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Early Picnic Blessings! Fire Emblem Heroes A Season for Picnics Banner Summon [FEH]

Early Picnic Blessings! Fire Emblem Heroes A Season for Picnics Banner Summon [FEH]

hey there everyone we're back we have a new banner so naturally we are going to summon on it and hope for the best that's what we do here typically I try not to get too excitable right but uh I don't know man these I'm a sucker for any unit in casual clothing I don't know it's my favorite kind of seasonal it's weird I don't get it either um but we are gonna turn its summoned we've got Jenny we've got flora Felicia and of course Lucas each in their own color pool I don't necessarily have a preference I'd like as primarily I'd probably like to get flora Felicia is probably the best unit on the banner especially father wise but then you got you got your shelves of Valenti characters and I'm you know I'm all about that life so I don't know we'll see what we can get I'm sure they'll be popping up on some some down the road mythic legendary banners pretty soon there's a handful of units actually all of the beast units in fates I didn't get a single in my house oh there are some banners that are coming up that I probably will pull on when they're the the 8% monthlies but in the meantime we're gonna go ahead and try our luck at this so we've got we've got one of each so we're just I I'm probably gonna pull on every color for the most part especially in the beginning just because I feel like you're not really gonna get that hit hi pity break anytime soon we have Cecilia that's exciting ru plus attack no boomer I haven't looked at Leo stats yet I'm actually we we have the data mind information so I'm gonna go ahead and get that video prepped why for free to play comparison we're gonna be looking at the the tennis trials plus leo he is a cab green tone I have no idea what his stats are I hope they didn't do him dirt because I don't know that leo has a really strong halt or unit in general so we'll see green tone cab is pretty pretty contended though nay yo maybe she's plus attack that would be too good no plus B shoes I currently have a plus speed may but I'm debating if a plus attack is better I feel like it probably is but I do have a plus ten name and I feel as though plus attack is probably better we got a key speaking of faith BC ins that I never got that's a weird one wasn't was not expecting that at all all right well let's see what his that's our he's plus attack – speed Wow Wow yo good things come to those who wait am i right I don't remember I'm pretty sure that's like the perfect spread on him because I think is I think speeds like his worst possible stat wow that's really lucky alright so we're we're getting there we don't have any beast killers but we got a a beast unit of some kind you know the crazy bit is genuinely speaking the crazy bit is I I did that game press has a no later no right now I send you feedback at least once a month I I did the the summon simulator on game press early over there she's never really done because I am watching sit but I actually did in that I got a Keaton like like way early like second second round which I was like on it's weird and now it's happening here and so I'm confused I guess what 15:15 orbs for keaton that's a pretty good deal I think we're we're down our pity break which is pretty okay because it only cost us 15 orbs for a key that's pretty exciting a perfect Keaton I dare say I again I don't know I don't know what the best spread on Keaton is I'm pretty sure it's plus deck – speed though you got tilt you which is exciting a lot of lava Lucas potential over here but we're gonna get a copy instead that's fine anyway what was I talking about Leo Leo right the last couple free units have been a little underwhelming for me be honest but uh I don't know maybe maybe Leo will be good who knows I gotta take a look at the stats and stuff we'll get that video prepped probably go out I don't know when tempus trials actually is but I feel like it's probably pretty soon so we'll we'll get that ups whenever that whenever that event goes live I'm not so sure I did see speaking of events we have that fire among heroes regalia lost crossover coming to drag a Leo first free five star adventure is going to be Alphonse it was a light based sword unit so that's pretty exciting because I didn't get Albert which feels bad but I'm pretty excited about that event I don't know who else is gonna show up I assume we're gonna get Fay as a dragon because a panda can be a dragon in that game so I don't know what their stance their standards feel pretty low I don't think there's a high bar for what can be constitute dragon in that game so yeah just just my just my personal thoughts on that but we'll probably will probably see Serena how finds the Meno is a confirm but I've heard that a lot of a lot of those crossover events that sigh games does like involves a lot of free goods so we're just free stuff in general I guess it's the the better way to put it so it could be good I don't know I'm a I'm not exactly a veteran in the world of sightings was it's clear neutral Claire oh no what's our trade at three and a half that's not bad so we haven't gotten any focus units yet and this is looking like a lot of Lucas Felicia you know I'm kind of bummed that Felicia xanax unit I'm genuinely kind of bummed that she's an accident I don't know what else she could have been and like I feel like when you're cooking stuff like you have a lot of you have a lot of Liberty right so you can you can throw just about anything I feel like she would have been an okay dagger unit the only other we've only got three armored dagger units in the game one of which is in this banner Laura the other two we have Halloween kaguro it was a green unit and then we have winter Cecilia who of course was a free unit back in December with goody boot plus one of my favorite weapons of all time she's literally chucking boots with bricks in them super awesome but yeah it's I feel like I feel like another green armor dagger wouldn't been the worst thing in the world but axe works too I guess we have a we have a pot the worst they said but it's also like a beast killing unit which is the other thing I know yeah I think it is kind of clever that they put like a hiking camping type bear up that also involves like a hunting aspect with like the Beast killer weapons I thought that was kind of clever the whole thing is really honestly very clever like the units are heavy they're carrying a bunch of like heavy equipment so they can't move very fast so that's why their army unit they only get one movement per turn that aspect is pretty clever I appreciate the cleverness and thoughtfulness that went into it but I still I don't understand the fetishism with our units that intelligent system seems to have I would think that for like a spring themed banner you know really summer late spring we'd see something a little lighter especially with such casual dress but it is what it is when you start to like look back at some of the costumes like it starts to make sense like Valentine's Lin for example like the dress was really heavy and hard to move in back in the Victorian era so like that that that that technically makes sense that she wouldn't be able to move very much it's not so much that they weigh a lot or like they're heavy unit it's that they they can't move we can't move well that's the joke it is what it is I just wish they wouldn't do it so often we I've done a video on armored units before you guys have all voiced your opinions on that I think everyone at least on this channel in this community on pretty much the same page it's just a little it's a little maddening sometimes seeing some of the armor yes and especially especially my Mike they don't make as much sense Lukas specifically had armor or has armor in his base unit and now he's getting an alt where he's like very casual and fancy and he's in armor now whereas before he was an imagery whether we add more percent yikes yikes that's my hurts my heart right