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(christmas jingle fade in) Oh, Hi everyone! Welcome to KindaTV. The home of Carmilla! With me, your host. Your friendly neighbourhood Natasha. And this lady, who you might know. As the star of Carmilla. The Carmilla Movie (Elise Bauman). Thanks for coming on the channel. Thanks for having me. Oh, I was gonna say. If you haven’t seen the Carmilla Movie yet, What are you doing?! What’s the issue, guys? Why haven’t you seen it yet?! It’s the Holidays. I don’t know why I’m feeling so sassy, because… The Holidays bring out the sass in most everyone. That’s the time when you’ve gotta spend the most time with your family, and… Yeah! Family always brings out the sass in me. Isn’t it supposed to bring out peace, and love, and joy? Or like… Stress and anxiety. That’s how I feel too. Like, having to be in malls… No. Not into it. Not into it either. Well… That’s the end of this video. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed it, give it a thumbs up. And… No. Just kidding. (ELISE giggling) Uhh… We do have a bunch of questions, uh, regarding the Holidays. That we’re gonna be answering. (ELISE chuckles) It’s a holiday Tag. (remix: ‘Deck the Halls’) I wanna be cool and be like, Naughty list. But like, Let’s be real. I’m probably on the Nice list. Yeah. Elise: I buy that. Natasha: I’m a giant nerd. She’s on the Naughty list, for sure! Probably. Probably. (remix: ‘Deck the Halls’) Uh, usually with my folks. Elise: It’s been changing the past few years. I feel like that’s always… Natasha: Oh, really? The Holidays are a time when I’m like, Oh right, my family dynamic is changing and growing because… Elise: Uhh, I’m… Natasha: Yeah. You get older. Yeah, like we went to visit my brother in Calgary. That’s nice! Was it last year, or two years? I don’t, I don’t know. I would love to mix it up. Elise: YEAH! Natasha: Yeah. I would love to go somewhere warm this year. Me too. Me too. That would be fantastic. One day. (Remix: ‘Deck the Halls’) (Elise hums jazzy ‘Let it Snow’) Oh, it’s Jazzy. I like that. (Elise continues to hum and Natasha joins her.) (You go Elise!) Let it Snow? YASS! Well, yours is gonna be like, some obscure German Carol. I can tell. Noooo…. Alright. Not that obscure. Only mildly obscure. Alright, bring it on. (Natasha hums ‘Making Christmas’ From the Nightmare Before Christmas.) It’s ‘Making Christmas’ From the Nightmare Before Christmas. ….. I’ve never seen that movie. It’s a little spooky. WHAT?!?! IIII’m sorry. mmemm (remix: ‘Deck the Halls’) I love giving presents. I-I love giving presents when I can take the time to get the right present. Elise: Like, I love giving Natasha: Yeah. really good gifts. And, I actually think I’m quite a good giv…gift giver. Mhm Elise: I love picking out things when I know it’s so… Natasha: Yeah. Perfect for that person, and I love wrapping things. I make homemade cards. But, when it’s rushed… Or when I can’t find the right gift, (Natasha grunts in rumination) nothing gives me more anxiety. No, yea, I love giving presents, but, I think about it, like, very early on and smart. I like giving people presents at random times. I don’t really like receiving presents because I’m really picky. Natasha: It’s a process. (Elise: I know…….?) I have to go return everything, and I like regifting things too. I have to like, pretend that I’m thankful… No, I’m just kidding. (both laugh) (remix: ‘Deck the Halls’) Pine. OOO that’s a good one. I used to hate the smell of it. My old roommate in New York, Elise: Had a pine candle. Natasha: mmmm And, ever since then, I’ve been in love with that smell. That’s a good one. Or cinnamon. I love cinnamon too. I love Holiday smells. I like my Mom’s cooking. (remix: ‘Hark the Harold’) Uh, yes. We make what we call Poo Cookies. because they look like little turds. (“omg why am I like this” chuckle) H… How do you make those, Natasha? Do share! (K.O. BY THE POO COOKIES) I have a weird family. Elise: WOW! Natasha: What’s yours? Ummmmm My mom makes something called… Bits and Bolts? Elise: Is that a thing? Natasha: Oh! Yeah. Yeah, it’s like, eh um… Basically, you just take, like all the junk food, like pretzels, and ch- -, like, peanuts and cereal. Checks. and then you melt butter Elise: over it and sugar. I think that’s all it is. Natasha: Delicious. (remix: ‘Joy to the World’) The Nightmare Before Christmas. Which, you haven’t seen. Which I will get… on that. mmmm I love Elf. With Will Ferrell. I love that movie. I could watch that movie all the time. I don’t… I think I’ve seen bits of it. That’s it. Elise: Oh my God, we’ll have a movie swap night. Natasha: We’ll trade. Natasha: Yeah. (Elise chuckles) (remix: ‘Hark the Herald.) I-I don’t know. I can, I can tell you last year… umm, my dog, almost, like, ran away. He – – In hindsight, if I had just, like, turned around, he probably would have just followed me. Natasha: But, of course, I was just, like, panicking. I was like, Elise: oooooh… “CHARLIE, COME BACK!!!” And he was like, “We are on a fun adventure!” And, I, like, wiped out. And, I, like… Oh my Gosh!!! skinned my knees on ice. Elise: Oh no… Natasha: And then I caught him like… mid poop, because he finally stopped to poop. And then, I was like, “I’VE GOT YOU!!!!” Natasha: And he was like, still pooping in my arms and my knees were, like, bleeding. ELISE: He’s like, “Mom, get off of me!” It was a special time… That’s your….favourite memory? Natasha: NOO! It was just the most memorable. Elise: Most memorable, okay. Natasha: I remember it from last, last year. Elise: Okay, okay, okay. The first thing that comes to mind is, I think it was a year or two ago? I can’t, I don’t actually remember. Umm… We went to Calgary to visit my brother. And we went hiking in the Rockys. Elise: On Christmas Day. Natasha: That sounds… Beautiful!!! And, it was amazing. And it was so nice. And I love being outside. And then, also, every other year, we go to a cabin in the middle of the woods in Pennsylvania. And there’s no cell reception. (NATASHA gasp!) And all of… We stay at the cabin. and all the rooms are named after different, different woodland creatures. And all the kids are fighting over which room they want. And, they’re like, Natasha: This is so magical! Elise: I want the deer room this year. No, I want the porcupine room this year! And then… Uhh And then, there’s a big fireplace and we go tobogganing. Elise: It’s a fun time. Natasha: I wanna spend Christmas with you one time. Yeah!! We’ll do it. We should trade places. You could make poo cookies. Perfect! We’ll do a Holiday swap! And, on that note! Happy Holidays to all of you. Whatever you celebrate. What do you celebrate? Let us know in the comments below. And, uh, give this video a thumbs up if you liked it. Maybe, idk, hit that subscribe button too… Elise: uns uns uns uns uns uns Natasha: This is not Holiday music, but I’m into it.
(Elise continues the uns uns uns uns) And then, We just slow fade. We slowly fade out. We’re slowly fading out, and Mark put some holiday music over this mmm. uns uns (KINDATV exit card with Remix: ‘Deck the Halls’)

