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Garry's Mod Deathrun Thanksgiving Edition! – Funniest Trap Ever!! (Gmod Funny Moments)

Garry's Mod Deathrun Thanksgiving Edition! – Funniest Trap Ever!! (Gmod Funny Moments)

no Douglas explain explain why US Americans celebrate Thanksgiving long long ago there was a time when America was not America and then Americans came into America and made at American and those merica was born and that's why you celebrate Thanksgiving wrong but ok there was a time when America was in America but then the Americans came in and made American American and the Canadians came in and they discovered America and then and then a Turk Americans have guns so no no Canadians came and then is this the part where we all go around and tell everybody what we're thankful for oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah me first before before and uh losing before first I'm thankful I'm thankful I'm thankful to be thankful there we go there we go um that's stupid go again okay I'm thankful for George dawnie John Tory all right Marcel what are you thankful for I'm thankful for all of my friends you bitch everybody was thinking it but no one wanted to say it I'm thankful that this this holiday celebrates by eating a turkey and not ham turkey and ham for Thanksgiving yeah I'm thankful that I have pants and that I still have my helmet and I'm also thankful for big booty bitches whoo okay that's a good one and I'm thankful for my close cousins the turkeys for taking the sacrifice every year so Halloween to be yeah so you know I'm still alive because of Thanksgiving okay that's a good one it's a go a lot boy Mike Scotty I'm thankful for clickbait titles and right and snakes in your boots that's it that's what we're all thankful for all right so how do we determine whose death we should treat we eating contest oh yeah all right so a everybody the American Way our health our nobody move nobody eat none of this shit all right so to determine whose death whoever eats the most turkey because death the leaves no no I got it again it's holy fuck how many Turkey that's gotta be like four dozen turkeys what the fuck all right go whoever eats the least amount of turkey becomes death okay hey cuz I try the American high right you ready in three two why I ate so much Turkey bro Eddie I have 800 health with you 200 750 I have 450 Scottie 340 and nobody fucking Chinese Boreum fucking skinny fuck sticky bitch you'd think for a fucking cowboy you'd be able to be a decent American eat until your you hate yourself Armond against three turkey laughs gobble gobble gobble sorry da let's make the gobble sound and jiggle your gobblers there on your face I'm a turkey for today okay let's do this I don't know what I have in this what's gonna happens the bowl gonna fill up with gravy and I'm gonna drown or what I don't fucking know I don't know all right since I am food I will go first come on clay come on what are we gonna be today when are we going to be are you looking up cuz I want to feel like it's gonna come up from above like I just I just got that feeling you know like very wieners on your face big disgusting lagoons got to come from above what fuck wises this is thanks Detroit you usually have wieners and Oreos on Thanksgiving you have everything you yeah whatever oh we got beans jeans potatoes tomatoes lamb hey I'm cold bro Hey look I'm Izzy day look it's an Oreo on an Oreo black on the outside white on the inside oh shit what's up guys you're very technical all right we gotta make it through the diabetes move around let's go all right Tyler go go go go you got a sprint Go Go Go Go god oh just a sprint no no you know what you just have to not be shitty hey you guys are gonna get yeah oh yeah oh yeah ah what the fried chicken oh hell you got the very end of that are you but it upside down doing good it's just it's just you know it's you have to jump on the edge first just use more cheesy go towards I'm trying to jump on the edge this is dumb yeah yeah yeah yeah you forget no II don't really edge is fucking us we gotta use momentum son of a bitch here we go a minute see that bloody monster there we go there we go I made it hey yo hi how are you doing I was hungry she's on a gun deck Iowa looks like a flying loaf of bread if you ask me yeah oh yeah like I'm taking sandwich oh shit it just teleported was it man dude caller was in bread fuck it's not funny man it's not my fault my parents were kept in the same pen for fucking 20 years Oh Twinkies well I fucking love tall what though are you guys kissing on this is that safe yeah go to your look what we are making across the Oreos of death what wait what is that sausages head who made this whoever they are they're not invited to next year's Thanksgiving what what is it what is it a moshi peas mushy peas no no no it's not mushy peas this is dog vomit food that's what mushy peas look like this is little buzzy bees look like seriously no joke at least the ones I eat their fucking good dude go ahead not show us out again to the Mississippi I'm king of the mushy peas oh shit I do anything yeah it may be that first Oreo left okay all right you reset the loop and no I did it yeah yeah is a pivot its appearing I think you can go fat oh hold on hold on all right give me another go come on right go ahead go ahead go ahead can't get the mushy peas Oh see cookie now go to that region ed get the treasure at the crest show no no jump the first one you just walk on God try his mushy peas you hit the photo that sermon was amazing these look at these nasty ads Jairus who these carrots these nasty-ass carrots rotten his hella cleaners come get some waiters cat differs lonesome beggin all right who wants some roast it out I want some roasted alle no you insinuating huh I say I'm gonna roast it out like I want to say I'm not gonna make it make it you're not English right the wieners kill you okay all right Marcel you got this you got I've dodged a few wieners in my day not gonna lie here we go come on wait wait for me fuck well know everybody I know I did back to the beginning but I can't be in it all right boys grab a plate get some food let's eat it all up come on I am NOT getting no wieners on my head again y'all have stole little wieners on your face let's take the wieners no whoever goes last I'll kill whoever goes last I'll kill oh really really really hey listen this takes the truth