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Going on Vacation! (Sims 2)

Going on Vacation! (Sims 2)

hey guys James here today and welcome at back to the sims 2 that there's no face camp today because look honestly sometimes I just don't look good and I can't have that image portrayed of me on the Internet basically I couldn't be well I just wanna be in pajamas and be comfortable okay stop judging me so hey we're back with the the family obviously we're switching back and forth every episode today I thought we would go oh wow look at all the is it not like what is going on here two things here and like you like to Nina to be really collective Lauer's let's go we kind of collective we can only view them all right let's not do that one I look he's fixing our computer thanks man I'm gonna delete this thanks buddy thanks to the flowers they're gone so she wants to make out with five different Sims become best friends with whoever this guy is which is Timothy woohoo 10 different Sims and have 5 loves at once oh yeah actually you guys also suggested that I go in here I don't know in here if we spend away you said there's some wait where is it wait what are you saying it says if you give Nina all of her romance aspiration points she will have an apology option which I don't oh maybe maybe we do have it then because we have all of these white smooth talk interaction is useful only to not only to build relationship quickly with a potential romantic interest but also smooth things over with a simpie was furious with you okay so I've had that but we've not used it quite clearly so let's keep that in mind for when we meet new people slash get caught if we do smooth talking it should actually be a lot better all right cool so hey what we're gonna do in your vacation vacation book vacation I'm gonna take the family away because I feel like we need to get out of this disgusting crappy sad a house and just experience life outside to sense things on vacation you'll first need to pick a vacation destination neighborhood to do this click on the vacation shoes icon on the options menu or neighborhood view oh I think we're to load them in first yeah so we've got a few of them we've got take me Zoo village we've got three lakes and twiki island that was my favorite one I think a beach one I don't know if ever I don't really remember that one to be honest and then I do remember this one is all right well I was gonna add them all and then we'll choose alright here we go so um I guess how long do we want to be a way for I guess doesn't really matter because obviously it's probably gonna span a few episodes right should we did shoot 77 days it'll 7 days is a lot let's do maybe five I think I feel like three is too short or maybe four do you reckon I don't know four or five we can always go again let's do four three is too short maybe five too long alright so well obviously do we take the kids with us always ditch them what I believe we leave the kids but a call my love but I'm just if we just leave the kids behind um dude well taken with us Ned beetle get all my kids it's three okay $2,500 yeah we have enough of that let's go ah so that's good I want to go to TWiki island I do I do like this place double double palm resort the world that you are ready for a relaxing vacation booked a room get a massage and let your worries disappear doesn't tell me how much these places cost oh no no yes it does right there right okay sorry gotcha gotcha jerk and that's actually that expensive let's find out a shuttles been dispatched I mean no one's actually at home right now so I'm not actually sure what's gonna happen oh hey the kids the kids are home okay so you're back here's our shuttle yeah forget your homework don't worry about that you're thinking about University cool you wanna go – nope alright bye yes it's just mom I'm going to assume everyone disappears here as well better be pretty funny if it was just just Nina and then everybody else is like Janna name is just got on a vacation four five by herself well she'll be able to find something you loves them so there's an upside and a downside to all this the Potter house bungalows let's do this I mean I'm excited to this what can you even do in upon bon voyage once this expansion pack other than obviously going on vacation we'll have to I think there's a lovely a few special places all right so what we're gonna do looks like everyone is here so we're gonna go check in now this is this music hell yeah yeah we're we're coming from out here I really this music really doesn't suit this environment of why would it be like this all right why don't you kids all come in okay can we go check in wondering kids all come in your uniform right so we've got select all where to select a sweet friends hang on pause alright so we've got five Sims didn't they get four in there three in there two in there so maybe we do no actually because each of the kids there won't be able to share a bed so we put anything at the big one and then maybe the small one mm fourteen eighty six and nine oh wait we're here for four nights we might think there's so much cheaper kids I didn't really save up much money to be here Friday yeah let's maybe try a different lodging that's okay yeah it's expense because the thing is we because we need another room if we run into the one we could probably