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British English Holidays – Queen’s Birthday

British English Holidays – Queen’s Birthday

hi everyone I’m Gina the Queen’s
birthday is not her actual birthday but is the official birthday of the British
sovereign who is the UK’s head of state the highest ranked official in the
country the date changes every year but is always a Saturday in June in this
lesson you’re going to learn about how the Monarchs official birthday is
celebrated Queen Elizabeth the second official birthday is in June but when is
her actual birthday we’ll show you the answer at the end of this video
the main celebration of the official birthday is trooping the colour this is
a ceremony performed by many different regiments of the British and
Commonwealth armies it takes place at Horse Guards Parade and many soldiers
and marching bands parade in front of the monarch the name trooping the colour
refers to the tradition of the colours which are flags representing each
regiment being displayed to the soldiers so that they could be recognized in
battle during trooping the colour the regiment’s display bear colours and pay
tribute to the reigning monarch the Queen’s birthday also marks the
publication of the Birthday Honours List their honours list details all of the
people both famous and civilian that will receive honors such as knighthoods
sea bees and other awards the list is published in the London Gazette and also
newspapers across the Commonwealth the official birthday has been
celebrated in UK since 1748 in 1908 it was moved to june from november by the
then reigning monarch King Edward the seventh in the hope of it being held
during good weather and now I’ll give you the answer to the earlier quiz the
Queen’s official birthday is in June but when is her actual birthday Queen
Elizabeth the seconds actual birthday is a 21st of April she was born in 1926 in
Mayfair London the official birthday is likely to remain in June in the future
even when other monarchs have been crowned how was this lesson as you
learned something interesting do you have a special day to celebrate your
head of state leave us the comments at English class 101.com
and we’ll see you in the next lesson

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    Ireland forever.

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