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Food prices remain stable ahead of Chuseok holiday

Food prices remain stable ahead of Chuseok holiday

the Chuseok holiday involves quite a bit
of spending for most people especially on food
last month the inflation in Korea fell to a record low of zero maybe even less
still consumers say they don’t feel it when they head to the store our Kim Jae
Hee went to talk with some Chuseok shoppers markets are packed with
customers browsing for food to buy ahead of the Chuseok holiday they’re shopping
for food to put out for today a memorial ritual that Koreans performed to pay
respect to their ancestors during the tada ceremony
meat rice fruits and other food are placed on a ritual table cost a popular
food items for the ceremony are fairly stable this year a study of 18
traditional markets and 27 retail stores across the country shows the average
cost of items needed for arranging a tatak table this year dropped 1.1
percent on year when potted traditional markets for the retail stores it cost
almost the same as last year the central Chuseok food like beef pork and
chestnuts all saw a slight drop in prices fruits like apples also fell by
more than 11 percent on-year whereas pears saw an e % increase in
traditional markets experts say oversupply may have led to
the price fall of Chuseok commodities fruits especially the apples and the
pears and the peaches those products that has been oversupply recently or
previous years you know you will see that sudden jump in the prices for
fruits and vegetables but this year quite opposite because of the oversupply
however consumers say it’s hard to notice the difference I don’t think the
prices fell compared to before we have 4 to 5 members in our family and I think
it’ll cost over 330 US dollars for Tatia this year the price is in the same even
if Chuseok comes only once a year it’s still a large burden for families since
everything is so expensive I try to cut down on things but it’s hard the
difference between the real price changes and what consumers actually feel
is because consumers are more sensitive to price
of things they buy more frequently consumers depend on their respective
experiences when judging prices this eventually leads to a gap between the
real price index and what consumers feel about the prices the experts added that
while there remains the possibility of price changes due to the recent typhoon
Ling Ling he expects prices to remain fairly stable throughout the holiday kim
daehee arirang news

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