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Game Grumps – Twilight Princess 21 – Vacation on Death Mountain

Game Grumps – Twilight Princess 21 – Vacation on Death Mountain

hey I'm not Zhu gob look up a gamegrumps hello where the comedy goes it's me Native American Jesus or just Jesus you decide oh damn have you ever seen those facial reconstructions of what they think Jesus actually looked like how could they do they have his bones well I mean they know he was a guy born in Nazareth in the Year Zero approximately so they have bones of people like that from those villages basically they were very small very small and beardy Oh and brown the the bones were beardy well I assume they had beards what if he couldn't grow a beard very well like like me no I think you just make do with what you got I think it's mostly from the writings that have that discussed beards from that time yeah Jesus had a very handsome beard man make make make me back man yo John a good job gonna get your swinging sword on a guitar nice nice this is pretty cool I'll get the egg get the H away from me yeah hnh r''h you've seen all this H I have to put up with this neck still this heck in heck got to get get get it yeah boy you're doing a lot of damage tags these H's are in my way yet guys yet he's all naked now look at him oh yeah you've been knocking off his armor the fucking fool oh and he's dead now the kids gonna ride off into the fucking water why straight-up killed that ti huh well he stole my boy so wouldn't that just like him crushed that kid against the top of the door yes yes it would have yeah but don't let it get in the way of your enjoyment whoo wowie oh this is the smash level oof sick shouting looks that way oh this is heck and funny and here we go oh damn this is intense no my god oh did you win that's what happens when you win right yeah I think you did well came up back on the airplane boy this this isn't the move I like this get him yeah yeah and then what do I'd like turn around or yeah I would turn around I was strongly consider turning around on with the quickness to get to get to get it did you dig it dig it dig it dig it dig it dig it dig it dig it nice yeah turn around hurry up and turn around oh my god it takes an hour to turn the fuck around or ordens or she's around always that's what makes it so hard yeah like seriously the Bulls just running away with the the child in tow hmm well that's one less child to worry about like there's no time to do this dude get the fucking kid this is very epic though I do like this did you see the horse yeah I can see forever child speeds is everyone okay I'm okay me too I'm not okay I had prilosec earlier good then they can die I'm sorry you know for shoving you are you mad yes still a lot yes that meth sure can hold a grudge kid I I think I finally understand like Ed Norton and Brad Pitt were the same person I just met when he told me I needed to be stronger like you Spence he wasn't tell you about strength like lifting stuff he was talking about being brave and lifting dangerous stuff I only wish I could grow up to be an adult instead of dying right now it's Jenna Spence who saved me didn't you only for a little while my young ill friend you can do anything can't save you from the Black Death you could do something to help the gorons in the mine – can't you Spence oh geez fucking art Jia fine oh yeah like can we have a minute to celebrate this yeah what are you my mom so weak no don't touch him the infection has spread yeah I will dispose of this child thank you for this meal Wow yeah well I can't believe after all that I didn't get to eat him I rode the horse against the bowl guy come on man I earned that kid mmm think I'm putting the bib on Nando walks away the lobster hammer you can heal yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka do smote and – yeah see if it goes beyond that yeah dog yeah I got four hearts that's really nice sorry I don't fucking care oh just fuck those kids I'm to move on with all our lives isn't it time to move on with your death yeah oh shit dis man can I like Midna up there oh wait I'm not a dog the pit I just some endures not saying anything important okay oh yeah it's it's iron boots time yeah are you wearing them I'm about to oh nice they make me heavier even though they've been with me this whole time interesting oh you back again human with your heavy ass feet making tons of noise I should know better than to charge you but fuck it right here we go those rocks regenerate fast yeah how does it taste now to climb the mountain three miles to go and now I'm lighter yeah I just put them on my bag and then they just fold up and they become Oh God push though well no come on put on the boots now oh the hotel I'm into coconut like do you think they just sit around and wait for me to put fuck I takes me like three hours to put boots on yeah huh hold on I'm just I'm just tying up the laces hold on shit give me a fucking second here [Laughter] Bernadette burp burp stone jeez oh god you got in that extra like fuck you hit hell yeah you gotta love it dude you got to respect the grind you gotta respect the hustle oh shit now where the fuck oh there's no one's rolling oh dude look at all these hydro poles or whatever the fuck they oh cool it's raining so it's happening oh man up Death Mountain we go what looks like this place is too hot for me too I do the old rain speed where did you come from kid oh I was saved oh okay hey you seen asshole down there yeah I'm gonna go get my friends who deals with asshole specifically could you like oh shit oh well not in the same shape I used to be yeah you like that background information on the intricate workings of goron tumbling oh shit oh they don't want me to be here well I thought he was my friend yeah hey get the fuck out of here oh god okay please don't tease me whoa okay Wow damn you've officially been fucked by a sky dick finally whoa this looks dangerous is this the traditional Death Mountain welcome he shut the fuck up damn dude so harsh so whether they don't care about me anymore cuz this guy dick came ah this guy – he's hot to the touch so I throw my worm on it yeah sure why not I mean it seems logical ooh hey did you just see that goron use another gorons back as a springboard to jump really high just kidding I know the game forced you to watch it so maybe you could just use the back of one of those nice gorons too if you need to jump oh I would I need to jump in a cave it's just for future reference okay yeah but they hate me whoa whoa geez kid fucking hates me there's some nice corns though oh you're fucking dead yeah that's how you make friends by drawing swords oh damn you know fucking kill me good yes nice oh yeah smart dude dude I don't even fuck around bra bra bra bra excuse me bra dead give me a bra bra give me bra 1 bra bra I'm this one's not a reacting hmm oh oh maybe I need to like drop down on ya like that hope this little ramp drop down on this drop down to this bitch oh nice oh I didn't work at all bra Oh maybe after he does the punches oh okay big boner bull hey come here hey ya called that one I'm gonna drop on to this bra now oh he didn't get situation oh yes I could you've got a heck and fight this bra bra cheese the hell out of here bro rah over here bra bra bra how nice all right bro okay lunch man oh that doesn't work brah if you're gonna be facing the direction you want to get launched haha come over a bra bra bra oh all right bra lunch my bra ha ha ha Oh what the fuck yeah you gotta be looking towards it I believe fuck the score on scum rabbaroos Gavin well that's not gonna work here map Island right there Oh like oh yes like oh I see I didn't know I could aim myself cool thought I had to aim him all good ah huh we're Mo's personas what are they called personas know that the formosa's are four so fallen homeless I'm alone two foam rollers foam alone oh hell yeah dude I made it past nicely done you don't fucking warrior over here mmm goddamn link to the past over your shit fucking forget about it man I got green on me fuck color of money what color agreed you're doing very well I'm very impressed do you think gree green is the color of greed because money's the color of green yeah I guess right yeah well oh no no green isn't the color of money it's the color of envy and is that what you meant greed is green everybody's green green is the color of envy is that a saying you like green with envy you've never heard that oh yeah so good oh wait let's talk to this sexy diaper clad wearing reclined boy next time on game ground oh shit yeah

