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First weekend of Spring Break causes chaos on Miami Beach

First weekend of Spring Break causes chaos on Miami Beach

now to Miami Beach where officers are cracking down on a spring break chaos we’ve already seen several incidents where civilians and officers have gotten hurt lieutenant Kelly joins us from the beach with the latest incidents and arrests well Nikki and sanella you can see the Sun is now up and South Beach is empty this morning such a stark contrast from overnight some 380 police officers working around the clock this weekend to keep the peace but as you’re about to see things still getting pretty wild Spring Break chaos on the shores of South Beach witnesses sharing this cell phone video with the one and only after a man was stabbed near the corner of Collins Avenue and 15th Street early Saturday the victim taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital their name and condition still unknown hours later police putting another man in cuffs this guy arrested just blocks away off Collins and 9th Street for being naked out in public the chaos continuing this time off Meridian Avenue and 5th Street witnesses telling local 10 they saw a man fall out of a third-floor window paramedics rushing him to Reiter trauma police still investigating meantime this is the man Miami Beach police say intentionally struck an officer with his motorcycle on Friday the arrest report claiming 40-year old Garrett Flores who’s a local was riding his motorcycle against traffic on Collins officers tried stopping him several times before Flores eventually struck sergeant Phillip Elmore cell phone video showing cops taking Flores down after he tried to run off sergeant Elmore sitting just feet away before being transported to the hospital in serious but stable condition and at last check Flores remains at TGK he is facing a number of charges as a result of that incident including battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest as for that naked man we’re told he was actually Baker acted yesterday to stay up to date on everything that’s going on out here and to get the very latest on those enhanced police patrols you can follow me on social media at Trent Kelley WPO reporting from South Beach this morning Trent Kelley local 10 News

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  1. So officers didn't shoot at the white man running into police officers on a motorcycle?! Had this been a black man he would have already been dead because police would have shot at him!!!

  2. I'm in miami but we know to stay home the visitors are too crazy getting high and don't know how to control they selves

  3. Small minded people always ruin things for everybody. Bringing the heat of the police on themselves and everybody else why just trying to enjoy the beach

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