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Dollar Tree Vacation Must Have Essential Items

Dollar Tree Vacation Must Have Essential Items

dollar Tree store vacation must have essentials items camping travel cruise beach summer holiday trip hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I’ve been to the Dollar Tree and the focus of my video today is the things that I’ve found that
are great to take on vacations holiday trips cruises whether you’re planning a vacation to a beach
resort lake cottage camping travel you’re flying in an airplane going in your car maybe you’re even
going to stay visit family at someone’s home or camping a lot of these Dollar Tree essential must have items things might be something that you’d like to have for your vacation so I’m going to share them
with you and see if it’s some things that you might like to add to your
shopping list the next time you go to the Dollar Tree vacation travel haul the selection of items you can get at the Dollar Tree that are great for going on vacation travel camping trip fall into all types of categories the first category is bags there are tote bags
makeup bags organizing bags a crossbody bag purse you can even use one of the small makeup bags with a wrist strap for an evening bag purse bag if you’re going to a restaurant or
Club cruise the dollar tree bags come in all different kinds of colors designs you can find a set that
you feel coordinates together that matches your wardrobe your beach towel
your swimsuits and they even have some very fun flip-flops all of these items cost one dollar each so it’s hard to go wrong with the variety of bags and fun items
you can get at the dollar tree whether you are going to the pool going to the beach going to the park
going on an outing and don’t forget if you’re going to stay
with someone pick up a gift bag or two so that you can bring them a nice token
of your thanks they have three packs of mesh laundry bags there are 12 by 17
inches each you can see they have a nice sturdy zipper through a great size and
use them for storing your laundry bathing suits or bath toys they even have one mesh laundry bag that’s a great big size with the drawstring if you’re looking for a nice
handy size for big beach toys use as a dunk sack that you can dip and rinse out before you return
to your car your cottage or your hotel look for the big clothes pins these are
great to use as bocca clips to clip your beach towel to a lounger to help keep it
from blowing away on some types of picnic tables these jumbo clothespins can also be used to clip your tablecloth on and keep it from blowing away look for the jumbo size
ziplock bags they come five in a pack they’re fabulous for your wet bathing
suits dirty laundry sandy shoes the oversized jumbo ziploc bags are a great way to keep
dirty or wet things organized when you’re packing up to head home the
Dollar Tree is a great place to look for extra sunglasses reading glasses and you
can even find this zipper glasses pouch that will hold them and you can clip it on to your
purse or a beach bag I bought a pair of the shoe liners no show socks in the sock section of the dollar tree store I bought the socks before and they hold
up pretty well three for a dollar you can hardly go wrong and the little sock
liners are nice when you want something it isn’t going to show keep your clothes
looking they’re tip-top shape with a lint brush I like mister even at home
even if you don’t want to take one along on your trip because the lint brush have that
velvet it’s not like using tape that then as soon as you get something on it
the surface is used up and you have to tear it off and use another one you can
keep brushing there’s a little arrow on it that’ll show you brush it this way
and that will pick up the lint and then you sweepe it backwards and that
removes the lint off of your velvet lint brush so that it’s ready to perform again
these lint brushes last for years I even keep one in the trunk of my car if I stop
somewhere and maybe the dog or the cat or crumbs have gotten on my clothes on me I can reach into the trunk grab the lint brush sweep this across my clothing and my clothes then will still
look fresh head to the kitchen department for a silicone hot pad these
are wonderful to lay out for say your curling iron your hot iron you can lay
this on the counter it’s not going to burn anything and
then you can fold it around your hot iron hair straightener curling iron when you put it back in your suitcase if it’s
still warm it isn’t going to burn anything I like to pick up small sizes of over the counter pain relievers
medicines that I like when I travel and the one side shows on this day for some
cough medicine allergy medicine ibuprofen and all-day pain reliever
these are the pain relievers medicines ones that I typically use and so they’re an easy way to stock up on a
nice sized bottle that has a nice amount for going away for a week or two at a
time on vacation trip travel I also like the vitamin C drops make
sure you’re getting your vitamin C because it isn’t something that your
bike can store if you want to make sure that you’re having the correct amount of
vitamin C which can help fend off things like colds ensures that you get from
other people when you’re traveling stock up on personal hygiene items you can
find travel sized toothbrushes including the little toothpaste wet wipes Kleenex
