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Buying Disney Vacation Club! What we wish we'd known

Buying Disney Vacation Club! What we wish we'd known

hey guys it's Jenny from running for my life and today we are going to be talking about Disneyfication Club we have been members with Disney Vacation Club I'm going to turn this just a little bit we have been members with Disney Vacation Club since 2012 our family has enjoyed dozens of vacations since that time and we have had such a great experience and so I always get questions about it and they always want to know what made us buy how did we buy and I'm not going to get into all of the details of Disney Vacation Club and how it works I hope that you'll go right here on YouTube there's tons of great videos some are produced by Disney summer by other youtubers that talked about it it is basically a timeshare you purchase a certain amount of points and you can use those points every year some times of the year are more points than others and obviously the bigger room you stay in if you're in a two bedroom villa a one bedroom villa or a studio you'll pay a different amount of points and how you use those points is up to you but we have had oh my gosh so many amazing memories and when we purchased we actually bought on the resale market so in a minute I'm going to talk a little bit more about that but I have really nothing but good to say about purchasing our membership having said that there are a few things that people wish they had known before they bought Disney Vacation Club it is a big investment so you want to know what you're getting into I'm actually part of a Facebook group that is just for Disney Vacation Club members and they were so sweet I went on there and they said okay you guys tell me honestly what do you wish you knew before you purchased Disney vacation club and three main things kept coming up over and over and over again and so I'm gonna go over those with you today to hopefully give you just an idea of some things that you need to be aware of before you make such a major financial investment and decide that you want to hear that welcome home every time when you go on vacation the number one thing people talked about is they wish they had known that it is very difficult to get into certain resorts during certain times the year if you are a last minute planner a person who maybe two three months before vacation wants to pick up the phone and go for a week and stay say at bay lake towers it's not going to happen availability I can tell you just since 2012 when we purchased our membership it is becoming harder and harder and harder to get into certain resorts there are more Disney Vacation Club members competing with you for that room and you really need to be planning in advance so you want to buy into the resort where you could see yourself staying for example if your home resort was old Key West at the eleven month mark you would be able to call eleven months in advance and make that reservation for one week for your family or three days two days the amount of time doesn't matter it's not like other time Shores where you have to purchase a week at a time and you'll probably be able to get in if however you want to stay at the new Copper Creek villas you have to only call seven months in advance at seven months before your reservation you can call I can tell you from firsthand experience for marathon weekend last year I tried at the seven month mark to make reservations and there was nothing anywhere on Disney properties there was nothing in Saratoga Springs there was nothing at old Key West and I was basically just out of luck that can and will happen especially if you're traveling during busy times of the year and Disney Vacation Club members their busy time of year may be unexpected marathon weekend for example Food and Wine Festival those rooms typically are booked at the eleven month mark so if you are a planner if you are buying into resort where you really want to stay you'll be fine because it's rare that at the eleven month mark you would not be able to book at your at your home resort okay so maintenance fees maintenance fees you're gonna pay every year and they are going to go up there is a cap on how much they can go up per year I think currently it's 3% and I believe that that is capped out for the entire time of your membership if that's not correct I'll put a little thing on the screen saying that I got it wrong but for example we own one hundred and fifty points at Vero Beach now Bureau is one of the higher per point for maintenance fees because it's a Leo and they have things like hurricanes and so we pay eight dollars and 53 cents a point for maintenance which means last year our maintenance bill was one thousand two hundred and seventy nine dollars you're going to pay those maintenance fees every single year of your membership in our case until 2042 what our membership expires that's a lot of money now I can tell you that with that twelve hundred and seventy nine dollars we stayed last year I think eight nights in various size accommodations and different places on deck on Disney property we really stretched our points we stayed in studios several times and I actually had some points that I borrowed but even if that was only five nights you can do the math for twelve hundred and seventy nine dollars five nights and a deluxe Disney Resort you're not going to get that I mean if you average last time I check the cheapest you could get in for example to the Polynesian was like five hundred dollars a night so that would be twenty five hundred dollars and that's just for a studio room that wouldn't even be for a villa so the savings really do add up I feel like we get our value out of it but your experience may vary and