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BOXLIFE 2020 Roomtour – KNAUS Camper Van (CUV) for Your Sports Vacation

BOXLIFE 2020 Roomtour – KNAUS Camper Van (CUV) for Your Sports Vacation

Ultra flexible motorhome on holiday. Self-sufficient for longer, thanks to diesel heating. Practical van for daily use. Let’s take a closer look at IT now! 5 layouts with 2 – 7 beds, which, thanks to a maximum
permissible total weight of 3.5 tons and
compact dimensions, any driver is allowed to drive. And with a payload of 500 to 650 kilograms
relocation is not a problem. The core of the Vario rear is the flexible lifting bed.
Depending on the layout, this is available as
a transverse or longitudinal bed. Due to the special mounting, the lifting bed
can be fully loaded at any set height. If the lifting bed is at the very top, we generate up to
2350 litres of available storage space. Robust thanks to the felt covering, convenient thanks to
the integrated airline rails and rigging hooks. In addition cozy, thanks to breathable
fabric covering and integrated ambient lighting. Watch closely, because with the optional
extra beds you can generate four more variants. The additional bed consists of two slatted frames and mattresses
and can be used as an additional transverse or longitudinal bed,
depending on the layout. If one end is folded up, a comfortable couch is created. And if you remove the smaller part of the bed, you still have
a transverse double bed. If the larger part is removed,
a transverse single bed remains. For all cyclists the VeloSlide system is available on request,
allowing 2 bikes to be transported easily and safely. We want to get in there now, because a fully
equipped motorhome is waiting in front. Dinette, kitchen and bathroom are waiting in front with
furniture in full body construction with neat rear walls. The flaps for the storage compartments are integrated into the fronts,
equipped with soft-close function and automatic safety locking. Furniture flaps, table top and kitchen top are also
specially coated for extra durability. There are two variants of the bathroom. Our compact bathroom
is fitted as standard. This is optimally integrated
into the side wall. Loaded with practical shelves and a rotating toilet,
it also becomes a shower cabin. On request, a room bathroom is available in all floor plans.
Here we use the room in front of the bed for a large round shower. Multifunctionality is extremely important with compact CUV’s
and because we didn’t want to do without a large washstand, we have developed a variable wash basin. We’ll continue in the kitchen: Depending on the floor plan,
there is a compact kitchen with a integrated
refrigerator and a wardrobe. Easily accessible, because here we install
a refrigerator with both side opening. Alternatively, we install the longitudinal kitchen
with the refrigerator at eye level and a large wardrobe underneath. In both versions there are drawers on roller bearings
with full extension and soft close function. The refrigerators have a capacity of 70 – 90 litres
including the freezer compartment. The integrated silent mode
ensures quiet operation at night. The dinette has 2 seatbelts with expansion and comfort functions.
On request we can install adjustable automotive single seats. The table floats freely and with the rotatable
extension there is plenty of room for up to 4 people. In the floor plan 600 DQ we install our Classic lifting bed above it.
On request, there is also the Vario lifting bed, which allows for more standing height and
a passage in the lowered state. Convenient socket arrangement, modular lighting control
of the individual areas and a harmonious
LED lighting concept included. With the BOXLIFE, you can also travel
self-sufficiently for longer. With the central board control unit, you have
a convenient overview of electricity and water levels. The Truma Combi 6 diesel heater is used for heating,
so we no longer need heavy gas tanks. The water pipes are laid with the heating hoses
to prevent them from freezing. We also cover the inner walls with a special
polytherm isolate to avoid thermal bridges. 102 litres of fresh water are on board, which, thanks to
the optional BWT water filter also remains hygienically clean,
without any chemicals. For the 90 litre waste water tank, a heated protective hood
is available on request for extra frost protection. Gas is only needed for cooking, so the 2.7 litre gas bottle
is sufficient for a long time. And it’s also available
in hardware stores all over Europe. The on-board battery has a capacity of 95 ampere hours.
On request you can get another one and with
the charging booster you can charge them faster while driving. Speaking of driving: If desired, we can also install
a completely new head-up display. With this you are safe and variable on the road. Ready for any adventure. This is the KNAUS BOXLIFE.

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  1. Super gut gemacht, schöne Grüße aus driefel bei zetel in Friesland Deutschland 🇩🇪 👌 viel Spaß und Erfolg

  2. La #rivoluzione a 4 ruote:

    CUV #van compatti e ideali per spazio e praticita'

    Solo #Knaus e Fustinoni Sport​ tradurrano la tua voglia di viaggiare in comodita' con tutta la qualita' e l'esperienza

    nel mondo dei #camper e #furgonati. Ti aspettiamo a Curno #Bergamo Italy


  3. Sehr gut. Dieses Video ist super aufgemacht. Mycht weiter so. Wir ergänzen diese und andere fahrzeuge für Hundler.
    Wir sind am Montag auf der CMT bei Knaus.

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