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ok Google what’s the temperature today in London what – there better weather than group hug [Music] [Music] this cars pace a fun [Music] running away everybody yeah yeah absolutely 100 said running away from you really hard to lose [Applause] [Music] a shark can you even believe it it’s a really hot country and I have a call so last night sneeze and raising mouth I thought if I’m going down with a ship Dino style everybody is am i right this here is a Greek tradition it’s actually a part of the culture it’s just basically when you just try and prevent your snot from going into your mouth in public rosie actually likes that she calls it breakfast disgusting the weather is great it’s stopped raining now so that’s that’s fantastic there’s nothing more relaxing than thunderstorms and fork lightning am I right did I just say lightning right I can’t I can’t really hear myself because my ears are blocked from the plate so I’ve been partially deaf for at least 24 hours last night’s meal apparently was fantastic wouldn’t know good taste it mum and dad now at the supermarket getting olives and traditional Greek food like coca-cola wine a pizza you can a head to face card a for an ice-cream Rosie’s gonna watch while we all the hours you could have bought some more biscuits couldn’t you over here is frozen eyes Cabana Cabana whoo Nana so we’ve got a separate bit because the heteros want to keep us separate here it is look I made the bed and everything so so everything I staying there’s the sign X on the side there decongestant that’s not working this is racist effort hanging things up to items well then Rosie there’s her oversized luggage that held everybody up unnecessary window vent that’s my car a plastic bag that ruins the scenery thanks mum there we go that’s pretty much it this is where Laura Dix is gonna be staying tomorrow in there right Rosie and I have taken a trip out in the car ROK’s and mckay and now first things first okay Google where is the best coffee nearby places okay brilliant okay pala Zeze how do you Frazee how it has five stars it just let my mom it says right by at four point nine by the way your black cats are lucky or unlucky they are lucky for some unlucky for others why because there’s like well I can see one oh my angel it doesn’t like you much that’s it I’m gonna bring all of the cats home me oh my god so I was telling the story the other day hey and we were I think it’s Laura dick yeah she was like yeah my friend went abroad and found this cat fell love of it and wanted to bring home because it wasn’t being treated right so she went for this whole process of like getting it new – getting a pet Passport put it on the plane died she’ll get some coffee ok Google how do you resuscitate a dead cat good luck what food is great name for I don’t know what to eat all I know is feta I think I think wow and half that’s a shame fat is really nice it’s really nice it looks like milk starts going grim a delicacy here in Greece find out ok Google what food is Greece famous for [Music] Satsuki it’s we’ve been saying to Zeki like the sauce so I’m really full for my ice cream it costs 8 euros – I think that’s good probably I think that’s less pounds than euros I think the pound is less than euro what’s your gas 50 pls ok Google how many pounds is 8 euros oh my god oh so close – 50 P off oh my god I’m tired that sounds so romantic ok Google where’s the nearest supermarket 84 let’s go good morning how’s it going and we’re both ill I called off this one and the afternoon it’s always the evening when I upload so I always feel like a bit pointless saying good morning but I’m playing mother hen at competitive palm Rose is like Monica Geller or friends wow I can’t even get rally going I’m like 1 1 at the moment isn’t it intrusive isn’t it pray but pray mama mama bird you’re behind baby bird your fluffy bird how the bird your elder bird Laura Cambridge bird we now know about the history of Catalonia because we watched Captain Corelli’s Mandolin so you know everything that’s exactly right we’ve got a snorkel we got a towel but most importantly we’ve got our enthusiasm family and some toilet paper [Music] that’s my hold a catchphrase rose [Music] hi damn right they hate venture wife Laura Laura Sweden mistake it’s gonna have to get this on camera like a Bond girl like a Bond girl elegant bit of a fumble there she’s in she’s officially in Cantonese this is a poor Denise in her natural habitat [Music] I’m hungry lunch where are they going it’s really angry he’s getting robbed crime and cash felonious very high-growth e are you enjoying Catalonia you’ll detect a meeting with Fabio who’s delicious let’s discuss when mum and dad entered the water [Music] dad you know what I found funniest the fact that we were there to see sea turtles happy I was like boom a much noise okay cuz they go away you okay I’m really sorry for your loss I’m sorry do Nakorn you know one thing is that you gave jewnicorn she’s got an amazing life and the short time you spent together was filled with happiness and learn stuff don’t mock me I was just trying to help I ever wanted all right this it’s so tragic I know it’s a moment of tragedy but can I just ask you a question lies around it do you think that’s the reason do nakhon died is because we should have gone with a mermaid no I called it after dinner who sold us the Unicorn who by the way is dead to me Wow Laura must have left her book before she left I’m a Jay King she’s really pretty and she’s really Persian I met Cathy someone’s jealous fitting into Cambridge [Laughter] wait oh can I say something yeah I don’t have gray hair though you step i-1 Zack cool does you have been allotted a with Bobby how is it after how long we’ve been together Rose like seven years on this holiday two weeks I’ve got ice laughs a belch ah tres mellow smell 10 million sandwich butter Oh shame eat me my I ate ok Google how do I say I love you in green yes babe or terrible has it spouse Oh shelter echo charlie quick update laura has left the nest she is flown back to the UK because she’s got a real job I guess what happens is let me spend a few days together she gets a little bit intimidated by my creative mind and I appreciate that you know know me there must be quite a threat so she’s got much nikkei to get back to her nights fiber in her case that’s mine what’s twister bask in the Sun I do great beauty force she does have that a weapon elbow but she doesn’t have a pole okay google says a reminder 8 p.m. for me tell more that she is the ugly sister yeah you’re so cute ping ping you’re really good at it you can’t even return your own serve really like Gracie I can’t believe you some broken glass yeah people like people like this you do really good it’s frustrating also we need a new camera cuz this camera is great I had three not one not two not three three babe I’m sorry yeah I had a migraine right don’t remember my eyes one to the regular place so we have to cancel dinner everyone suffered because of it so no but we have to take great food and this morning remember that have got to a sauce and then come back at lunch I’m gonna have salad because my body is 90% feta cheese 10% shave my dad got so sunburned back yesterday we have a little bit heat strip care to have a lie-down it’s gone cotton wool whites you know on one of his last holidays my mum overheard some people who were staying next to them in the city saying oh look is captain burns dying again was quite laughs with a bit lazy haven’t we like to do go do it directions Rosie believe it or not is very good with directions creare so I’ve been getting people still whole thing it’s not even given system in the home environment in the kitchen because I’m like take Google Play we communicate better but when out on the road I’m really happy that I actually put on my phone because first of all free our second we’ll actually in built inspect pixel suitable make life a lot easier to proceed I found my way to do paper I found my way to the ice cream I found my way to happiness are you sad to be lit really really have you enjoyed it I’m buying it when I get back merci merci what no whore subbulu nice horse Gracie stay in Catalonia I’m going I’m literally going [Music] you [Music]

