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  1. I got a kick out of watching this, the tense ending reminded me of the Apollo 11 landing. But I did think you should have flown in Atti mode, you would have got there a lot quicker. Anyhow congrats!

  2. Still the best long range drone landing iv ever seen on you tube.nothing beats this vid as of today.fair balls to the man.

  3. object obstruction is a big thing for me to consider when buying a drone. Can you please go over a mountain and behind for at least 1/2 mile or go from couple of houses away and land on ground? a / b

  4. I am late to the party, but I have to say THAT – WAS – EPIC ! Really couldn't imagine I'd watch it from start to finish, but I was gripped! Glad you made it, well done, and thanks for the philosophical advice at the end.

  5. Cool action man, if i do this in Germany the German Millitary Aircraft probably  shoot my Drone down if i got no Permission Papers. 😉

  6. It was awesome to see you succeed at that distance, as I have been wondering if I could do the same, flying from the mountain range to my house almost 8km away. Congratulations on a successful mission.

  7. Dude you inspired me now I know it is possible gotta try this with Mavic Air. one thing to note is I would make sure you fly in 4.8 ghz rather then 2.4ghz because I've heard it's great when you have to with many other frequencies jabbering around and also DJI says that 780p is better for long flights like that I noticed you where in 4k video transmission so that's to note as well all in great flight bro I'm still amazed. Congrats bro "The Eagle Has Landed"

  8. Great flyin but abit risky. If you lost signal or battery power and it dropped out of the sky on someone's head could of been catestrophic..

  9. I think you don't need especially HD video back. You can use directly the maps , it is quite precise in case the HD video transmission is off. But honstly to land on your little terasse is quite crazy…

  10. Great video, great drone what a feat ! Way better than i would expect ,the distance the terrain a challenge for any drone ! Your height gave you a clear shot for the signal . In truth who would take that chance with a thousand dollar drone . The video quality is true HD not like others that have vibration , stabilization issues . Your camera gimbal makes a great difference allowing you to change camera position remotely also the phone app view is a good reason to put money on a drone like this. Because of cost get a good low cost drone to learn then move up to this.

  11. Only just seen this, you are a great pilot with Balls of steel, well done young man. Only took me 3 years to find this, but it was really worth it.

  12. The atmosphere can't influence the signal at all. And the moisture is also not a factor. There is also no reason why the signal should be better lower down, but al I can think of is if there were a tower somewhere far away of wich the radiation passes over the mountains and cause interference and lower down the mountains block the signal. But that also doesn't really explain it. Because it's not where the drone is, it's where you are that influences the return, fpv signal. But wow. It was great.

  13. You know that the maximum distance that you can fly the drone is 500 meters in Spain?Why not look at the regulations of each country before doing something illegal?

  14. For mobile users
    Introduction: 0:00
    Launching: 2:12
    Point of no return: 10:15
    Signal losses: 11:32
    Landing (but where?): 18:38
    epilogue: 20:59
    aftermath: 23:07

  15. This is incredible man! It really requires perfect piloting skills to achieve this.. I watched this 2 years ago and still continues to amaze me.

  16. You flew over other people's houses and vehicles with no vlos- loss of signal could have put your 1.3kg drone on someone's head . Other than an ego trip, what is the benefit from a high risk stunt like this?

  17. That was risky as shit especially the landing you were losing signal over a busy rd luckily u got signal back but most of the time you wont and it wouldnt have ended so nicely

  18. Dude, that was an epic flight. Congratulations!
    Do you think maybe you should have put the umbrella down first, the umbrella that was on the terrace?
    I just watched a bunch of drone crash videos first, this made my day!

  19. What settings do you use to be able to fly so far. I'm barely able to go two blocks over before I lose signal. Are you in sports mode?

  20. I know it’s an old video but if you haven’t yet read up on how radio waves travel, propagation etc. I can’t believe they you were sitting all time and actually made it. DJI is amazing but you certainly didn’t help here. ‘Flying lower helps’ – man it does not. You were so lucky and the gear is better than expected.

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