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so when i dim y'all and I shew my shot I'm gonna make the hope keep it above me don't I got the hole I'm making evidence I'm making it on some curry shit that's it going another origin oh hey fuck that time come on bro we understand man what up ass be gay it's your boy marginal back again with another Bank let your Spring Break you know I'm saying hos out toes out you feel me and we out here on what the shit called shit sick Street you know I said I'm best enough but we on 6th Street we Liddy – titty you feel me out here trying to look for the female for the fees we're gonna go around and ask him a simple question on Sam what's the craziest thing you done during spring break like give me a Spring Break confession y'all here Dean yo shit clapped up on the beach you got her getting on saying sucking toes in the car running trains and then in the alleys you know Sam people don't say some wild stuff you know I'm saying so I'm trying to give y'all the best content because that's all we do is bring out some bangers you feel me I got the new camera we got the lights and we out here lights camera action that's always about spk we out baby let's get it to it right so what's the craziest confessional freaky is confessing I can give me that job done during spring break what's the craziest or the freakiest confession you can give me that you done during spring break I thought tell me what's up I saw dick in the middle of a concert wait a minute wait wait a minute yeah bring that shit bag I suck dick in the middle of the concert all right so hello you ton of meat in a middle of concert everybody to jump in and raging machines and why everybody jumping you over there Bob into the beat you know there papa to the beat he liked it like that like the hand motion right there he was going all right on this guy wanted to how good was that shit you know you were you was going in don't sit so you better downplay your own net game tried try the fucking Lions why you always ride man hi I'm back again with Sundy no Sundy we all right so I got a simple question for y'all look what is the craziest or shit the freakiest thing and I'm saying I've done during spring break so she stopped by Jay all this I was in the social shopping the cars on this little condo I had the whole I gave it to my knee Oh she got passed on hey hey Ron don't nigga like LeBron did we saw it look at this I mean this is this is like stuff that happens the Cape Canaveral so look I got a question for you what's the crazy asian on sand Spring Break confession you can give me that was also said that I happened there it was fucking you yep giving you deep dick like pizza do you be gargling smuggling and going ham on it up on a scaffold couple one it's there how crazy I should be Garrity I look I gave head to my boyfriend while his mom was driving a friend gave him head in the backseat while his mama was driving give it a bugger honest everyone and say how good you think your heavy what makes you would say no what maybe was in over my shit sloppy is when I was like you using hands – no emotion emotion oh she got the two hands larger bigger Oh God mastered 3000 this what I need to say to you he looks so beautiful I want to have sex with you so you know I'm with the beach shoot right word she said come on Sal this talk come on side my car bro cost my life Lucy that boys they call me Rico hey call him Rico Rico hi are you pay – keep it above you go keep honest with me I swear to God I I so look what's the craziest or the freakiest like Spring Break convention you ever hammer South Padre winter what happened in South Padre bro these bitches fucking on the beach fucking own upbeat on the beach bro the business had to go I need regional golf car bro what bro what are you talking about man yeah I'm trying it you're trying to be great crazy so look all right so tell me did you got good hair no oh yeah oh yeah you got the good next on what I got to do to find out if you got the good name I'm gonna oh my god I'm trying to see I'm trying to see if you got that soul that's dope it is oh so tell me it is when dick hitting all types of rearranges shit what you gonna do not what I said I wanted a career Ranger shit what you gonna do fucking period oh what's that tell me what's that tell me what's up how many how many people how many it was three niggas in like six business Hey them niggas in there which I was doing all second to diggity some Mitchell guys got a bit easy to the house somebody behind her you know which I rotated I said like what you would do if one niggas dick was better than the other nigga you play I was thumbing fucking Hill said his things oh oh hey God you know look I'm with my niggas you know I'm saying with the family with the game everybody in this how you know I say guys thank my nigga key have a no say my nigga No you know say we deep in this house shit Loki kidnaps out of Manchester party no no no no hang on tell me that hey oh no you financially bad enough he's I so ever I met up with this guy on tinder and it was like oh yeah my friends like super Reggie has like a fucking mansion you don't know it's his mom's mansion we go there they like refused to tell us the address so when you get someone to pick us up and leave and he are Kelly trapped oh I feel like okay he fucking left me and fucks this random girl who was high on poppers and like Coke in the bathroom a couple feet away from your early hey I got another question though so when i DM y'all and I shoe my shine will make the hole keep it above me go I'll keep up I got the hell I'm making evidence I'm making it period I also carry shit you know Sam that's just going yeah another orogeny owe me is hey yo hey fuck that start to come over we understand no Vaz man we just got done recording at South by you know so I didn't really get as many people as I would like to you know if you know anything about South Devon six Street they can be quite overwhelming there's a lot of people moving real quick but nonetheless you already know what it is man Charlotte everybody has been supporting me SB gang you know the wise man so that we're gonna go better go on get to the house you know stay ahead out get home safely somebody got shot so pretty so breath hopefully you survive I'm pretty sure you're not gonna speak on that but you don't say that prayers to do if you you know saying you already know the vibes man like comment subscribe let me know telling us tonight let me know we're gonna go next I got a banger coming up soon next week when I'm going to the beach you know say Spring Break so I'm gonna try to keep it Lydia don't try to keep your post II try to keep posting all the hot shit you know say you already know shit we better gonna pop out and go into the house bridge everybody stay safe I'm out this whole Beach

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  1. No wonder thousands recently ended up with herpes and other shit. Disgusting. Its all fun and games until you catch it.

  2. shorty in the red "I was sucking my bf d*ck at the back of his moms car" @4:03
    shorty in the red "you got that hoe" @8:03
    loyalty has left the chat

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