will have two minutes to
wrap as many presents as you can. I’ll be judging on
technique, creativity, and total number of gifts wrapped. So, how are you guys
at wrapping presents? I feel like I’m pretty good at wrapping.
I definitely don’t have those elf skills, but I’m really excited
to try out this challenge. I think I’ll do pretty good,
but you never know. Alright well, this challenge
sounds like a breeze, but it’s gonna be a whirlwind. OK now, the winner
will receive a nice gift, while the loser will
receive a naughty gift. Now trust me on this one,
you do not wanna get the naughty gift, because that’ll play
into your final challenge. So, are you guys ready? – Yeah, I’m ready.
– I’m gonna ‘sleigh’ this challenge. Ah, ‘icy’ what you did there. You Christ-must be kidding. ‘Snow’ idea what you’re talking about. Whoa! If you’re all ‘wrapped’ up here,
let’s get started! Sophie, you’ll go first. Unfortunately Gavin,
you will not be able to know how many presents she wrapped
during her turn. So, I’m gonna send you
off to the Yeti Cave, OK? – That right there?
– Yeah, the Yeti Cave. – See ya!
– Yeti Cave! – In there?
– Yep. Have fun! It’s safe? Yes, that’s Jerry.
Say “Hi, Jerry!” Have fun! Their gonna have a great time. OK Sophie, two minutes to complete
as many presents are you can. And… go! Oh, oh my gosh. This is not going. Tape, tape, tape. [music playing] OK, you didn’t think
I’d make it that easy, did you? Like I said, elves can wrap gifts… – Even in a blizzard!
– Oh my God! And I’m gonna take these away
just for safety. – Have fun!
– No! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! This is not working! Nope. This is a present.
This is just gonna have to work. There we go, there we go.
There’s a present, there we go. No! Guys, this ain’t working,
oh my gosh. [dinging] No, no, no! That… that was a lot. – You think?
– Oh, wow. I know, it’s a masterpiece. That, my friend, is abstract. I also have this one. I hate to break it to you,
but this is just a cardboard box. But it doesn’t count,
because it fell off. Oh, was that on that? – Yeah.
– Oh… And I also have this one. – I just like gold.
– I like the wrapping paper. Thank you, and I…
Doesn’t it look great? OK, and I also have this one, where I kind of–
This was my first one. And I kind of just gave up on the side. – I like this, you did good.
– Thank you. I’m gonna give you a 2.5 But hey, who knows?
Gavin might get less than you. So, you’re still in first place,
as of right now. Gavin! Gavin, you’re up! Not again. Sophie, do you
mind getting him for me? Uh… sure. I mean, it’s safe, right? Yes, yes, yes. Alright Gavin, it’s your turn.
Are you ready? – I’m ready.
– Three, two, one, go! So I’m doing what
I’ve learned from my mom. And I’m just kind of, you know, taping. I don’t really know what
I’m doing, to be honest. Put that down here… Alrighty. – Hey Gavin, how’s it going?
– It’s good. You might need these.
Take these right now. – You’ll see why. Bye!
– OK. What the… I can’t… Oh, God. OK. No! [groaning] OK, here we go. Oh, no, no, no! OK. No! No, no, no! Oh, OK. Come on. Oh gosh. Ah! [dinging] No! [buzzer] – Well, well, well…
– Yeah. You got a lot in your hair. – You got a lot.
– Oh. [laughing] That’s great.
How’d you do, man? How many presents did you get? I, uh… I only got one. Oh… OK, I see what’s going on here. – ‘Cause I thought you had more…
– No, no, no, no. Yeah, you lose, sorry. Oh. That’s fine, at least I tried, you know? I did what I did, you know. The blizzard kind of distracted me,
but it’s OK. OK. Wait, so did I actually lose? Yeah, yeah you did, sorry. OK, alright, OK. Well, congratulations Sophie.
You won that challenge. You get the nice gift, on the top there. Yep, and unfortunately Gavin,
you get the naughty gift. Yeah, there you go. – Alright, let’s see what we got.
– Whoa, no! Whoa, no, no, no, no, not yet. You only get to open these
on the final challenge. Are you really gonna make us wait? Yes, I am! Because that’s it for this Holiday Melee. Make sure to subscribe to Nickelodeon
to catch more episodes. So, uh… I got this for you. [growling] Coming up next time on
Nick Holiday Melee… OK, I see what you guys are doing. And it’s working. Let’s go!

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