Celebrating the Spring Holidays

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  1. I got so distracted by Rapo just coming in, cut a lime(???) in half, and leave half by the window.
    Thanks for this, Wired! Would die for the entire BA test kitchen.

  2. I find it VERY difficult to believe that Chris Morroco is a day over 30. No way he is pushing 40, show us your birth certificate Morocco

  3. I got all mad when I was like "I didn't get a notification for this!" and then I saw that it's Wired, not BA. (also the person who wanted to make a hybrid pie has clearly never made a pie ever)

  4. Sweet water spice line of brines are very flavorful. Use them on a few different occasions. Only benefit of the dry brine is the dry skin. But wet brine one day, then leave in fridge uncovered for a day to dry skin. Best of both worlds, for people that can plan ahead.

  5. Thank you! I’ve been cooking for over thirty years, but I learn something new every time I watch Bon Appétit videos. Salt in whipped cream?! Mind blowing! I adore your videos and the great camaraderie of the Bon Appetit chefs.

  6. I was cooking while pretty drunk one time and slashed my finger with a cerated knife.. long story short I was bleeding for 3 hours straight and it was not fun😂

  7. If you want to really want to impress the crowd for Thanksgiving there are 3 great answers:
    1. No, not a chocolate cake. Make a Hummingbird Cake and then cover it with crushed candied/caramelized pecans.
    2. Make the famous Leek Brioche Bread Pudding (google that + Thomas. Keller.)
    3. Stuffing: Mix of crusty bread and cornbread (ignore their 'perfect' idea – it works). And add chestnuts and wild mushrooms. It elevates.
    4. Learn how to make a perfect Sazerac.

  8. "Why the saucepan?" Because we're not talking to professionals and they may want to taste it to get the balance right before potentially ruining their brussel sprouts.

  9. And go beyond mashed potatoes. Make ALIGOT. You have one day of the year to eat this potato/cheese masterpiece. Everyone swoons for Aligot.

  10. Brad suggesting adding gravy to the cornstarch instead of water, and completely blowing Chris' mind, was my favourite part. 😂

  11. Wow. Failed on the 1st question. If the turkey comes brined, DO NOT BRINE IT.

    99% of all turkeys bought are already pumped full of salty water. You have to assume this when giving out advice or you will ruin thanksgiving for people.

  12. I introduced applesauce to my pumpkin pie recipe, but the pumpkin completely overpowers any apple flavor. Couldn’t even tell a difference.

  13. Nice! Now could you please make wired autocomplete interview with brad and Claire? Since the autocomplete is basically building up while we weren't checking

  14. I hate using corn starch for a thickener, you might as well use unflavored gelatin. Flour every time, it gives things a creamier texture and flavor. Dry flour can also be baked ahead of time until golden brown to give that nutty flavor a roux has without using butter… If you can't eat butter, that is..
    A quarter cup of flour to a quarter cup of cold water or broth shaken, not stirred, in a tight container until lump-less, or whisked till creamy. Stir vigorously and drizzle into hot but not too hot broth until desired thickness… best way to do it….
    I also add at least a few tsps Franks Hot Sauce for flavor… optional

  15. I honestly forgot Honey wasn't vegan, and spent like, 5 minutes trying to figure out what was in their honey mustard glaze the vegan would object to.

  16. The first year after my mom died my Dad attempted to do Thanksgiving on his own. Not knowing any better, he accidentally put the turkey in breast down. Hands down, the best turkey anyone in the family had had, up until then. Now, in charge of my own T-day cooking, I use his trick. I brine the turkey for a few days while it thaws, then I roast it breast down for about 3/4 of the time required, and then flip it over, and let it roast the rest of the way breast up. Beautifully browned skin, and the most moist, flavorful breast meat ever.

  17. You would be speaking German without evaporated or condensed milk it was a major war time supply and there wasn’t much else that kept for days back then. Thank you very much.

  18. Can we talk about the spoons. Like I normally find that a pocket, especially on an apron, is the dirtiest place, since it’s so hard to clean, and how often do you wash an apron anyway. How does Chris preserve the integrity of his spoons?

  19. Believe it or not, lard actually makes the best piecrust. Turns out butter and lard are BOTH better for you than shortening or margerine.

  20. idk why there is vegan hate in the video, im making vegan thanksgiving with every dish you can imagine and it tastes exactly the same. there is a bit of a learning curve to vegan cooking, i think they should try more vegan fancy cooking to realise you don't need animal products to make great dishes.

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