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Chuseok Holiday – Korean Thanksgiving 추석 (자막 CC)

Chuseok Holiday – Korean Thanksgiving 추석 (자막 CC)

hello guys so I’m going to grandfather’s house right now unfortunately Sarah and my mom are sick right now they got a cold that’s like 7 a.m. hopefully I can get there before 12:00 or something yep and has already started I’m driving speed of 20 kilometers per hour you hello guys I finally got back and I was the last one actually I already came it took like about five hours help this is cold honey my cousin came to graveyard I say goodbye to everyone and it’s time to leave so first I’m probably gonna go to my mom’s and drop all the food that I just got oh gosh look at the traffic oh gosh gosh hello guys finally I got home it’s 9 p.m. so I guess it took about five hours back is aging anyway gonna go in well look at the size of these grapes Hugo’s mom gave them to us Thank You soccer fruit yeah one of our cousins actually gave us these are just monsters I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to eat the full grape until I came to Korea Koreans like suck the middle part of the grape out and they throw the skin away yeah we just peel it and just even take long to joy so I’ve stopped eating grape skins you can do that I just don’t like the skin because it’s rough it’s very tough Oh mom I guess that’s try from someone who’s only eating a grape center for his whole life I guess I’ve gotten used to keep you’re feeding them onto this bridge I just kind of hang out here waiting Oh guys finally I’m back in Seoul we didn’t we had it all plans like qo and me and his mom we’re all gonna go to this man paws house for like Chuseok and his mom got really really sick lately lost her voice and then I felt like I was getting really sick and I had terrible allergy symptoms which I still have now yeah that’s why I actually had to tell her just don’t come cuz you’re gonna spread your cold right are germs yeah so his mom and I ended up staying home and just kind of resting and Cooper went alone so I feel really bad that’s okay I had fun I’ve been eating all this good meal and yeah that’s why I came this must wait for extra cakes yeah we came to young did chance to come Jane River which probably wasn’t a smart idea for me because my allergies are the worst yeah it’s really I can barely open my eyes because they’re so dry to let their sand in there please give me like any allergy tips for those of you who live in Korea who suffer from fall allergies worst it’s ever been for me and I just don’t even know what to do to deal with this really sucks that’s a really big wasp over there anyway anyway we’ll see you guys next week yeah glorious crunchers ball is coming balance crunch yeah you

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  1. Hi guys! Sorry this video was a little late! Chuseok fell on a Sunday this year, so we couldn't upload on our usual schedule ^^

    이번 영상은 추석때문에 늦어졌지만 기다려주셔서 감사합니다!!!

  2. Take a lot of VItamin C for allergies, and I mean at least 5 to 6 grams a day. Stoneroot (also called Collinsonia) is great for upper respiratory relief from clogged sinuses. Just build up your immune system to stay healthy. The skins of the grapes is where all the antioxidants are, btw, Reversatrol, etc. But they are so big, just as Kyuho said, they are probably tough to eat.

  3. I think I remember that Korean grapes had thicker, chewier skin than American grapes. American grapes have paper-thin skin

  4. Urgh, I already saw this way of eating grapes and it always makes me think of horror movies in which an alien is sucking the brain out, bljak.

    Sarah, I hope you feel better soon, unfortunately I don't have any tips for allergies, as I don't have them. But as for Vitamin C, mentioned by Patricia, drink seabuckthornor acerola nfc juice thinned with water (cz it's damn sour).

  5. Wow I've never seen anyone eat grapes like that! I live near wine country here in SoCal and our grapes are quite small and not as hardy. 😛

    Drink/eat lots of vitamin C, Sarah! Hope you feel better. 😀

  6. For allergies. If it's too bad you should have take pills. Try to drink more water . But it's really so bad you should go to doctor.

  7. 봄철 꽃가루 알러지는 많이 들어봤는데,,, 글쎄요. 의사와 상담하세요.^^
    한국은 의료보험만 있으면 의료비가 싼 게 장점이니까 한국 병원과 관련해서 영상만들어도 좋겠네요.

