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Friends – Thanksgiving and Joey's Turkey

Friends – Thanksgiving and Joey's Turkey

okay also just so you know I'm not gonna make a turkey this year what well Phoebe doesn't eat turkey baby turkeys are beautiful intelligent animals no they're not they're ugly and stupid and delicious I find that means that much to you but just there's gonna be a ton left over no no no they won't I promise I will finish that turkey hi you're telling me you can eat almost an entire turkey in one sitting that's right cuz I'm a Tribbiani this is what we do hey what are you doing you gotta save room you've got almost an entire Turkey to eat let me explain to you how the human body works that's it even if nobody helps me I can eat that no problem at least give me a challenge this is Chandler's chicken this is the turkey oh you are my Everest boys I just I just got to change my pants what was I thinking jeans have no give all right where's that Turkey yeah like those are my maternity pants no no these are my Thanksgiving pants Joey we're all we're all very proud of you yes I believe we can expect a call from the president any moment now well you got that is that pine yeah you want some uh just cut me a little sliver a little bigger I'm bigger what are you afraid you're gonna run out got me a real big

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  1. Pheobe: "Turkeys are beautiful intelligent animals."
    Joey: "No. They're not. They're ugly and stupid, and delicious." LOL

  2. a really funny clip with surprisingly there is Brad Pitt he was so cute charming and attractive boyish handsome face funny features as a charming man, great funny clip, I feel Brad Pitt is so sexy

  3. Phoebe : Turkeys are beautiful intelligent animals!!Joey: No they're not….they're ugly….and stupid…..and delicious!! LMAO!!!

  4. I don't think anyone can eat a whole turkey by themselves, I couldn't even finish a turkey leg the first time I bought it at the carnival.

  5. What I like most of Joey is his weird eye contact at 1:07 "You are my Everest!" and from 1:17–1:19

  6. Wow 2001!  I remember seeing the episode on Channel 4 here in Britain.   Time flies, all I've done in the last 13 years is get a degree and that's pretty much it. 
    Robert Herrick was right when he wrote the following lines:

    "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying; And this same flower that smiles today Tomorrow will be dying."

  7. Actually Phoebe gave the pants to Rachel when she was pregnant so the maternity pants were in Joey's house because Rachel still lived with Joey at that moment 🙂

  8. hahahahahah this is the first time i've seen this one i think. i totally do that though. stuffed to bits and then go 'i'll have some pie' hahah

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