you need to understand you're signing a binding contract unless you sell your contract you have to pay those maintenance fees every single year so when you consider the length of your contract that can really really add up and it's something a lot of people don't consider when they sit down and do the math and figure out if this is a good idea for their family some resorts have less maintenance fees than others I encourage you to consider that even if the maintenance fees were only you know a hundred two hundred dollars less per year than what we're paying at Vero Beach when you're talking thirty years that's a lot of money saved so you may want to consider if there's two resorts that you really like one has less maintenance fees than the other that could be a really good part of your decision making process okay finally the thing that wish that people wish that they had known about Disney Vacation Club before they bought is the resale market now buying a resale timeshare might seem a little sketchy to you I want to reassure you as someone who has done it twice we have two contracts both contracts we both contracts we use the timeshare store d vc / resales comm I'll put a link down below they were very professional it is a legally binding they have attorneys they do all of the things that they're supposed to do and the way that works is they will list the vacation club properties that they have for sale now depending on the time of year that can be pretty competitive so if there's a particular resort that you are wanting to get into I would develop a relationship with one of the brokers or even several over the brokers and they'll send you advance emails when they have things come up that meet your requirements now here's the kicker there are things you will not be able to take advantage of if you buy resale you will not be able to get discounts on your annual passes you will not be able to get merchandise discounts you cannot attend special events like the Disney membership cruise that they do every year you cannot use your points for the cruise line you cannot use your points for the concierge level resorts there's a myriad of things that you are shut out of if you buy resale however I just went on to DV series resales comm and they have a hundred and fifty point contract right now that you could sign up to buy tomorrow for $13,500 that same contract purchased direct through Disney would be twenty one thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars so you would be saving eighty two hundred and fifty dollars now for eighty two hundred dollars you could buy a lot of annual passes you could buy a lot of merchandise I enjoy the member perks we purchased resale before Disney added the restrictions so I mean I there are things I like we're going to moonlight magic in July I'm excited about that I like visiting the DVC member lounge in Epcot if someone told me they would pay me eight thousand two hundred and fifty dollars to not do those things I would not do them so think about it it the thing that you're buying it for is to get a room on vacation and guess what buying resale you still get all those things so to me does it bother me that I can't book a cruise with my points no it's a terrible use of your points anyway I bought my points so that I could stay at Disney resorts and you know what that's exactly what I get to do please don't let anyone tell you either that you get treated worse but cuz you're a resale buyer we've had nothing but excellent customer service from Disney on every transaction that we've had so that is not even a consideration you were not treated as less than because you bought your contract resale and it can be a great way to save quite a bit of money on your Disney vacation club purchase okay finally and this is like point number four I know I told you there would only be three but this is point number four there was a lot of people who said the one thing they wish is that they had purchased sooner they loved their membership they loved the family memories that they have they have loved their experience with Disney there was one woman in particular and I want to share you her story her name is Liz and this is what she said I wish I had known what a huge comfort it would be we bought a week before my partial mastectomy which was followed by nine months of chemo and radiation and at the end we celebrated with our first dvc stay there is something about owning part of the magic and knowing that that's a place that your family is going to be able to go year after year the videos that they put out for Disney vacation club that you can watch right here on YouTube or you can watch in your hotel room oh my gosh and goo C's all day long because it's really true I tell people Disney is our lake house that's the place where my kids have their memories year after year and I have no regrets about that so if it's something that you can financially afford if it's something that you can see you and your family doing year after year keeping in mind you've got a Lani and Hawaii you've got Vero Beach you've got Hilton Head there's lots of different properties it might be a really great call for you and your family at this point in our membership we do save money and I do feel really good when I go on there and I realize that our you know our week that we spent for example at old Key West would have cost us $500 a night if we had paid cash and that we only paid that twelve hundred and seventy nine dollars in our maintenance fees so do your homework number one consider all of the things that we've talked about by where you want to stay check out those maintenance fees remember that you can buy resale and if it's right for you I think you'll be very excited that first time you hear welcome home

