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Can you fit Thanksgiving dinner on one grill?

Can you fit Thanksgiving dinner on one grill?

The holidays are almost here and oven
space is often at a premium. I’m going to show you how to get an entire
Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner into one smoker. If you’re trying to get a
second oven a smoker is a great way to be able to do it or your gas grill helps
you get a little bit more stuff done in the same amount of time. I’m gonna show
you exactly how I did it. The first thing that you’re gonna need is a plan.
I created a gantt chart. That way I knew exactly where each thing should be on
the cooker and when. That makes it a lot easier to give an update when people are
hungry and wondering when dinner is. If you’re going ahead of schedule or behind
will at least have an idea when everything will be done. The purpose of
that plan is to avoid any missteps. You are only one mistake away from making it a
very memorable Thanksgiving. A couple of them and I remember is when grandma
handed grandpa the powdered sugar instead of the cornstarch. He ended up making
turkey syrup instead of turkey gravy. The second one involved a grease fire in the
oven and someone ran for the fire extinguisher. They were about ready to set
the thing off when grandma reached in through the flames pulled out the turkey
and saved Christmas dinner. So be careful and make sure that those aren’t the
memories that you keep. To prep the turkey I dry brined it by covering the
salt and put it in the fridge overnight. This helps dry out the skin so it gets
crispy. I also toss the giblets, neck, and wing
tips into a pot and kept it just under a simmer to make the gravy. This method is
way easier than hoping you get enough drippings from your turkey to make it
later. When it was time to cook it I coated the outside of the bird with oil
and then a healthy seasoning of pepper. I don’t usually cook a turkey whole like
this instead I’ll break it up into parts; that way it’ll cook faster and each
piece comes off when it’s perfectly done. I put it on the pellet grill at 350
degrees to get just a kiss of smoke. No Thanksgiving is complete without pumpkin
pie. Just be sure you start with a pie pumpkin fresh is way more work than canned
but you get a much better result. Removing the seeds is a big chore which
is one of the reasons why I prefer sweet potato pie, and I’ll include a link to
that recipe and a few others at the end. Baking the pumpkin is pretty easy just
coat it with oil and wrap in foil, then put it in the grill next to the turkey for
about an hour until it’s soft. I grew up with
and canned cranberry sauce, you know the kind with the ridges. This recipe changed
my mind about homemade. It requires caramelizing the sugar which adds a huge
depth of flavor. Fresh cranberries have natural pectin which thicken up the
sauce into what you know and. I’ll include a link to this easy recipe at
the end too. I like to add a cornucopia of colors with apples, pears, and oranges,
which all get stained red by the cranberries. This recipe got the
attention of some wasps and I had to be careful where I put my hands when I was
working with the camera. Green beans can be pretty sad by
themselves, but everything is better with bacon. And just in case you thought this
is a health food channel this is the lean mean grilling machine and precisely
the reason why I cook bacon outside. I prefer the results over pan-fried any
day. Another tip: if you can make it in advance make sure you do it beforehand.
Those pies and the cranberry sauce can be made the day before or the morning of.
That way everything’s cleared out and you’re not worried about it when you’re
getting ready for the turkey. In fact the cranberry sauce actually benefits
from sitting in the fridge because those flavors get to know each other a little
better and it’s gonna taste better if you make it a day in advance anyway.
Don’t forget to communicate with and involve others and don’t assume that
someone else is making the pie or the sides, or you might get impatient and
tell them to hurry or you won’t make the project milestone on time. I can tell you
from experience that that is a really bad idea you may end up with no pie at
all! You have to understand that Mrs. GTE is the queen of pies. My first
Thanksgiving with her family involves staying up until 1:00 in the morning,
making sure everyone had their favorite pie and that we reached the
all-important quota of a half a pie per person. With that kind of practice I’d be
a fool for trying to make it myself when I could enjoy her work of art instead. If
you’re using pumpkin instead a sweet potato you’re going to want to double the
ginger and the cinnamon and bake it at 350 instead of 400 but everything else
is the exact same. Whipping the egg whites is a bit of a chore but it gives
a lighter texture, and with that the only thing left to do is to put it into the
crust and throw it on the grill. At this point I
should have put the potatoes on to get ready for the mashed potatoes, but I
forgot. and ended up boiling them instead. At 350
degrees F I was cooking the turkey was too cool for the rolls and Mrs. GTE
browned them in the oven when I wasn’t looking.
Always have a wireless thermometer on your turkey so you don’t overcook it
and you don’t have to check it all the time. This will reduce the stress. The turkey
came out awesome and super juicy. Here’s why I preferred to part out the
turkey instead of cooking it whole. Most people are gonna carve it up and put it
on a platter before they put it on the table anyway. It’s gonna look the
same either way. Despite my forgetfulness we still got
everything hot and on the table at the same time, which was a win in my book. We got all our favorites and if you want to check out these recipes closer take a
look at my holiday playlist!

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  1. There is a lot of room in the Pellet smokers. Pumpkin pie is my #1 all time favorite. I only make it fresh. Very nice feel good video.

  2. It all looks great bro. Really like the simplicity of the turkey. I hope you and your family have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. We were discussing the thanksgiving turkey and other dishes, your plan came right on time, we decided to make it your way, simple and very moist, also the gravy, bacon and Mrs GTE delicious pumpkin pie👍❤️🤗thanks Ryan 🙏🌸 wish you and your family a blessed thanksgiving 🤗🌹🌹

  4. Nice job! And the most important step is to make the plan.

    I just start up more kettles when I need the grill space. Last year I had five going, much easier than in a kitchen.

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