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Christmas Vacation Squirrel scene

Christmas Vacation Squirrel scene

what's that sound do you hear it it's a funny squeaky sound you couldn't hear a dump truck driving through a nitroglycerin flash I heard two anymore mom don't move I can't let it get out of the living room where's Eddie he usually eats these goddamn things Oh not recently Clark II read the squirrels were high in cholesterol Thank You Katherine I'll try and trap it Russ

Reader Comments

  1. "Where's Eddie? He usually eats these goddamn things!""Oh, not recently, Clark. He found out that squirrels were high in cholesterol."

  2. I'm surprised his first tree didn't have any animals living it, considering he got from the middle of the woods. 

  3. I just put up a real Christmas tree and a friend asked if there were any squirrels in it…now don't you know I"m scared to look in the tree now.

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