get away with it I mean it'd be it'd be fine but it might be able to do it alright we keep it I like I can just completely change locations if you want to all right let's go all right everyone get in there get in there oh wait I went to Twinkie beach hotel I don't know I just I don't really let's just go around see what we find like we've come all the way to this hotel we realized I don't know you know what we can't afford this would have been nice if you told me in the menu but it's okay this we get to explore the island and they have like secret lots or something in this with my mouse or my other computer let's see Sims 2 bon voyage secret lot yeah they do have secret lots we'll have to look those up see how we get them okay so here we are how about this place I mean pours up real quick ah it's nice to finally unwind a little shut up alright so what do we have we've got is this oh okay that's an individual room individual room individual room okay cool and then we have another double here and then two singles so he'll figure out a cheap combination eight hundred a night 883 a night how much is on a thousand and I because we need five how much are the individual rooms uh eight four four it all Brit well I guess it's based on physical size not number of beds so we definitely two maybe even just this one no that's a thousand a night though let's go reserve suite I guess eight hundred that's two and we need another room cancel reservation 880 okay that we need that we still need a third room that's a problem all right then I guess we gotta get one of these is one cheaper yep how much am I paying here cuz we gotta work this out we gotta do some quick math guys so we got seven fifteen plus o plus Chinese mildly computer to do this plus 800 whoops damn it sorry I'm a little put plus 800 plus no you can't see this as well what what is going on hang on I got a is this all over the place no at seven fifteen plus eight hundred plus whatever this other one was what is this one hello hello hello eight eighty three eighty three so it's two thousand three hundred and ninety eight and nine times four night so we are spending more than we can afford so I'm not really sure what happens we might have to share a room near the end but well you know I guess I'll find out okay hi check in two thousand bucks I mean we can afford like one night so we'll do that everywhere she could be a pirate buying the beached ship and raise the Jolly Roger ah yes hello each ship don't just tell me that let's go let's go for a swim though get in the ocean hell yeah look at this is one that they updated water in this pack and made it like really shiny and like really nice likely this do the waves are so funny good it's funny cuz the waters actually it's just flat they although it doesn't like effects on the top please roll again good up or say help kids look and then half the world disappears hello where where is everyone Oh yo why are you sitting in a suit go for a swim no actions available really you can't blow through this cake it in me go go for a swim nice there he goes look at this ocean swimming yay he's loving it where are you when you said to be something – oh you're / yeah oh god you just got destroyed where are the kids you guys I want us at the front you want to light do something Oh this is the adventure guy let's up to the adventure guy book a tour I don't think that you actually do anything with these I think you just like book a tour and stuff happens hundred dollars per person just you yeah I think she just like heads off and does whatever all right so you guys is there there's any food here right is like a restaurant oh we have to pay in the rip man we don't have money for this trip that's like a dance floor area look at this it's cool yeah we don't really have money for this trip at all so you know let's take it let's take let's take what's your name again lenghten that wasn't sure I think egg dinero I feel like we always focus on Nina look she's had her time let's go explore Wow what wording like that is no good cool taxi wait now you guys always just tell me to say walked a lot can i click it yeah I can click myself you guys always like just click walked a lot it's so much quicker and you don't have to call a taxi and I'm like yeah you're right but I forget every single time all right actually this hidden lot where is it hidden lot secret lot let's see Sims 2 bon voyage so maps can be found by digging or taking tours on vacation and they can lead to a secret law in each of the three exotic locations each letters are home to a unique NPC hidden Lots are not editable in any manner without modifying game files ok that's fine I don't want to edit them I should go there to wish we go South End Beach why it's in hot spring is that supposed to be there's supposed to be a space there am I a tiki boardwalk Tiki Beach boardwalk let's go there walking Swede oh yeah it's good to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and just enjoy yourself for once you know shouldn't always have to be about taking care of the kids in the family sometimes egg ttan just wants some time alone even though he brought his entire family on vacation so I don't know how there's like in Seward a lot of hidden lots I feel like here that they tried to do them in Sims 4 but then they realized to do a hidden lot in Sims 4 they