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Caller: Should I Talk Politics at Thanksgiving?

Caller: Should I Talk Politics at Thanksgiving?

Let’s go next to our caller from the two eight
one area code. Who’s calling today from two eight one okay. Hello? Yes, that’s you. Who’s this? Oh, hi. This is Raja. I’m from Texas to be specific. Uh, yeah, I’ve got two questions. I’ve been a member for two years now. So keep, keep fighting. Good. Um, the first question is, is it worth bringing
up the democratic primary during our Thanksgiving holidays because that’s our role and stuff. Cause I mean like it and the thing that I
really want to, cause you know, I really only ha had a chance to look at the most recent
climate report from the ICC that they released last year and it’s just so alarming what’s
going to happen, you know, even with the warming that we’re already projected to have that,
you know, for me it seems like any, anytime like there’s only two candidates in my mind
that are even legitimately addressing climate change or the urgency and maybe only one,
arguably we want to think about Bernie’s plan. Um, and so I don’t know, like most of my family
are well off suburban, I guess, you know, elite liberals or whatever. Not really just upper middle income, but I
don’t think they don’t have the same urgency that I do when it comes to this election. So that was going to be my question. My first question was going to be, are you
thinking about bringing up the democratic primary to Republicans or to people on the
left who simply may or may not have decided or maybe going the wrong way in the primary? I, if you’re talking here about, yeah, yeah. If you’re talking about a liberal leaning
family, I probably would bring up that, well, what state is this in, by the way? Uh, Texas, but uh, suburbs of Austin actually. Okay. So yeah, I didn’t know if you were traveling
for Thanksgiving or if it’s happening there. Here I would bring it up. I mean, you know, you want to bring it up
in a way that reflects the degree to which you’re willing to make people uncomfortable
or to start arguments. And it’s totally reasonable not to want to
do that at Thanksgiving. But I would bring it up and I would gauge
w who are people voting for in Texas is an important state in terms of delegates in the
democratic primary. So yes, I would bring it up. But you know, don’t, you don’t necessarily
need to be accusatory or attacking people, but you can simply ask questions like if it,
you know, do you care? They say I’m voting for Biden or whatever. Okay, well are you concerned about the situation
with the climate? If they say yes, then you say, Oh, what is
it that Biden plans to do? And then hopefully they will then realize,
Oh actually I don’t know if Biden’s planning to do anything. Did you see what Bernie’s plan is on this? And maybe you can stimulate some thought in
that way. Well, well that’s the problem I think for
people that are generally doing okay in life, the moment that you say I’m with Bernie, you
know, I, cause I’m, I’m younger than all of them. Right? They’re all older, educated professionals,
have jobs, all that stuff. I’m, I’m still in college. Um, so the problem ends up becoming that,
Oh, I’m with Bernie. Well you’re an extremist. You know, like, you know, like you automatically
get put into like, you get boxed in and your arguments are sort of brushed off just because
you’re labeled, right. Rather than, you know, taking a objective
look at the issue and trying to understand what is the most, you know, actual tasks that
we need to take. Well, listen, if you’re called an ex, you
can’t go point counterpoint on everything, but if you’re called an extremist for supporting
Bernie, I would encourage you to say, uh, are are Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway. You know what, I give the full list. Are those countries extreme? Because Bernie is not advocating for anything
more extreme than that. Listen, I wish you good luck and hope. I hope you don’t make any, any enemies at
Thanksgiving. Yeah. Thank you so much. I do have a second question though. Um, w part of the problem I think with arguing
for Bernie is people don’t perceive him to be as electable, quote, unquote, which is
honestly to me, the, just a completely speculative concept of electability. But, um, but I do have a doubt in my mind
about, let’s say Bernie were to win the nomination. The only thing that I think I see stopping
him is all the special interests will line up and just pour mountains of money into the
election. Um, because he’s such a fundamental threat
to the way things are. Do you see that as a possibility that he may
lose the election just viewed a special interest? Um, you know, pouring all their money into
the election cycle? It’s certainly possible, but I think it’s
just as likely or almost just as likely to happen with Elizabeth Warren and I see them
as really the front runner, progressive contenders. So, you know, unless you’re saying, let’s
just go with Biden because the special interests will be less against him. If we want a progressive that will, that money
will come out against Bernie. That money will also come out against Elizabeth
Warren. So I think we’re just going to have to fight
that and beat it is the only way around it. Listen, I appreciate the call I’ve got to
run because I’ve got a bunch of people that want to get in here. Before we go on Thanksgiving break,

Reader Comments

  1. tRUMP is cow tied by PAC money?! He has officially spent the most taxpayer money than any other President in US History. AND, has already spent 90% of Obama’s 2-term deficit spent in less then tRUMPs 1-term presidency. What does that tell us?! At this rate tRUMP will have spent $4.7 Trillion by year 2020!! Hence, rendering the biggest deficit of any President in USA history!!!

  2. No you shouldn't. Holidays are for having fun with your friends and family, not converting them to your worldview. All you'll do is cause division amongst your family.

