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COLLEGE Day In My Life | pre-spring break productivity, studying for midterms, and getting fit!

COLLEGE Day In My Life | pre-spring break productivity, studying for midterms, and getting fit!

good morning everyone welcome back into their video if you're new my name is Megan I'm a freshman studying nursing at ASU Zana State University and today is Tuesday the 26th it's like 8:45 I actually got the door thing because I have a busy day I've got nutrition at 9 o'clock and then anatomy at 10:30 and then right after that I've got a work event that after you go to which will get me to 12:45 and then at 4 o'clock or 450th a 4 o'clock I have office hours for my lab because we have midterms this week so I have a mid-term tomorrow Wednesday so I need to go to office hours and then I've got cycle right after that at 5:00 and then my ex recycle I've got a study group at 6:00 so this video today but I'm gonna get going out the door right now my bed is unmade it um but I'm in a rush so I got it going and I will take you along today all right from my outfit today I've got this I'm sure it's from francese was it the long sleeve um I guess that's like on the side and there's some like sparkles thread it in there and then jeans are just my black magneto jeans and I have them rolled up a little bit um white converse or she news and I look tanda than usual because I tried out this new tanning thing which I'm like of it especially with the white on the bottom not really in this video but in presents a lot tanner so that's good because it's spring break or we move from soon break so you just start looking up more tan than my usual pale cells it is currently 12:40 I just got back from all day of thanks essentially I had nutrition 9 and then bio from 10:30 until I was kind of upset because I usually just like that one we check it out like 11:15 even though my schedule to go until 11:45 but it feels II don't have class on Thursday so I understand but also I was frustrated because I had somewhere to be but I went to the dining hall after with a friend and ran out on my meal plan so that was exciting but it renews tomorrow's that's fine and then went to work we did tabling where we handed out a doughnut on the sidewalk so I lasted cricket done it was for Black History Month and then here we are now so I baked tonight I'm gonna change my bed a little bit cuz my study group starts at 5 and I was gonna virtually gonna side by 5 and then gonna stick up at 6 but I think what I'm gonna do now is go to the gym Oh personal gym in a few hours and then go to a study group at 5 and speaking of yesterday I was a little gym and I did a ton of squats and lunges on top of reading weight and my legs hurt so badly doesn't writing like getting up like I'm bed hurt so much and walking around really painful but that just means that it worked so it's okay so that's my plan I probably I'm going to study or do some homework in the meantime and I'm gonna study before I go to the study group just some that I'm familiar with material a little bit more so that is the plan so it is like three o'clock I think right now and be like 3:30 epilator I'm gonna head to the gym I'm mad bones and my water and I'm all dressed so I'm gonna go to the little personal gym and run and then do some leg exercises again once again my legs are very sore from yesterday so I don't know how much ever you do see ya and then after that I'll go to the study group I really study that much in the time between classes and now just cuz I find studying so difficult if anyone else can relate to that let me know because I cannot study like ahead of time I don't know why but I don't have the urgency to study ahead of time so I don't I'm Marvis study last minute Ted burthen and I usually do fine on my exam and such especially cuz I study like or like I don't study but like I know the material well enough it like I if I study it last minute I'm not like I just advantage but also I think I should be studying more so I don't know but I'm Jacob the gym anyways and for grass thing even more and then probably come back and clean the room a little bit I don't want to clean too much because I want to deep clean before I leave for spring break on Friday so I don't know how much cleaning I'll do today but I do want to clean a little bit so that's the plan and a little bit of an update for you ready Jim I just have my sports bra from make sure if your pink it's like crosses in the front and stuff and then this shirt it's a workout top that I got off of Amazon and I'll show you the box maybe it's like cut open which I like and it also ties in the back at the bottom so you can kind of tie it up and then I have these black high-waisted wonder under leggings from the lemon and then Nikes per usual because they're the only workout shoes that I don't so that's why they were [Applause] so it's currently 8 o'clock I got back obviously I ate chick-fil-a I had a salad and then avocado right interesting per usual and I hear shower soft and um and it's I think great name but I use the Australian Gold gradual tanning lotion because I'm pale obviously and why not so I did that and I probably when I head to bed really soon because I'm really tired I spent like an hour and a half at the gym which is not usual for me especially if I'm there like on my own usually I'll go to a fitness class for an hour and then when I go on my own espheni minutes ornament ok I'm done but I spent a lot of time there so I'm quite tired um I didn't get that much studying in and yeah I went to the study group earlier as well and I like study groups because you get to like sit down and you're kind of forced to study but also half the time I feel like I'm not studying what I need to study it that makes any sense like I feel like sometimes like the things that I need to study and work on and say things that other people need to work on so I think it's not necessarily that productive sometimes so I feel like I didn't get that much out of my study group tonight but I'm gonna wake up early tomorrow and study I know pretty much where everything is I just need to go over all the details like reading because how it works is we have to know obviously where things are located in the body like what Fame they located where arteries coronary arteries endocrine glands and what they secrete but it is also a ton of reading too in terms of like you know doneness a physiology related but there's just a lot of words to read so I need to do all that because I know everything is ice need to read and then I should be good but I have my practical tomorrow which is like on midterm but I'm not that worried about cuz I have taken a few before but I don't know as much as I probably need to anyways sorry for the rant essentially I'm gonna be calling it a night I'm super tired and yeah so if you liked this video make sure you give it a thumbs up down below and subscribe as well for more um I think that you'd be a little bit more in-depth or like I definitely do more clips but that was just how I worked out because of all the studying that I had to do but yeah I will see you guys in the next video thank you for watching

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