have to do so much more work and there's gave up there's like so there's four in sim for those have forgotten Gordo Sylvan Glade deep woods in Granite Falls and then six um and I'm like yeah that's enough let's never do them again okay so what I want to do they say dig for treasure hey alright let's do it let's find a map where's the map at I don't dig it frontally says have no one minds and yeah you guys have been telling me to dig for touch of her a lot just it gets up for money but I didn't really want to use this as a way to get money cuz you can do this on your home lot you just dig up your garden and use fines after laying them that seems like your face have way too easily you know I found a bone whoa that must be really good oh look at this learn fire dams oh yeah I'll learn fire dance hell yeah I want a lot of hi dance peach me it's not investing oh good we got a bit of extra money teach me teach me your ways this would look way cooler in my time though hangout is there like a better view I can get of this no really there we go always gonna be thinking about thumbnails you know now teach me go egg didn't okay so doing without fire first he's still pretty bad no no I'm trying to get yeah you suck all right there show me how to do it alright so you do this you light them on fire and you spin it see sample easy little twist and turn dude actually if you guys have seen these kind of shows in real life like I went to one those one I was one on a beach and they had like I don't have any feel that would have been maybe I guess probably like maybe 10 people and they all would like doing the fire dance and it looked amazing it was so good because it was like pitch black and it was just that you'd see the glow of it all looks so cool all right we got two times speed a set of three it looks it looks really cool what so do we have to wait this long oh my god all right we're gonna they still see something that in nighttime come on egg tan you can lower the fire dance oh yes nighttime he still hasn't got the fire going yet can we kill you it get like a really cool like it'll be a still frame here somewhere we can get right got a hard though I don't even know how I would tennis into a thumbnail just because of the fire actually makes it quick it's really quite difficult anyway – learn your skill learning the skill but learning a skill I'm really good at it oh come if I like unique clothes and stuff here – that'd be great did you just give up no oh that's really annoying now I have to pay another 75 dollars to do it again just to finish my oh god okay we're gonna go home walk what harm Jai assume it means the hotel so now the thing is we go back in time we traveled back to the past and then we can focus on something else with the rest of the day I actually kind of like a system I know it's probably confusing because some people that have been playing like Sims 3 onward that time doesn't progress when you leave a lot and then you can spend your whole day somewhere else and you come back and you're back when you left so it basically just pauses time on this loss so now we're back here and the time will update to whatever time we left ah well no this is a one-time that it never did okay well I lied huh did not do that how come it doesn't do that Bonnefoy wait wait what okay well I was saying this whole explanation about how you pause time and you do all this cool stuff apparently seems bon voyage nope okay well how come it doesn't do it here but in university where you only make some more sense that it should do that there was this during the tour the boat weight she's been on a tour since like 1:00 p.m. then holy crap increses pass with the no bozos dive club their dive boat has run out of fuel they need a ride to the to the dock should they cancel the glass-bottom boat yes it's been like 10 hours yeah I mean yeah obviously you should you shouldn't just leave people stranded the last button boat ties up to the dive boat and heads back to the dock there the tour has been canceled on the way back the passengers still managed to see a giant stingray and more i'il everybody gains a lot ex-seal point oh cool what are you doing arrived is he gonna make it alright where are you you'll see ok so that weird thing yeah that we think is that find out we're in University the time paused and obviously on your home lights as well the time pauses and then here it just does it's like yeah whatever no you're sleeping that that's like your bed your beds one of these actually you can have the one upstairs because you're your teenager you can get your in room and pretty makes more sense this our room I think that room yeah we can see it we can't see that one all right so you go do that and the new kids who use this what are you doing that's not your bed don't you dare that's mum's bed are you to sleep and then you get sleep I don't know why it's so hard to get them to sleep in the proper beds but you know yeah can you guys get out of your stupid you know be doing it's like 10:30 Pierre 10:50 p.m. go take a shower or something okay thanks shower have a sleep and then over to you actually wanna wake you up probably should have had a shower first okay so you know what maybe more time on vacation would actually be better although we can't afford it monthly not sure what's gonna happen when we can't afford this alright