  8. 알러지는 우선 병원내과에 가서 항히스타민제를 처방받아 복용하시면 한층 나아지실거에요~

  9. I just got to seoul last week and my allergies are pretty bad too~ have you tried doing a sinus rinse? It's like a netipot! And I love crunchy leaves!!!! So satisfying 😁🍂🍂🍂🍁🍁🍁

  10. We don't have anything like this in China it's really interesting, I would like to visit my great grandparents grave but I never have

  11. me and my boyfriend decided not to go to his hometown because it wouldve been 7+ hours with traffic. sadly no chuseok food for us… :(((

  12. Try local, raw, unpasteurized organic honey for the allergies. Supposedly, the bees carry trace amounts of pollen, and you naturally build up your immunity.

  13. 알러지에는 약먹고 쉬는게 최고죠 허러 정뭐 하시면 어머님이랑 세라님이랑 손잡고 한의원가서 침 맞아보고 약 한첩 지으러 가 보시는게 어떠실런지요 헣헣

  14. Korean grapes are different than the grapes in n. America. they have thicker looser skins akin to a wine grape. the ones in America are things skinned grapes and you are supposed to eat the skins on those.

  15. 안녕하세요. 유투브 비디오 재밌게 잘 보고 있습니다! 저도 서울에 살고 여자친구가 영어 가르치는 친구라 느끼는게 많네요. 저는 여자친구가 요리 하는걸 좋아해서 유투브로 외국인 만드는 한국요리란 테마로 비디오 찍어볼까 합니다. 혹시 찰영때 사용하시는지 카메라나 아님 영상 장비가 어떤건지 여쭤봐도 될까요?? 아 그리고 두분 정말 보기 좋으세요^^

  16. thank you for the video's I really find it interesting and helpful because I'm going through similar situation but still didn't get married yet. I hope there will be a video where you both talk about parents reaction to dating foreigner and telling them you will get married. I also would like to know about where do you guys see yourselves in the future like where you will live and where the children will be born and how do you plan their education. Thank you !

  17. I had the autumn allergy as well. But it got better. I' not sure what helped, but i did drink tons of honey-ginger tea and vitamin c. It seemed to do it's job. I hope you'll get better soon 😀

  18. 재미있게 보고 있어요..알레르기의 원인은 피가 탁해져서 그런거라고 하더군요..세라씨는 (소양인체질인듯:배가 최고의 과일임..일설에는 산심보다 더 효능이 좋다고 알려져 있음)제가 아는 민간요법으로는..

    1.시골의 민물올갱이를 구해서 시골된장과 부추를 넣고 끊인 된장국으로 식사때마다 자주 드세요. 해장뿐만아니라 몸해독에도 뛰어나다고 알려져 있음.

    2.생강:감초:대추=1:1:2의 비율로 큰 주전자에 끊여서 물대용으로 드세요..

    3.황태국 (기계로 말린것 말고..가능한한 바닷바람에 건조시킨것)을 자주 드세요..<—이것은 내가 효과를 보았음

    이상은 돈이 별로 안들고 식사로도 가능해서 비용이 많이 안듬..

    4.유황오리!!제가 체험해보지 않았지만…몸해독에 최고라고 알려져 있습니다.구하는 방법이랑 조리법은 죽염파는 업체(추천하고 싶은 곳이 있지만, 오해할까봐 하지않겠읍니다)다만,가급적 인지도 있는곳에 문의해서 보세요..

  19. I love you guys.. . today is the 1st time I am watching your youtube and I loved every videos I have watched in this 3 hours. .. fan at first sight ♥♥♥ =)

  20. 늦은답글이지만^^
    두분 넘 이쁘시고 보기좋답니다~
    세라의 미소와 따뜻한 규호남편님의 일상~~소소한 재미네요. 시골정경까지 편안하게 잘봤습니당

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