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  1. I've watched a lot of these and this is the best one I've seen on DVC. Others got too mixed up in the emotions of the magic and left out the facts. Love the facts! Question if you have time and if you know. If I bought a resale contract for one resort but later bought a different contract through Disney, would I start getting the additional DVC perks with the second Disney contract purchase? Also, with if one has two contracts, does that mean I would have two home resorts now for 11 month booking? Thanks again!

  2. Very nice presentation. We have owned for 5 years and very happy. With our 140 pts we have been going twice a year, stay in Studios for 5 nights each time, and go Sunday night through Thursday night to save on points (points are higher Friday and Saturday)
    A big thing I think people forget is to compare apples to apples. I frequently see people say to rent a house off-property…no thanks, that is not "going to Disney" that is going "near Disney". Or they say they can stay at Pop Century cheaper. Yes you can, but if you prefer nicer vacation resorts like those on the monorail route it isn't a fair comparison to staying in a Value Resort.

  3. LOL. Do the math. If the maintenance fees go up 3% per year and start at $1,279/year, you'll pay $63,882 in maintenance fees alone over the 49 years of the contract.

  4. "Effective January 19, 2019, only Members who purchase directly from Disney will be able to use their Vacation Points at the 14 existing Disney Vacation Club Resorts and Disney Vacation Club’s future resort, Disney’s Riviera Resort. Resale contracts purchased for the existing 14 Disney Vacation Club Resorts will only be able to exchange Points into those 14 Resorts."

  5. We are thinking about buying just not sure if on resale or direct. When we were on the cruise they told us if we bought on resale we got no perks. We didn’t know that. Is that true?

  6. I’ve been researching dvc for a while now. We intend to purchase soon. One thing that I never see talked about is when your grand children come along.
    If you want to know when your dvc membership is going to return your investment, this is where to look.

    Purchase 250-300 points now use it once or twice a year and when your old you will be able to take your entire family including your grand children into a 3 bedroom villa that sleeps 12-14 people. Rack rate on those villas are into the thousands per night fast forward 30 years from now and they will easily be 4K a night! Unless Disney tanks over that time…..highly doubt that would happen.

    Dvc makes perfect sense when you zoom out and look at the whole picture. Just don’t be looking for this thing to pay for it self in the near term.

    Dvc is expensive. It’s exclusive. Disney is the king of exclusivity and they have no shortage of customers.
    Look at golden oaks, 3 mill for a home 25k per year in dues! The dues are more then the average dvc contract lol
    Club 33…..don’t even get started with that one!
    Xmas party/Halloween party , then desert parties inside the Those party….

    The list goes and goes and the rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper

    Also another point I think you should mention. Disney visa is a good way to offset maintenance but also parking. Non dvc pays $25 bucks a day. So if you stay 10 days and bring a vehicle you can allocate this $250 to your maintenance.

  7. Timeshares have always been the worst investment ever..you pay twice. Once to be part of the timeshare, and again when you pay the nightly rates. Just go and have your vacation, and without the timeshare, you can go more places than just where the timeshare is

  8. Would it make sense to purchase the smallest amount of points with the least amount of maintenance fees directly from DVC to get the perks, then to purchase the bulk of the points you actually want to use through resale, so you get the best of both worlds?

  9. One scam with the DVC is "they initially priced it wrong and didn't realize it, buy it while it's cheap." Total phony sales scam.

  10. Are annual maintenance fees and dues the same thing? Very interested in DVC, but wanted to make sure I understand 😊👍🏻

  11. We've looked into DVC, a couple of times . . . This, to me, isn't a good deal. Add your maintenance fees, to your contract cost (Most people will pay the contract on a monthly basis) and you're paying a LOT. . . We have found that we can rent a house, with 3-4 bedrooms, 3-4 bathrooms, a private pool, full kitchen, washer and dryer, etc. It's just much more economical to rent the house, plus far more space to spread out. . . For some people, staying on property means everything. To me? The cost differential is the key. . . Also, your description is inaccurate. You speak as if the maintenance fee is the ONLY cost, completely leaving out the cost of the contract itself, the points you're paying for. You can't equate JUST the cost of your maintenance fees as the total cost of a DVC vacation.

  12. I am considering dvc resale and have only just started looking at listings for price guidance etc (won’t be in the position to buy for a few years but want to gain knowledge in the meantime) and there were no July dvc sales available at all on any of the sites I checked, is this just at this current time there are none or is it a common occurrence ? Our Scottish school holidays are the whole of July and two weeks in August, if I had problems getting something in July would it be wise to buy August knowing I can only use the first two weeks of that month ? Also considering I’m in early saving stage, should I buy my “end goal” of being able to do two bed villa for two weeks stay every other year or should I just buy smaller points for studio and add on when the time comes ? Many thanks !

  13. Hi Jen! I just stumbled across your channel and love your content:) I have a question, you said if you buy resale, you don’t get discounts on annual passes or merch, BUT if you buy your annual passes do you still get to take advantage of those discount perks? Therefore you’d still get a discount on food and merch… I’d love to know! Thank you:)

  14. I've rented fort wilderness, boardwalk, polynesian, saratoga springs, and animal kingdom lodge all on eBay. I'm an AP 2 hrs away so I don't really care for all the other perks, just the room.

  15. Resale dvc members get access to ‘Top of the world lounge’ and pool hopping privileges , no moonlight magic ☹️

  16. Thanks, these were all helpful tips, my wife and I are still in our "free cancellation period" with our DVC membership and we wanted to know if we made the right decision. All in all, I believe we have but I would've loved to consider a resale as opposed to buying direct from Disney. I wonder if we can still add a few more pts to our contract at an easy process.