so he is sleeping up okay in that case I do want to spend all my time with acting then I was gonna evenly go back and forth between everyone in travel to different Lots but doesn't seem like that's gonna be a possibility anymore so you know do that we're gonna take a shower as soon as he's like good to get up we'll uh oh he's having a really fun dream getting lots of fun while sleeping all right let me get up buddy you'll be fine are you doing up oh you're also in a good mood she's like hey guys I'm just gonna take a shower that my me all right so then that's that and then I'll take get some food why don't you just have like a buff I would like a breakfast buffet this hotels too fancy we went to fancy B seat now be seated nice credo let's just go find we're gonna find a cool lot that has food all right walked a lot community lot and no just me I'm gonna leave Nina okay so we did the boardwalk but we didn't really do anything I were trying to let's go to South End Beach hopefully there's another fire dancer there cuz I would like to finish that I mean we we learnt most of it it's probably a good idea to try and learn all of it you know it might as well like try and finish that off so we can I don't know what can even do with it I guess perform it maybe I can be like hey guys check out my sweet by a dance I learnt this when I was under vacation it can be one of those people say huh back when I was in Italy you know I learned how to do all this stuff you know they're cool no one asked buddy that's what whoo that's who Acton's gonna be when I went to TWiki Beach actually learned fire dancing from the natives and it was a really ancient art form that actually summoned the beast with a billion backs okay let's have a look so it's just pours up oh he's a shipwreck oh yeah look at this ah this is cool let's check it out walk the plank clang crows anyway what did it tell me to do raise the Jolly Roger that's not have told me to do let's try doing that see what happens yeah cool we're here buddy there we go let's go check out the Jolly Roger yeehaw cowboy I don't know what what I don't know we're a cowboy now excuse me coming through oh yeah let's raise it here we go it's raining it must be good it's actually tangling I think oh that good did I go up did not work I know he's just saying it's lower the Jolly Roger man the wheel fence explore those two explore maybe this this okay I kind of want it to be daytime because this would be how I also kind of don't want to be hailing tell you that to explore piracy what about plunder the captain's cabin always really hungry yeah that's right I forgot we needed food I be good if it wasn't raining I would yeah I would like that as a thumbnail you know that might be good hey guys let's get some local food I always like oh god this is when outdoor stuff doesn't work pineapple luau ribs Oh sounds good don't do whatever you doing forget luau ribs yeah if it gets up Hayling that'll be better be ideal okay so what are you wearing we really need to get better clothes I think I closer we've got to buy some local oh my god is it sister or Oda I know these miss like oh who is this this is like one of the npc's isn't it like that unsavory charlotte charlatan yeah he doesn't mean norm we have like a big studio so funny he's still gonna say like hat is monocle and all that all right so let's eat up it's not feeling good about ourselves you know don't work you know what we could use more food you're still pretty let's get the pineapple surprise now thank you Oh God man this Haley's not letting up it's the floor is actually being covered by it all right let's go bye every day yeah yeah I know I know it's hailing it's actually really annoying it's not the worst so like if you go away somewhere wherever it might be and then like you get there than the weather it's just garbage like ah it okay stop yeah if you keep standing still in it of course you're gonna be you're gonna keep trying to do that yeah that's always the worst like or if you even reduced spending the day out you're like ah tomorrow you know we're going I don't know like maybe you've cooked in together the zoo or something or what I meant they're just brains you know oh well this sucks well it sucks but how do I find with I guess it's just a normal clothes I was hoping they had like special stuff I mean we will put on yeah here we go we'll get one of these which one do we want maybe I do it I like that one I'm 200 bucks man this daylight robbery let's this Phi I want to buy it thank you okay you're under a roof why are you worrying about the hail how do I change into this what is this private island figurine and little chest of booty okay a little chest of booty do like me some good booty mm-hmm is there somebody oh it's up hailing hey wait which which rooms which yeah we can change our fit we'll plan outfit a plan my every day also we just got to get a quick thumbnail screenshot let's just go here for a little bit maybe like could be good I can't zoom out more hang on there we go maybe there I'm not sure guys I just create a few angles just bear with me yeah maybe even what about what if it's just like coming on to the thumbnail you like its laws taking over the whole thumb now and you're like wow I don't know here's what I'll do I'll just get out this side shot and then we can um go from there all right