feminine hygiene products I always try to take bar soap especially if I’m
staying at someone’s house or cabin you may get there and they may not have soap that like you would find in a hotel or you may find there’s something that you
don’t care to use yardley oatmeal and almond soap is one of my personal favorites
and use it at home and so I’m glad to have it along if I’m on a trip a folding
travel mirror you want to put makeup on you can never get close enough to the mirror the lighting isn’t right and this folding travel mirror allows you to set it so that you can put it on a
table top fold it up stick it in your bag putting on your makeup
their contact lenses or shaving check out Sunscreen sun block I like to get the sunscreen one that’s
a sport is it’s waterproof you can find one that’s designed for
babies I like that it’s easy to put on your face if it doesn’t hurt if it gets
in your eyes pick up a soothing aloe vera gel in case you do get too much Sun
and you get a little bit of burn this stuff goes a long way in soothing and
healing the dermasil lotion from the Dollar Tree is one of my favorite body lotions but these containers of dermasil lotion might be too big of a size for you to pack along in your suitcase look
in the kitchen department for the travel salad dressing they’re a little like
silicone containers with a pop top lid you can remove the lid there’s a nice
big opening to fill it up with whatever contents you want screw on the lid and
these are great if you’re doing just carry on these are a nice size container for travel for going
through TSA with liquids I have long hair and I like to use a turbie twist hair wrap drying towel
I found a microfiber hair wrap at the Dollar Tree it’s only $1 it’s very small
size and it doesn’t take up much room in your suitcase but it can certainly help
if you have long hair helping to get it dry so that you can get going to your
next activity I’ve done a video about how to wrap the turbie twist hair wrap drying towel easily around long
hair there’s several ways you can try it so check out that video if you’re
interested in how to use a turbie twist with long hair heading to mosquito
country I’ve got some off insect towelettes you can put these right into
your bag or your purse what I also found was this skeeter beeter citronella candle mosquito repellent candle
this one candle burns up to 26 hours so if you’re going on a picnic you’re going to
a cabin and you’re going to mosquito country these mosquito repellent towelettes and skeeter beeter citronella mosquito repellent candles are a great thing to bring
along they are glass so you need to you pack them carefully so they’re
not going to get broken and then make sure you pick up one of the utility
lighters at the Dollar Tree so you can light this citronella candle whether you’re on your patio or at your campground usually you can find small flashlights at the Dollar
Tree I wasn’t able to find any that I thought were any good quality this time that I was at dollar tree store remember to keep your eye out if you have some flashlights already at home pick up the batteries and yes inflation is coming I’ve always been able to find these with
eight batteries each and on this trip I can only find them with six batteries in a pack it’s still a great deal six batteries for a dollar now some people claim that dollar tree batties these don’t
last very long but I’ve always had good luck with them so I continue to buy
them if you’re going to be outside at night whether it’s at a picnic party camp out barbecue concert pick up some of the glow sticks they come in multiple packs and they’re
great if you just say the concert and you want to put some around your wrist
or around your neck and help you enjoy your time in the outdoors
these glow sticks are also great to twist or hook on to the guidelines of your tent so that
in the dark we don’t trip over it and if you’re going on a night hike you can
twist these glow sticks along leave them on your path so that you can find your way back to camp check out some of these storage containers that fold up and are designed
to be drawer organizers these are a great way to organize things in your
suitcase you can keep soft clothes together
toiletries together put different types of clothing and essentials in each one
and then even when you arrive at your destination you could even take out the
container and slide it into the drawer where you’re staying if you’re going to
be there for very long then when it’s time to go pick it up stick it back in
your suitcase and it makes packing and organizing simple and easy these are the
items that I chose at the Dollar Tree for my upcoming vacations and trips camp outs holiday vacations and
I’m hoping maybe you’ll see some items that you would like to use as well leave
a comment below your favorite items from the Dollar Tree so we can all learn from
each other on things that we might want to use to help make our lives a little
easier one dollar at a time learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

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  1. DT has great bags!! ๐Ÿ’— Their flip flops are cute but hurt my feet. ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ Great idea, using the hot pad for curling iron! Dermasil=A+. ๐Ÿ’š Glow lights on the tent! You're a genius. You always have such awesome tips. Thank you. ๐ŸŒป๐Ÿ’š

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