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Boosted Board Beach Chair Mod // Racing, Onewheel Pint Learning and Family Fun

Boosted Board Beach Chair Mod  // Racing, Onewheel Pint Learning and Family Fun

okay a little bit different video today
I’m gonna be trying to take these two boosted boards and attach them to these
beach chairs all we did just put a zip tie around the bottom and then two zip
ties there and this is just some little pipe insulation on both sides locks it
in there pretty good yeah I’ll try it how about I teach you how to use the
controller so you push this little thing in and then push this at the same time
so push this first and then push it rock it forward to go forward and then
backwards to slow down to try it real quick try it real gentle real gentle there you go that’s it now
try slowing down there you go go go a little bit faster then let go and see
what happens yes and then just let go and then let go what happens oh you
think let’s see what you got there you go you’re doing it on your own
let’s see what you got Oh froude what do you think yeah now
crack slowing down real smooth smooth slow down yeah what happened nice look where you want to go look
where you want to go going down jump give me when you jump what do you got video gimme how’s the
mini feel the board stiffer all right – go fast you wanna be on camera Oh yep I’m recording say that one why did you try the other one
well how can you know it’s better do you try both on macing which one you like
better why more stable my private mini yeah that one better the mini yeah the
minis more stable no just I mean this thing it’s because it’s on bamboo I mean
I guess I could have maybe move this one to be like on the on the back tires
because it’s like in the middle and the it just flexes a lot I mean it’s okay
but this thing is just way more stable bears now here’s PACU you’re smiling
like forever that was an absolute glass definitely
big shout out to Brandon Paisley I think it was that
on instagrams where I got the idea for throwing these things on there
yeah Brandon Paisley definitely check him out he’s got some really cool
content on Instagram on his skateboards hanging out with his kids and his wife
it worked fine I mean everybody had a blast I mean if if my sister-in-law
Stacy got on a thing without a helmet then that goes to show you how each one
is because I mean everybody got on it the mini was
a little bit more stable than the long board just because I guess it’s make
sense well it’s time to clean up all this mess but if you like this video
definitely give us give us a thumbs up down below if you haven’t subscribed
already consider doing that too it definitely helps other channel and it’s
definitely a lot of fun I have to do this again I guess just some zip ties
and a couple beach chairs and some boosted boards who does how much fun
that was you got any idea that shoot me a comment below because I love to see
some other ones you

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  1. Oh wow! This looks like so much fun!:) I gotta try this but how do u tie the straps to the board tho???? Great video btw man!:)

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