that should work all right let's go change into this okay get comfy buddy yeah there we go all right so you're getting tired again that's okay now what is this view many of you know so we've raised the Jolly Roger but what does it do can we do other stuff here do we do we plan to we plundered Brian did we get anything for it I want cool stuff you know please in there no we already did it was fun to explore you I found something while in the captain's cabin I should check my inventory see what I got oh yes oh yeah old barn little chest a booty gold doubloon wait oh it's worth like 500 bucks damn all right that's also actually dig right oh I guess maybe not the page I dig the code wait wasn't that oh no I can't oh we should build a sand castle Oh actually I want to hopefully find a treasure map or a map I'm the bone come on man I build a sand castle this is something the kids should be doing but we're not with the kids right now is build our own thang offal and castles in the samurai continued and stop it's terrible fantastic alright dig for treasure go find me that map come on we need to find out where the secret lot is we gotta go check it out found a tattered old map yes the same still lead to a place called pagoda in the shadows in take me zu viel ah what no we're not in take me Z village we're in twiki Island okay we need to look for more old maps okay I found a rock cool where is the map for this island uh-oh it's thinking about it no don't know oh thank god oh we've had treasure chests beautiful right I think you say I don't actually want to treasure chest I want a map Oh God hit a water main some investing was good today found a barn are those people filling in my well I think why is this guy digging up our Beach ah dammit alright we gotta we gotta go we gotta go oh yeah we got a good let's go walked a lot harm alright guys so now as we learnt the time doesn't actually pause and we have progressed forward which is strange that way we're gonna figure Oh actually I guess the treasure if that's worth enough we might be able to sell that although it didn't seem that I could get into buy mode on that one hopefully actually happening in this slot I can get oh maybe not check out time pass while you were away from the hotel 2398 something added to your bill oh my god this is gonna be all my money if we we can't say a single mark like another night okay but I've got this so how much is this worth is worth five thousand if I could sell it how do I sell it no there's like no way to get to my inventory to sell this thing hmm can I yeah I'll give you a treasure here I can't I don't know how to that's a shame well thanks we'll find out what happens if we don't pay maybe they'll come and cut us or something alright well let's use Nina let's go somewhere else again walked a lot community lot well we leave egged in here to take care of himself ancient ruins of the num chunk a good blossom wood hotel double palm resort village majestic ruins so we did the beaches and we did the boardwalk beach paradise ah I go maybe to the we have some ruins you're the first one we're gonna check out sweet ruins live the kids here again hey kids you do whatever you want bye bye like how mom and dad just you know just go out during the day don't worry about the kids they've got plenty to do so gotta find that map we found one map that goes to the other place which is not what we wanted why would there be a map here on tweaky Island I think me thinks there's a conspiracy if they're all owned by one track travel company they're all earned by one like travel agent and then they they hide the maps around just to get you to go to the other places alright so I like I even like view each of these cool yeah I'll view them all let's get some food cuz she's hungry order food let's get the we haven't had the mahi-mahi yet which by the way good mahi my is really good so I'm hopefully this is hopefully this is that and then we good we're gonna try this smoothed off that apparently I've had that I'm not used to get people to like me more hello because we need to make out with five people so how about you greet I'm back over here I guess I should really eat Perth she has a fear of having a baby another baby you've had so you had like five kids alright do you autumn or food she did yeah there yeah alright cool now leave than that where is someone to talk to others people up here how are you goopy what up goopy all right so now how do we do the smooth-talk detain I mean it must be just like maybe we're to get a little bit further up me talk us metal yeah apparently this should help us out a lot there were two and 300 it was up to twelve nice as you some awesome new token we just keep doing somebody thought hey love did I why not hey dude I'm gonna keep it a smooth talk you go he's another rose yeah doesn't do as much this time but I mean it's obviously not a bad thing okay kind of um pours on in the mini let's do a few of them here's another rose Wow no way now something like one level now I think it's a good it's a good icebreaker to get us going but it's not really doing a whole he part of that flat wolf whistle what check out maybe maybes into it yeah it's only gonna kick one level it got us like basically zero to twelve and also if people are mad at you can get rid of it pretty quick how do you like that oh we have really