here oh man but I am I am excited for the floor I'm Felicia fans I'm excited for the jenni pants flora she's here she is home we officially have a flora that's super exciting let's see plus speed yikes well she's not Plus if she's not – attack but plus speed I feel like is not gonna be super helpful I think she only hits like mid 20s even with the boon oof well we got her that's what's important right and we're gonna for Oh so like maybe we'll get another one I don't anticipate this getting another one we might get another four-star unit in this batch which would be exciting but it's not it's Morgan it's just Morgan that's all no need no need to get excited it's just a Morgan but we do have a chance for Jenny Lee I'd like to get one unit from each side I really really like it when I asked us split banners like this right so you get two characters from two different games I like that I really really like that I feel like it helps spread things out you know you don't get the the plague of hate comments about how it's like fades emblem or awakening abalone you know it's it spreads out the love it gives everybody a chance to enjoy character that they like from a game that they probably enjoyed and yeah all right Lucas come home honestly flora and Lucas were kind of like my top two picks from this banner I like I just liked them the most so if I can nab a Lucas you know right game correct game but wrong character actually you plus attack well not hold up no plus speed that might not be bad actually I have like a plus Reds in the filter right now so I don't really I don't know she's like +32 which is kind of crazy all right so everybody on this circle is good this is a this is a good circle for us right here we got some Lucas chances got some Jenny chances anyway I'd like to get it I'd like to get one character from each game that's honestly my only goal that's all I really want we already got I already got a Keaton I got flora like that's I'm hitting aces right now honestly like this is this is a much better summon session than some of the ones I've had in the past the more recent past specifically I know what it is my on camera luck is so bad lately like I cannot catch a break I genuinely can't catch a break terrible I like like honestly if I if I probably won't summon on the stand or anymore after this we'll probably stop after our next five star if we can nab one here but generally speaking I I've been able to pick up like a handful of five stars after I go off camera and like give it one last shot either late in the banner life or something else you know it's crazy it's absolutely crazy my on camera luck is so bad though Leyte Gulf we got only go over here at three star which is super exciting you know you're neutral okay well well sorry the same man but you probably father though there's a couple units I did a stream a while back where I went through my entire barracks I probably sent home like close to 900 or like I didn't send anybody home I made manuals are created manuals rather and so there's a handful of that I'm like thinking about building up into a five-star not necessarily plus tanning cuz that's a lot of feathers but I I'd like to try and find a way to to get some better units and leghul is one that I've kind of been looking at I don't know how good he is in general especially since I have a suit that's plus Maggie's Plus speed alrighty like +25 star but the aggregates are one that I tend not to build up all that much so oh yes okay we're getting some good fodder to you like this is nice like steady stance is super super good grannies you know three stars so I gotta we gotta spend we got sling Lance to you I completely forgot he had sling Lance there a sling spear sorry sorry spear not Lance Annie's reposition yo Silas Silas has some some fodder potential regular man bit for Silas proud of you proud of you bro alright what else what else is this Bob Rochelle I came across the lava shell when I was doing some research for the the upcoming legendary hero prediction that we'll be doing probably man early next week actually pretty early next week because it's it's coming colorless legendary hero is coming I've noticed we don't have that many bows and the bows that our legendary are already in the game so I don't know it's probably a step if I had to if I hadn't think yes I'd probably say it's the assure of staff we'll find out that's another video that's just off the off the top of the dome Oh what do we add three and a half we back at three and a half so we'll probably get another five star here before before the end of this video we'll probably hit another five star and then we'll just we'll go ahead and call it I think that's that's kind of plan oh that's a five star Lou oh that's disappointing oh no oh no well fingers crossed we get another one right all right no are you green yeah you're green – defense + HP I honestly don't know if that's terrible I also don't know what my other one is I have a Lou I just don't really know what he does or wouldn't yet mirror stance blue attack faint that could be interesting that could be interesting rally up res plus is kind of cool too now of course there's grown serpent I don't know he's probably father TBH I'm not a day I'm not a big fan of the blue line 3 star evil I'm kind of happy for candy though like they got they got some they got some five-star love which is super cool recently I don't think I'm gonna get home okay I'm gonna go into character but maybe but maybe Lucas but maybe Lucas that's not that's not a Lucas feels bad so Jenny or another flora potentially or just some some random unit as well I can't really complain like the Keith honestly the Keaton is is pretty pretty dope cuz Keaton is one of the one of the best beast units in general run it right up there with two barn to be honest so that's pretty cool guys are you plus attack no okay never mind never mind feels bad alright yolo summon what we got three star that's not climatic intelligent systems that's not how we wanted to end this video but that is where we're gonna call it cuz I you know we got we got somebody we got some five stars obviously we didn't get a lot of focus units we just got flora who is plus speed that's a thing I guess maybe maybe I'll try and make her as fast as possible maybe maybe that will do that I don't know also why are armored fire armored units fast now I'm so confused but anyway didn't get Felicia didn't get Jen didn't get anybody from Valencia no Lucas or Jenny to speak of but the Keeton does help but Keaton does help ease the pain a little bit Lu lose a little bit of we couldn't get Rai right oh I couldn't show up so instead his brother came and ruined how beautifully terrible that is great well do let me know how your summon session went in the comments I overall precess but like I said these guys are gonna pop up in 8% banners at some point down the road there's a handful of units that I have not gotten yet it's just kind of a bummer that the first time we finally get like a full 19 alt that is also not silica camp foam but it is a 30 day banner I'm gonna personally hold off until we see what's going on with the legendary unit coming up at the end of the month just a couple days from now cuz I have a I have a strong hunch that it's probably going to be Micaiah so I need to wait I need to hit the pause button on that but anyway let me know what you guys thoughts are in the comments down below how'd you do how did it go did you pass I know a lot of you guys were saying you were gonna pull something you said you were gonna pass much love respect thank you so much for watching subscribe if you have not if you choose to you get a lot of Fire Emblem Heroes content support okay Leo lost content in the future I'm trying to get like some smash bros compliation ZUP the map the the stage builder is awesome I'm trying to do more with that so just general Nintendo content plus a whole lot of Fire Emblem Heroes to be down with that hit the subscribe button but that's it thank you all so much for watching have a fantastic rest your day and I will catch you next time

