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Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Gina and Charles Discuss the Boyle Family Vacation (Episode Highlight)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Gina and Charles Discuss the Boyle Family Vacation (Episode Highlight)

-I need to talk to you about that my mom’s
forcing me to go on. Why is it in Butt-thumb, Iowa? No, it’s pronounced Bouton. And Iowa is the ancestral
homeland of the Boyle clan. I am so excited for you to get
to know all of the cousins. Watch out for Sherman, he’s
left a trail of broken hearts longer than his ponytail. Boyle, can we please
just go to a resort where I don’t have
to see your family? There’s a great one in Aruba. Aruba? [laughs] Boyle’s don’t do beaches. We’re not swimmers,
we’re burrowers. Yes, I know. You’re all earthworms. But, Charles, even nature’s
most disgusting creatures deserve pleasure.

Reader Comments

  1. As much as a bitch Gina is she's not that far off describing the entire Boyle clan. They're an entire family of enablers that justify their web of enabling with a mask of "Love". The entire family, Charles Father included, all have a family quirk that they are oblivious to or are aware of it but lack the resolve to do anything about it, they get too invested into a relationship and push it further and faster than a normal relationship should go at a healthy pace. They're all sheltered Weirdos that approve one another's weird habits under the guise of love but really it's so they can continue doing what they like, such as Charles insane foodie habits, without towing to society's pushy fingers. Lynn Boyle, Charles Father, said during his wedding to Gina's mother Darlene Linetti that the moment he married her was the happiest day of his life, beating out the birth of his son who was standing right near him as his best man. This shows a darker side to the Boyle sub-species of human, and that Lynn was miserable married to Charles's mother so badly that the birth of his son who he loves doesn't register as a happy moment for him. This is an out of character moment for a member of the Boyle Family, they frequently claim love for one another but deep down they're terrible people who are quite mean. Like the incident with the Boyle Family Mother Dough, a thing of sour dough bread that's been rising for an unmeasured amount of time. Gina got it in a deceased Boyle members will and Charles deemed her unfit to possess it and tried to seize it but Gina knowing how much it means to the family uses her outright hatred of them to get a huge amount of cash from Boyle for it before finding out her space heater burnt it to a crisp infuriating the "Council of Cousins". While not as bad on a political scale, like the descendants of Hitler the Boyle clan should all agree by to not reproduce or raise any children in their ways except Charles who is the Token White sheep of the family of Black woolen bastards. Charles genuinely wants to be a good father and has no real animosity towards anyone except criminals and Derek Jake's Mafia best friend while under cover who most likely was thrown in jail. Charles can get serious and intimidate someone but only by upholding the law. It's sad though, Charles wants an ideal married life but cannot as he is cursed to be unhappily married like every boyle, but maintains a commonwealth marriage to Genevieve to adopt Nikolaj.

  2. Anyone else notice the continiuty error on the board where the words are rubbed out in different places each time?

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