  3. I thank America for the comedy they give us…Best reality tv show EVER….Maybe build some schools rather than walls..The world knows you need them.

  4. Biden and Buttigieg; two arrogant snubs with absolutely no inclination as to what women and or American voters truly want!! AND, are both being cow towed by special interests!!!

  5. I hear ya kiddo, my 91yr old Greek Dem step-mother called this 61yo anglo progressive Dem a socialist nut wannabe communist for supporting Bernie. Couldn't get a word in edgewise. Good luck.

  6. David's not only two days behind on every major story, he's also two days behind on major holidays. Thanks, Dave, I'll keep all this stuff in mind for, uh, next year I guess…

  7. Too late we talked politics and it went all wrong now I'm getting a divorce from my wife and parents thanks a few days earlier next year pls

  8. I don’t discuss up politics at Thanksgiving. If a right wing lunatic Trump supporter brings up politics I will engage them. Luckily my family doesn’t support republicans or Trump.

  9. Why wouldnt you?
    The trick is to get super drunk, like blackout drunk, bring a gun or brass knuckles and then talk politics as aggressively as possible.
    You cant beat that Thanksgiving.

  10. 3:13 Bernie is advocating for policies that are further left than those in Scandinavia. The Norwegian Labour Party (centre left), has no problem with billionaires existing, that is very different from what Bernie finds expectable. That is just one example, a example that shows how the core values of the centre left in Scandinavia and the core values of Bernie Sanders are quite different. (He obviously isn’t a extremist though)

  11. If your family is politically savy you may not want to bring up politics cause your Ego might be put in check if they give you a hard reality check and only you'll be miserable at the table.

  12. They should have threw that turkey on Trump he look like he was about to cry because seen as fat ass go running and his comb-over go 3 miles up in the air

  13. I'm avoiding the subject of politics at all costs. I love some Trump supporters and feel they are deranged so I will avoid the topic.

  14. Lmao – i have not even watched this video yet but going by the title -I would say HELL NO! 😄😄😄 keep politics and other possibly inflammatory topics away from loving family holidays, there are so many other days we can debate/argue/fight. Besides a lot of times there are children around – dont ruin it for them and the people that are there for pleasure and joy.

  15. NOPE!! Thank god my family is all Buffalo Bills fans, so that was the hot topic and pretty much only one going on Thursday lol.

  16. my aunt mispronounced 'Dominican Republic' at the dinner table while trying to tell a story about her friend's vacation there and the whole table flipped out thinking she said "Democratic Republican" sooo yeeeah

  17. I am thankful to have a family that does not need to talk about politics to have a good time. Call me a hippie here many more important things in life than politics.

  18. personally i love arguing w right wing relatives we went at it for hours straight this thxgiving idt anybody got tired lol it’s all love i kinda hate the narrative of dreading holidays bc of difference in opinion it’s ur fucking fam bro chill

  19. This guy says only one candidate is talking about climate change, and then says it's Bernie. What an ignorant fool. The only way you could think that is if you only listen to Bernie and know absolutely nothing about the other candidates, all of which talk about climate change and have policies to address it. In fact, one of the candidates is running entirely on climate change as his #1 priority and main issue, and it's definitely not Bernie.

    While I like Bernie, it's fair to say that his biggest supporters are the most ignorant of all supporters.

  20. I have an aunt who’s a retired boomer, affluent white liberal with a pension who’s a staunch feminist and supports Warren…supported Clinton. I’m a millennial who supports Sanders. Our debates generally lead to her dismissing him as “too far left” and “radical” for the party to get behind, but she’s also totally unaware of the fact Warren’s knee deep in the corporate donor money she denounces and admits that she only watches MSNBC to keep her informed. It’s a new generation of politics, the people are privy to the fact our corporate, establishment government has been serving up softball lies for the past 40 years and in lieu of the average politician, what we really want is a populist who speaks for the people.

  21. It's cute that people still want to do something about climate change but the feedback loops have already started. NASA and The Pentagon both view climate change as a near to medium term existential threat to humanity. It's too late in other words, the world is already over as far as human life. According to scientists.

  22. I Will Never Be Distracted.
    I am still waiting for HIS Tax Returns, an unredacted Mueller Report, a deal with CHINA 🇨🇳, an enforcement of the Emoluments clause, Universal Background Checks for ALL gun sales, Federal Legalization of Marijuana and a possible solution to the Opiod Crisis, Humane Treatment of Asylum Seekers, Permanent Resident Status for ALL in the Dreamers Act, (A Republican Plan for Government Universal Healthcare & Climate Change 🤭🤣😂)… Sorry the Republican Joke was just sitting there. THEY don't have any plans for stuff like the health of the people or the planet! #JustSayin' 🙄
    I'm NOT distracted by the current administration's inability to be truthful about anything at all.
    -No Quid Pro Quo-
    Si Quid Pro Quo
    •On audio, video & in writing✓

  23. I don't say anything unless it is brought up. Somebody says Trump is honest and I mention the website that counts his lies.

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