oh fuck you this trend makes this trap reminds me that gift of the chick just getting hot dogs rained on her face you don't know very well fuck yeah I know that one bah my work if you reset the map so the bugs walking again reset right heel back gimme I'm gonna get back here oh why did photography he wasn't pushing the button on us bitch you gotta go and fuck that you're the chosen one for wieners to the mouth this time Oh yes–she look at all potato potato all right so who's gonna lose a life on this one huh I'll do it everyone go ahead tell her oh all right person I'm gonna jump now lose my life never mind let's see fuckin yeah it's good I made it come on this is dumb yes yeah alley-oop got it come on you got this no Glen oh my god I know oh boys ha ha ha get a trigger warning here boys I can feel it be thankful once this fucking traps a fucking piece of shit bitch I went back to the back I'm flying through this shit fuck yourself I think I know how to do this I miss the fucking loaf of bread bullshit what was that I don't know just being a selective ass fucking why were you selectively stop why did you go because hey someone had to go easy that one half these trap you just get to choose who fucking dies who they're impossible I dodge the shit out we know alright this is it Oreo myeloma GP bum bum bum bum fucking stop just press your button oh fuck you killed never loaf of bread bitch you could have chose anybody else alright this is really hard it is a cow stroke it is a Crouch stroke this trap has your name on it I don't think it does it does it does it does look at this boys yourself right there okay ready go my guess is you just jump over the middle right so why would I yeah just like that yeah yeah yeah like that and then you just do it again Ryan again and him and again watch come on but I feel like something gonna happen nothing we have no button he landed on the plate okay fuck you could underneath the Weiner oh why is this so difficult exactly but look how low they are more God why did I do that for the start then close the hole really close how many lives this fucking guy at negative six hey the same trap kaliesha snipe she counted ultra to close don't get too little real easy it is very first try nothing is laying the player another play oh we know what this is gonna hate a great that it's another play oh there's another plate of weakness I'll take some sausages to the face do different trap bitch yes she landed a little window this one this traps called angry cousin threw his plate across the room time which one which one wait what's the trap this whistle Travis we don't want that window window help shit that was the wrong one what the hell are you guys talking okay okay friendship test friendship test pick a door bitch pick a door each of us go through the door at the side pink red side I don't trust this alright you guys ready yes yeah if you bitch out you automatically die alright here we go three two one go yeah fucking two lies he's gonna fucking win this one is one he's one good good that's right bitch you've done one good look for me with me with me an Oriole the lamby was really for me with me this is gonna kill me now man poisonous for you what if I go oh he's too small I've seen that I send those in the girl if I never seen one all right well okay back to the beginning all right let's just do this wine one one I swear you guys above wish me doctor thirds a cursor okay this is non-stop yeah you got it yes my dick you fucking nine assholes oh no shit in stupid and now I just get to enjoy all this look down when you're jumping Kip with mouse top tip oh my god oh my side oh I understand you just fucking cross junk shop crouch jump crouch jump is non-stopping I can't uh I'll get it I don't fucking get it your fucking shit no you keep going bitch ah still die this big ski what am I doing wrong you're not jumping over the knives please rise this Thanksgiving I'm thankful for this trap I don't understand what the fuck I'm supposed to do nice Thanksgiving yes ah Mike throws the faggot more so he doesn't work you it doesn't work it doesn't work hey you all this is stressful you just how funny it is shit I'm doing it oh oh go baby go shit my jaw hurts from laughing fucking crying there's actual tears oh this is too much no we're moving on fuck this motherfucker I'm living the fuck on Ciotti just had to die one more time all right who wants to die to the Oreo Scottie you some – audience you guys you're doing I'll do it you just gotta be further away from it oh you die at that crack I mean I have so many lies you guys guys the table broke man too much food on the plate broke the table well yeah that's it Oh Scottie all right everybody you three are considered the Thanksgiving champions of this year yeah but they could only be one yeah me so the turn to determine who is the champion we're gonna play a good old game of turkey Roulettes so there's three turkeys Oh huh yeah oh I'm gonna blow up one of them is safe so don't eat the turkeys you must stand on the turkey that you want to stand on but what if two of us want the same tricky wait wait you must choose one turkey to stand on yeah yeah but what if I want the turkey somebody else once a time same time same time babe you know I got this one I got against me all right on the count of three you're gonna eat your turkey okay okay one two three I can't even fucking Turkey what is this made out of that means that you're the weird you champion yeah can I actually have a turkey now though I'm hungry hold on let me get one no no no Turkey shut up gonna fuck a champion no no no me you ain't you ain't my turn hey where's this bullet on top on the braid Mona top blue breathe moved on top of the braid throw back am i right guys you weren't there jicama don't dump the baby was I there did you delete it what if they're there for that no your eyes back in like modern warfare 3 now isn't black one there's a black hole Wow oldest old kick out my moves on top of the bread alright let me stop if anybody fucking remembers that I'd be so surprised

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  1. watches wildcat video, gets the only ad throughout the entire video, the ad is ten minutes long and can't skip it.

  2. Watch nogla's face slowly turn @ 18:33!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I I'm FOCKING dead!!

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