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Capita Springbreak Twin 2018 – Review – BretterBox TV

Capita Springbreak Twin 2018 – Review – BretterBox TV

Allo, Alouu, Hola que tal Hey there guys, this is misterski.tv again today in Schöneben, Aaustria with perfect conditions I got the honor to test the brand ne Capita Springbreak Twin since one season it is on the market really nice board the springbreak boards are designed by capita and the creators got really crazy with this shapes bla bla bla bla ….. they started with making freeride shapes and now the got a twin shape with the specific springbreak design the boards are featured in many video parts special abput the springbreak twin is the tip and tail design which is really cool on top you have the nice looking model and the base is really clean we like the design the shape itself is special because you have an asymmetrical edge design that means the heelside and toes side have a different radius ->the heelside is more aggressive you can find Capita’s Deathgrip technology which offers one more contact point in the middle of the board to sum it al up, with it’s special shape the board is meant to be awesome in carving furthermore, with it’s two carbon stringers it is meant to be very snappy and now i am really interested in how this board rides the flex is about 6/10 and capita says that it is for the progressive park rider who likes to carve now enough about stats and words on paper, let’s take this bad boy out for a spin DAB awesome board! Capita did a really great job on this one in all it is a perfect board for it’s description i would say the flex is about 6.5 or 7/10, so a little bit stiffer than Capita says the edge hold is superb, the Deathgrip an asymmetric design work really nice If you are the guy that likes carving at highspeeds, it is a perfect choice the conditions don’t matter, cause it works awesome on groomers, hard pack, or even in slush once you’ve locked into a radius it holds the edge really nice the flex is really snappy, it has a really direct and lively feeling to it it is also a good board for the progressive funpark rider who likes special shapes i rode it with the FLUX XF and can not recommend this binding more, it is awesome! in comparison with the DOA, these boards have very similar specs on the paper, but they are very different rides the Springbreak Twin is more for the rider who likes a very hard and direct board feel and who spends more time on groomers the DOA rider likes a smoother board feel and spends a little more time in the park, like 50% however, the DOA works as good in carving as the Springbreak, just with a less direct feeling, which some riders will like more to sum it all up:
Springbreak: direct board feel, awesome carving, 30% park, 70% groomers and hard pack – that is where the board really shines DOA: smooth board feel, perfect for carving too, 50% piste/park, shines in every condition

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  1. Super Video 👍 ! Ich bin aktuell auch schon am schauen was der Markt so an neuen Brettern hergibt und Capita DOA war eigentlich mein Favorit . Aber nach diesem Video 🤔 bin ich mir nicht mehr so sicher. Da muss ich wohl beide mal ausprobieren.

  2. Hello, I'm fall in love to the this board and i would like to buy it, i'm 167cm and 65kg,i m using 8,5 (41,5) shoe, 152cm SB Twin is fit for me ? I'm beginner – improving rider. Looking forward for your response.

  3. Hey bro, you r crazy! nice video! Im 182cm and 75kg, boots size 9,5 (42,5)! should i buy 154 or 156 and why?

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