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Friends: Monica’s Thanksgiving Dinner is Ruined (Season 1 Clip) | TBS

Friends: Monica’s Thanksgiving Dinner is Ruined (Season 1 Clip) | TBS

…first saw the
giant dog shadow fall over
the park Yeah, but did they have
to shoot him down? I mean that was just mean. Okay, right about now the turkey should be crispy
on the outside juicy on the inside… Why are we standing here? We’re waiting for you
to open the door. You’ve got the keys. No, I don’t. Yes, you do. When we left, you said,
“got the keys.” No, I didn’t.
Iasked, “got thekeys■ No, no, no, you said,
“got thekeys.”■ Either of you
have thekeys?■ The oven is on! Oh, I’ve got to get my ticket! Oh, wait, wait.
We have a copy of your key. Well, then get it! Get it! Hey, hey, that tone wont
make me go any faster. – Joey.
– That one will. [instrumental music] Nope, not that one. Can you go any faster
with that? Hey, I got one key hole
and about a zillion keys. You do the math. Why do you guys have so many
keys in there anyway? For an emergency
just like this. Alright, listen, smirky,
if it wasn’t for you and your stupid balloon,
I would be on a plane watching a woman
dothisright now but I’m not. I swear you said
you had the keys! No, I didn’t! I wouldn’t say I had the
keys unless I had the keys… And Iobviouslydid not
have the keys! Oh, okay, alright. That’s it.
Enough with the keys. – Why would I have the keys?
– Oh. Aside from the fact that
you said you had them? – But I didn’t.
– Well, you should have. – ‘Why?’
– ‘Because.’ – ‘Why?’
– ‘Because.’ Why? Because everything
ismyresponsibility? Is that-isn’t it enough
that I’m making Thanksgiving dinner
for everyone? You know, everyone wants
a different kind of potato. So I’m making
different kinds of potatoes! I mean, does anybody care what kind of potatoes Iwant?No! No! No!■ You know, just as long Phoebe
gets her peas and onions and Mario gets his tots and… It’s my first Thanksgiving!
and I.. It’s all burned! and.. [sobbing] Okay, Monica, only dogs
can hear you now. Look, the door’s open.
Here we go. Oh, God. – Oh.
– Oh. Well… turkey’s burnt! Potatoes are ruined.
Potatoes are ruined. Potatoes are ruined. ♪ Here we come ♪ Walkin’ down the.. ♪ This doesn’t smell
like mom’s. No, it doesn’t, does it? But you wanted lumps, Ross? Well, here you go, buddy.
You got one! Oh, God, this is great! The plane is gone, so I guess
I’m stuck here with you guys! Hey, we all
had better plans, okay? This was nobody’s
first choice. Oh, really? So why was I busting
my ass to make this delicious
Thanksgiving dinner?! You call that delicious? [indistinct chatter] Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Now,thisfeels
like Thanksgiving.

Reader Comments

  1. I feel so bad for Monica, she was trying to make everyone's Thanksgiving perfect and they all had the audacity to complain, even after manipulating her to get exactly what they wanted.

  2. I always found it funny that central perk coffee shop was suppose to be directly below their apartment building, yet it's a red cafe instead.

  3. "So now I'm stuck here with you guys"
    That part always made me so mad when rachel says that. Jeez what a bitch she can be

  4. There are two types of people :
    1) people who find Monica as attractive!
    2) people who find Rachel as attractive!

    I belong to type 1 what about you!?

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