bad chemistry that's okay it's not it's not about chemistry hey what can I can I talk to you that leave I heard something changing hello how about an island ah hello or a beach I don't know I don't know if there's an i oh wait is yes twiki island isn't it hello no no don't leave me eyes no no why is it leaving Oh No how am I supposed to find a suitor now how about this guy good no I can't okey damn it there's just some like old lady that's dead in the springs well I don't she's dead oh she's not dead but hello yes here's someone you'll do hi well you know you know the island are native but that's fine I guess you'll do oh no a champ says all right stop leaving me say hello not hi huh what what do I have to do to get the attention of men this isn't working all right well what else can we do make it offering oh let's do that hello what does that do find me a man please that's my offering for your kind actions please accept token are just getting mature you see what you go okay what did I get hello okay little Jess a booty yeah all right we need to dig for treasure please we need to find the other map as well while here live Oh found a water main hey guys I don't have yeah there's a water main down there sorry you might want to fix that let's check this one a bone no what are you doing go mop that up but believe that it's on grass I'm gonna find her I'm gonna find that map to the secret lot oh here's the unsavory charlatan I got saving up music for it today can I can I do him I found a map what did I find bone indeed I found a bone for you if you know what I mean I need to bust out some new moves at paisans unique dance from the locals I kept woman why can i I want to get with you can't do anything tell me that I'm sorry just gave me a nice tip you've had a rock great and the map right another bone a little but like how these ones aren't working properly either they're just kind of like me oh no to get to walk all the way around to get there I know we went over there okay found a rock sweet any more food dig the treasure where's my map we might have to get maybe you can maybe gonna only find the map for this one in the other world I guess that would make sense right if you found that take me to village one here yeah I I don't think we're gonna find anything let's go home alright walked a lot hi I'm I'm wondering if um if this is like sim for or considering the time is advancing in the other world I feel they just taken care of their needs and it because it'd be annoying if the time doesn't advance and they don't take care of them me all the time does address but they don't take care of that needs because that would suck don't don't don't don't okay hello how are you whoops how it looks like you did nothing for me great great great great really great it's 6:00 a.m. are you doing so we what time is checkout could we actually need to get out of here oh we can't afford to get out of here you know I guess I'll find out what happens well we'll keep sleeping for a little bit know that you guys are you gonna sleep oh yes he wants to take a shower real bad so we're gonna go use can't wait to come back okay right I didn't Nina go what are you doing she doesn't really need sleep but also sleep please uh what is wrong with you kids vacation was worth every penny here wait is this vacation over we're only halfway through why are you crying and they're all like negative that in our room crying decay mum and dad are in the same bed for once she's not with someone else make sure we can't afford another night here we can't even afford this night oh wait cut is it check out timing on check out if you had to check out he must do so before noon okay we got till noon okay we ready oh okay let's let's see what happens here cuz I don't have enough money for this hi so yeah we've got a problem week yeah we can't actually afford the bill so I would have to say staying in a hotel isn't free and since you're lacking the necessary funds to pay for your stay a bill of 4706 it's been sent to your home you know what that's actually not bad that means we can pay it later sweet got credit we're gonna go try different lodgings I'm not ready to go home yet so you get us I'm a real cheap choose from Navin no no we want to go through we gotta go the cheap place we've been to the other two they're too expensive all right kids we're gonna change hotels to a real crap one which we can't even afford I guess that we might be able to pay with it from our our phones I guess we didn't mean three rooms if we were actually playing the whole family going to every lot together as a family which oh my god kind of imagine doing that if we're actually doing that I guess probably then we want to use three rooms though because we only ever really used one sim it was like left the others we didn't need to so we can probably get away with only like three beds or something maybe we should take um we should take dune or something out for a day cuz you know Acton's had a de Minas had a day maybe Doudna can I have a day oh girl this place is sad oh wait we've shared bathrooms no yeah oh this sounds good same bathroom how much is this room seven this is must be cheap we're the small room 348 414 what's the cheapest 380 but I think this that's a single a single bed hotel room saddest possible thing ever 414 348 not paying 723 excuse me 446 380 