Celebrating the Spring Holidays

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  1. Hope you have a fun time and beautiful vacation in our mountains. I am from Lake Arrowhead and have lived here for 25 years. Clean mountain air, birds chirping in the morning and beautiful scenery all around sure beats the city. Have a fun rest of your vacation here and if you need local advice or suggestions message me!

  2. I heartly Request to you please REACT & REVIEW on AAKROSH (2010) theatrical trailer & movie
    Ajay Devgan & Akshey Khanna

  3. Hi! Guys! Wow you picked a Beautiful time! That cabin! Wow it’s huge! How did you find it? 🙂 what a fun time you had ! Suzie! Hole in one ! ✋Awesome! Girl! Way to go! Ken as always! true to form, silly & fun! Hi! Boys! Thx for sharing, guys! Love & Blessings! from me to you! See ya! Love, Patti L. 👋🤗😘💕🙏👍👍

  4. Great trip Dad's Den…Hope you would come back to reaction video and where is my requested reaction to Song from Vikram Irumugan Tamil movie Halena Song?

  5. Bro sorry I want to ask a question I hope you don't mind . Do your children have some kind of problem or some kind of condition ?

  6. Cutest family you have… Luckiest family… Congrats… And thanks i expected these type of video…

    Bro coming aug 15 indian independence day… If you can watch indian movie (Movie name-Indian) or hey raam movie…. Hey raam movie will explain before independent what happened in india… Actors sharukhan and kamal haasan….

    Indian movie Based on deference between before independent and after independent by shankar 2.0 director… Actor kamal hassan… Now shankar directing indian 2 movie…

    If you can, Watch any of the movie before independence day and review it bro… Just search on google about these two movies… then you decide bro…

  7. Wonderful video vlog ken . Loved it . Beautiful place and perfect weather . U and Suzie are amazing .. love u all .

  8. Hey den, pls check this two link and react, two master pieces of music director Yuvan, https://youtu.be/2GEEZAJQu6I

  9. Dear Dad… Please React Prabu Deva Song "All Day Jolly Day" https://youtu.be/i7CxJiMnCDc from the Movie "Manadhai Thirudivittai(2001)". It is also a Fun song…!

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