Celebrating the Spring Holidays

Finished the year – right. Holiday break FPV madness | MaiOnHigh

Finished the year – right. Holiday break FPV madness | MaiOnHigh

so today we are in Frankfurt with a
really awesome team of people and we’re gonna be training for the next three
days so kind of starting the year on the
right foot well actually this is not how it started let me tell you the story I went to Frankfurt area to meet up with friends first but later I forgot to make
videos it happens I have actually made very little footage but we did trained insane… HELP ME you figure it out What are you doing there!? yeah we can get it… Now it’s on you… He’s eating… yeah I mean… someone needs to be doing it over there as well Oh I hope the food is good… of course Heiko you can do it! Lexie: Heiko I have one question
StickmanFPV: Not too bad Heiko… Lexie: Heiko I have one question…
Heiko: Yes? WHY because this plug with power we need power StickmanFPV: Of course there is!
Heiko: Hm? here he doesn’t know
why he believes that StickmanFPV: come on Heiko… There’s actually one of the red power plugs… yeah
you’re doing good? you found your plug? Because you are just eating! You know what?
I’ll also come and eat… just… StickmanFPV: o… o… I’ll just come over and eat too I’m not useless I’m going to help you I’m quicker than he is! StickmanFPV: But you have a camera… Just sayin’
Lexie: I have a camera so I can just… Grab you from another… ups… Lexie: Are you mad?
Heiko: No, just shhh… don’t tell her!

Reader Comments

  1. Just thinking, how do you keep your drones in shape (after breaking stuff) being on the road so often? Do you pack a lot of spares?

  2. Soon, when we order a new camera options will be:
    Prop size?
    Always a pleasure watching your videos Lexi. A belated but Happy New Year to you, family and of course this channel. It's certainly my favorite FPV related. No one puts together a video like you. Top Notch

  3. This track is kinda your theme tune, eh. Maybe an idea for a 15sec intro to all your vids. Or just ignore my stupid thought. Atb Lexie.

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