Celebrating the Spring Holidays

Create your own Holiday Wreath with Nicolai

Hello everyone. It’s Nicolai again. It’s the holiday season. And there’s so many exciting holidays coming up around the world. Today we’re gonna focus on a wreath. Let’s get started. (upbeat music) I have prepared some different materials for this wreath that we’re going to make. What’s specific about all the materials is that they dry very nicely. So I have picked up a lot of
brunia, some leucadendron, a lot of different berries,
rose hips and so forth. I made the base of the
wreath of a soft cypress. This is used a lot for
the holiday seasons. I build it on a sponge wreath. And it’s sort of decorated
with green all the way around. So we’re having all these
exciting leucadendron. There’s some eucalyptus, seed pods, there’s so many really
really exciting stuff. So what’s really cool
about all these materials is that they dry really
really beautifully. So first I’m gonna sort of
lay the base of the wreath. I’m gonna do that with this rose hip. So I’m basically gonna
go the same direction all the way around with the same material. Here I have done the first circle of materials, the rose hip. It sort of nicely divide
it all over the wreath. There’s a really nice
aroma starting to come up from the soft cypress here. So this is the first layer. We’re gonna go into the different brunias. This season around is very special for me, I used to make a lot of these even before I was interested in flowers. My mother was always working
with Christmas wreaths up through the holiday season. And I was very often
helping, making ribbon, or eventually when I was a teenager, making a lot of Christmas wreath and Christmas arrangements myself. Before I sort of knew
that I wanted to become working with flowers, so there’s a lot of nostalgic moments for me. (chill music) So I think that now we have the brunias in the wreath, the rose
hip, and now I’m gonna continue sort of in the
same different materials. I like, this is what I
call a decorative wreath. Decorative means that if
you would cut it in half that is more or less the same materials lined up on each side of there. So basically the same volume of materials is divided out throughout the wreaths. The reason why I do not
use water on the base that these materials open up really nicely when there is no water. They sort of get like a shock and then they sort of
pop open quite large. So if you don’t have that much experience of making wreaths I often suggest that you work a lot as the clock. So we will have 12:00, 6:00, 3:00, 9:00. And then twist again and
do the same, 12, 6, 3, 9. If you kind of do that
way you get the materials spread evenly throughout the wreath. So lots of movement, and
sort of the constantly the same way your hand move in that way you really will get an amazing balance. Another thing, which is very important, of making a wreath of any kind really is to get a lot of the side of the wreath on the outside as well as on the inside. What this does is give
this very beautiful curve when you are working on the wreath. If you tend to work only on the surface it’ll become very flat. So that 3D effect will not really occur if you don’t use material
here on the inside as well as on the outside. I’m gonna put in a little bit
of sort of longer materials. In this particular wreath I
have chosen all the materials sort of having the same flow. I have three different kind of wires. The lower the number
the thicker the wire is. So this is the thickest, number 20. So here I’m making the small wire, I’m doing a small hook like this. And for that I’m sort of
holding onto the material and then inserting the hook
so when I put the wreath up it won’t fall over. And when I insert the wire as I’m holding sort of the different
materials into the wreath I never go like a straight angle down, I always go a sort of angle
like this or the other way. And that way the material
has more difficult getting sort of loosen up from the arrangement. So the next step before
finishing up the wreath is putting in a lot of dry material. In this bowl here I
have gathered different dry materials for the holiday season. Half of them has been gold painted. And the other ones have natural, like the pine cones and
the dry seedpods here. So I’ll just show you two pine cones here, how I often wire them before I use them in wreath or arrangements. So if you wanna show the top
you go in the bottom here. I use one wire on the very top. I use one wire here on the very back. Insert it in a U over here and then I sort of twist the wire. So basically there’s no
way you can see the wire after you have sort of twisted it within the petals of the pine cone. And then I sort of twist the wire so it becomes like one item like this. And then here I would
sort of cut on the bottom so this is nice and straight. And only one stem will
sort of go into the wreath. Since the wreath is now quite full, there’s a lot of things going on, it can be more difficult with the balance to really find out where you put what. So at this stage I focus a lot on doing it quite systematically. So, for instance, here I
would put in a pine cone at 12:00 here, and then
I would go down at 6:00, you see I put in one here. Then I would go over here at 3:00. (upbeat music) This is the final design. All the fresh materials first
on the fresh cypress wreath. And then all the dry pine cones etc. In the end beautiful smells
and a nice holiday feeling. It’s really fun to watch over
the next couple of months. So I wish you all a happy
holidays and thanks for watching. (upbeat music)

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