  17. Great video, can i get your advice? We live in orlando now about 45 minutes from Disney so our DVC doesn’t make much sense now 🙁 should we do the dvc/resales to rent our points out that way it will pay our monthly maintenance fees or should we sell it. It is paid for. As far as moonlight magic we try the day it is available and rarely get in 🙁

  18. i know of Time Shares and for some reason when i think of Disney Vacation club i think of time shares. I keep hearing radio infomercials about them, apparently there are now attorneys that specify in Time Shares and how they are hard to get rid of. Its hard to know if DVC and Time Shares are synonymous.

  19. Jen, just stumbled upon your videos and loved the DVC info! The last 3 years we've rented points for 2 stays at Saratoga Springs and 1 at the Polynesian and it got us thinking about joining DVC. Thanks so much for the info and keep up the great videos! We just started our very own YT channel as well, absolutely love this platform for the purpose of finding channels like yours! We've heard that the first 100 subscribers are the hardest so we're hanging in there 🙂

  20. Some sensible advices. Maybe give advice on non home resort availability different seasons and accommodation types. For example, Jan to Sept avoiding holidays and run events you can literally book any resort at 7 months in a 1 bed, and quite decent studio availability also.

  21. I love our DVC signed up back in 2011, with Saratoga, Best decision we ever made I love when they say to us welcome home! We could have never stayed at the resorts that are so extremely nice!

  22. But if you can get to stay in a DVC resort through other outlets, then why pay for all of that maintenance and have a contract? I am going again in November and plan on speaking with a DVC rep to find out all the reasons why. Great video! Lots of questions to ask

  23. I was thinking about buying a small membership direct from DVC then buying more points on the resale market. This way I get all the perks plus the cheaper points. We visit WDW a lot and so a lot of points means a lot to us.

  24. My sister is a member. One major thing I don’t like is you don’t get your unit serviced daily. I think they service it on the 5th day. When I stayed at Aulani and booked non DVC, my villa was service daily, fresh towels, beds made, dishes washed, etc. Disney is expensive either way. I don’t want to be obligated to a timeshare and like the extra service.

  25. As with many time shares, it seems good the first couple of years, then you can't get out from under the required maintenance fees.

  26. Yes, yes, yes! I would advise that anyone that can take the tour of the DVC should do so with a note pad and do it at least twice. The second time things will be much clearer and your questions will be shorter. There is no pressure during your personal presentation (from my experience) to purchase. Simply take notes and try to understand the first time what you are told. Then if still interested go do another tour. All of the things mentioned in this video SHOULD be understood before you sign. I would add on I was told many people buy too few points the first time, then need to add on. That is a personal preference dictated by your vacation needs. If you are going to use points outside of the the Disney properties, 160 points is a key number to own. I have owned through Disney and through resale. Personally I love owning a piece of the magic! I agree with you, Jen, on the main reason for owning points is to secure a great room in Disney when you want…everything else is a perk that can go away for any owner.

  27. Saw your tube buddy 1900 subs cert on twitter. Needed to come make it 1902!!! 🙂 We just signed up for DVC on our last trip! Excited to be a member!!! 🙂 Congrats on 1900! 2K coming soon!!!

  28. You kept saying that you only paid your maintenance fees per year… but you paid your contract on top of that… you have to factor that into your yearly vacation math…

  29. My parents bought into DVC in 1993 when Old Key West was the only place actually built.
    They had the foresight or just luck to buy in early on when the price per point was much lower.
    I spent a lot of my childhood and even part of my adulthood staying there and going to Disney especially because the park tickets were a really good deal through resort back in the 90s. Now it isn't really much of a deal so we buy our tickets elsewhere and just link them to our magic bands.
    I think we've stayed in a Grand Villa 4 or 5 times, while we had a 2 bedroom + studio or just a 2 bedroom depending on how many of us went the other times.
    My parents have used their points to stay at or to let family members stay at Saratoga Springs, Hilton Head and Vero Beach at least 7 or 8 times, too.
    They also used their points to set up my brother's honeymoon at Aulani in Hawaii and have done the concierge collection a few times as well.
    Most recently they were able to use their points to stay at one of the hotels in Tokyo Disney when they came to visit me in Japan.
    Depending on where you want to stay, when you are going, and what kind of room you are willing to stay, you can often still exchange your points closer to the day of your trip and get a room somewhere (so long as it isn't the busy season), but getting a villa or into one of nicer resorts does usually require booking right at that 11 month mark.

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