Reader Comments

  1. Oopsie. Guess I put Felicia in the obtained section instead of Flora by mistake. Maybe I subconsciously wanted to try Felicia's cooking…

  2. I did not summon since I'm low on orbs. I'll be waiting for them to be in an 8% banner and I'm also looking forward to having legendary tiki show up in a banner in may if I remember correctly ?
    Also got a last minute S! Kagero and Delthea on the S!2 banner before it ended so I'm pretty much satisfied with not summoning for now. Its time to finally start saving and building what I have.

  3. Flora's and Felica's weapons are names of a beast hunt and the pot used to cook said beast, respectively, in Norse Mythology

  4. Congrats on your pulls! I got Felicia on my free summon and in 20ish orbs Genny. Probably will try to get Flora too

  5. OMG I GOT A KEATON BEFORE 3.25% TOO but he was +Spd -Atk, I'm keeping him anyways
    Edit: Can I get an F

  6. I got Flora and Felicia in under 40 orbs, but their IVs are pretty trash lol



  7. Congrats on flora, yours has the same IVs as mine. I got both her and Felicia after a whale session today. Felicia is +HP-def which is not great but I take what I can get from seasonal banners.

    My best session personally was the 70 orbs I used on the banner yesterday as I got my first ever brave hector who is the last unit from the current main summoning pool I actually wanted! Now I’ve just got to wait till summer to complete the brave FE7 trio 🙂

  8. Sorry to hear that you couldn't pull all the units like you wanted to. As for me, I only did my free summon and pulled the +Res Kagero I wanted as my free summon.
    Still saving orbs for S!Takumi, hope yo get as many orbs before he returns.

  9. I tried to get Genny and Felicia, but instead I summoned Velouria (+atk/-hp) and Ylgr (+atk/-spd). I'm not mad about the Velouria, but I really wanted some focus units :c

  10. I really wanted Flora because she’s ranged but i couldn’t get her. At least i got a +res/-def Felicia. So glad i didn’t get -atk for once. her attack animation is amazing so no regrets 😀 saving up for legendary now, good luck everyone~

  11. 3:00 Hey: the SAME IVs as my Keaton! Also, that's his OPTIMAL stat spread, so a GREAT unit. Congratulations!

  12. I pulled shiro finished my summoning session for fodder and ran hopefully golden week and legendary banner is kind to my free to play ask.

    Can't wait to try for a bunch of dc heroes i dont got yet like nilah Roy tiki hrid only to pull someone else I already got

  13. My boi i think you put the wrong picture on the list when you got Flora, because you put Felicia's face in the right when you got Flora.

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