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  1. The music at 8:40 sounds like that part of the movie where everything has gone wrong and the main character gets all introspective and leaves everyone behind for a while before deciding to go with the harder but more wise decisions in their current situation and truly growing as a person

  2. Woow I can't believe you came here in Greece. So glad that y like staying here tho not a lot of youtubers come 😹love your vidss

  3. Be careful about heat strokes, they're no joke. Someone I know died not a while back because he was in the sun too long. Be careful, ladies. ❤️

  4. Rosie is all about family. Rose lists all they've got to at 8:28 and is happy about toilet paper but in the background Rosie says "family". Rosie you will have your own family eventually. It gets my heart every time.

  5. Who know what camera do they use for the trip. The stabilisation is fantastic and their video look so professional by the way. Lol

  6. I really can't help it but you two were look good at each other goshhhh😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘 it feels like my day won't be completed without your videos love ya' both😘😘😘 from Philippines here

  7. Why are you two lesbos showing up as my YT recommended . I don't care about your socialist brainwashed feminist fantasy of same sex happyness. Fuck off. All the best, Mr. BongRipper.

  8. Greek viewer here. Can I say one thing guys, the dead the unicorn was hilarious! It was the thing of the summer in Greece, this year it was all over the place. My BFF was riding it hard haha.
    FYI you don't go anywhere without Sam loves Betty mosquito protection ;P
    I really hope you got to visit myrtos beach and Melissanthi cave lake for the least 😉 Keep up the good work! the originality pays off!

  9. I’m dead I saw them in the airport when I went on holiday but I didn’t watch them then so I didn’t know 😩😩

  10. Rose and Rosie I love you two❤️😭 I am from 🇰🇷 South Korea and I watch ur video everyday. I found some of ur video with Korean subtitle and I just want u to know that u have ur fans all over the world🇰🇷 love u so much.. I wish I could go to ur fan meetings and I will someday I hope so

  11. I am from Greece and I live in Greece I am happy that you have visited Greece at least once also the day it was posted 10 of July it was my nameday

  12. I'm curious to see why you picked Kefalonia? I'm going there as one of my Greek destinations in September! It looks beautiful! Hopefully I don't miss too much by skipping Santorini and Mykonos

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