Reader Comments

  1. Genius idea: play two games from a series that are similar such as two 3D sonic games or such that have different control schemes and watch Arin try to use the controls from one game in the other and get confused when the button doesn't do what it does in the other game

  2. I think it's not entirely Ben's fault, the grumps didn't introduce him like they did with Kevin, Matt and Ryan we already knew so they didn't need an introduction, so Ben just kinda entered without notice and is doing whatever he feels like will make us laugh. But editors don't run the show, the grumps do, even Barry didn't do anything without them telling him to first, so lack of direction from the grumps may be the problem here too, not just Ben's edits and fart noises.

  3. What bothers me most about the editing in this video is the fact that the "AW HELL NAW" bit isn't even original. That was Matt and Ryan's thing and it feels a little… odd to see a new editor use it. It feels like he's going out of his way to replicate what they had and trying to be funny. Never try to be funny. Just be natural. Al naturale, specifically. Ben what I'm asking is for you to send me nudes.

  4. The correct colors for each deadly sin would be Red-Wrath/Anger, Orange-Gluttony, Yellow-Avarice/Greed, Green-Envy, Light Blue-Sloth, Blue-Lust/Lechery, and Violet/Purple-Vanity/Pride.but Arin will never see this…

  5. Anyone else really disliking the random audio inserts? They just totally throw me off, and they're pretty out of place. They'd be better with some visual but even then they'd still be really annoying.

  6. Here is to hoping that they actually end up using the …. Malo store(???? name of store) that they were in front of in this episode like three times…. also here is to hoping they head back to fight the Ancient Hero cause…. wooshed right past it.

  7. everybody complaining about the editing missed the real kicker of this episode

    midna: that thing looks dangerous
    arin: shut the fuck up
    arin: (touches it and takes damage)
    arin: 🅰️

  8. Welcome to the show, Ben, but maybe dial it down on the edits? Perhaps wait until they are promted by Danny and Arin, otherwise they come off as a little distracting. But, you're still doing a great job!

  9. not gonna lie i’m not really digging this new editor. he always adds in random sound effects when not needed or asked for from Arin or Dan. i just find it very distracting and low key disrespectful at certain times. we love Game Grumps just the way they are! their own jokes and laughs and fart sounds when they want them. they are what make the show. not the random sound effects when YOU think it’s funny. get a feel for the fan base and the Grumps before you start adding in random shit. let us get a feel for you and get comfortable before you start forcing your humor onto their videos.

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