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  1. I just to love the time with my family but now I prefer watching Christmas movies and having cocoa, while spending some time with my dogs. Loved the video! Is always really nice to see you girls! Merry Christmas!!

  2. Ok, so I've been trying to watch this for the millionth time without stopping and I can't, it's so hard not to press the stop and rewind button, especially the part where they sing 😅 👻💕

  3. It's not my fault that 2017 has left me in complete shambles and I haven't gotten to see the movie yet. ;-; I'm going to get the big bundle though. I love you guys. <3

  4. at the end when elise started going like “unce unce unce” all i could think about was “i’m a vampire a straight up v..”

  5. I spent this entire holiday season in the hospital. In fact I am still there enjoying hospital food and recovering from a super bad car accident and surgery to put me back together again. My family brought me a cute little plastic tree and decorated it for me along with presents to put under it. So all in all it was kinda cool.

    Hope everyone is having a fabulous 2018 so far. I am going home soon so I am stoked about that! Here's wishing you all a stellar new year!!!

  6. I haven't seen because I don't have the money to and since I'm not out yet I can't ask my mom to buy it using her card so yeah just kill me 😭😭

  7. I can't watch the movie because I can't buy it and there is no movie site that I can find 😭😭literally depressed

  8. I love you guys so much esp. from the movie ALMOST ADULTS,,,,,,ughhh,,,,will you do another movie together??


    If its no, i understand because actors have to grow in their career and be broad,,,,,,,but if its a YES that would be amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzing!!!!

  9. When they asked about the movie and said "What are you doing" I immiediately said crying in hole because I have no money to watch it😢

  10. Why haven’t I seen it? Maybe because I’m a closeted lesbian and can’t ask my parents for their credit card to buy a gay film..

  11. I really like you ❤ You are the best…🤗👍 The Christmas parties at Elise are magical and fairy 🎄🎉🎆😮 !!!!! And…I like to taste the Poo Cookies of Natasha…😂😂😂 kisses from France 😘🇫🇷

  12. "What's your favourite holiday memory"
    Elise: *Describes enchanted woodland adventure*
    Natasha: My dog ran away and I caught him mid shit

  13. I'm not a lesbian or a gay but when I saw the movie carmilla I just admire them. Their chemistry is just adorable… and I know you also think about it guys… love from Philippines 🤗💞

  14. Natasha: Making Christmas from The Nightmare before Christmas

    Elise: I've never seen that movie

    Natasha: It's really spoo- WHAT?!

    I've never related more

  15. okay is it just me shipping them or does anyone else feels like natasha totally forgets that they're on camera and just stares at Elise completely lost?
    proof: 4:10 – 4:32 (which is really long)

  16. Did Elise tried to make a joke at 1:49 by saying "Santastic" instead of "fantastic" and got ignored by Natasha or is it me ? 😂😂😂

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