all right well why would this have a single bed and then like a whole like dining area in there and and its own bathroom with a single that seems an odd choice it's not gonna be good I'll get this one because I don't wanna go upstairs all right I guess I have to get two rooms so I'm just gonna get those two it'll be fine we don't need three though let's go check hey man yeah we we ran out on the bill from the last place because we couldn't afford it but it's okay alright what are you up to I think you're doing that that's good so do now yeah actually let's go talk to this guy tell me what I can do what's cool here let's go ask this guy see what do not what dude I can do you know what can we do what's cool you man what's wrong place collected mementos of your trip through shopping and digging up treasures of finding new items to become a wall a wall well-rounded vacation okay well let's walked a lot community asleep everyone here see you guys I'm not taking anyone with me ah fruit Ville village let's go there I haven't been there yeah I don't think we really got it we gotta take in the local environment you know in a way we want to be locals we want to live you actually can buy vacation homes in this game can't you ah man yeah you can never do that in sims 3 or obviously Sims 4 you only rent like visit briefly wait could you buy wait maybe we couldn't swim sorry I don't remember no maybe you could buy could you live there though okay we'll definitely seem for you can't I can't I was like a like a fresh produce market it was pretty cool hey guys this is kind of lame I don't know why I chose my spent my day here oh I'll oh great this guy I mean we already I guess he already did great so that's cool all right I'm gonna dig for treasure now leave me alone bye leave me alone digging for treasure I found a map we're surely stop digging for treasure I was found of rock right great no dig for treasure please an arcade here I thought like another treasure chest so again another five grand I kind of borrowed yeah we're really not funny any good hey do you actually need any need oh you actually kind of hungry this isn't food pineapple surprise is the pineapple surprise let's have a look I don't see what it looks like hello are you a teenager as well I'm a-tellin this you know I think she looks like a teen she looks the same size irritate no I don't know a witch talk and have a surprise looks like I guess like prawns pineapple some leaf and some other stuff below it I don't know whatever that is cool anyway eat that up cool alright let's stop him leave this place this place sucks this place somewhere else walk to our community long time ago so that's where we're staying let's go to the other ruins because we did the so it was got a majestic ruins of Jumbuck four sounds fun sound so fun that I want to go to it and see if there's anything a unique I did like to I did like the ship though the pirate ship was pretty cool I feel like there's some more stuff around that that I don't know about but what we'll do we'll go here we'll leave like one vacation day so when we come back next time of these guys you get you can tell me what I should have done and then we could do it and it'll be great all right so look so get another Springs here we've got you guys do it given off remaking offering again and we got some food here it's all kind of the same stuff I want to go to the secret lot though I this is pretty cool look it's jungle adventure I oh we need to finish our fire a fire breathing on fire breathing yeah fire dance oh I gotta finish that training all right what happened hey she's touching it the hand in it and then do you like a message about what it is no she's just sitting thinking okay cool cool let's take the train out okay one what we're doing with one dig for treasure one treasure oh been a tenet old map oh damn it is in three lakes we did find another map though which is good but it's for the other place as well the three lakes in the mountain cool alright so you know those ones she wants to soak in hot springs okay let's go do it so can I go this all like what this old lady's everywhere yeah all you do go around to different hot springs I just sit in them I'm bored of us now let's go let's go home cuz I want to see if we can let's quickly do the finish off the fire training finance track because I'm you know I want to leave that like we're so close I don't wanna leave it like right there might as well finish that and then then we'll LA end up there all right teach me your ways come on learn fired at oops wait do I do it I don't know what I did yeah looking fire dancer 75 bucks oh god I should probably get his needs up I'm gonna do these things all right we gotta be real close yeah look how close bro we're nearly done dude I'm gonna be professional look at the ship over there all right here we go you do it I think he said I think he's got it be created now don't be great can I do a finance how do I do a finance I want to do it now I know it how do I let me do it not after meditate dammit uh how do I perform uh fire your dance I don't know maybe this maybe this baby's cause he's on it I don't know I don't know um apparently I've lied at that all right go eat some food oops I don't mean to do that order food do that one oh no mind order food that one they go all right no no then you don't need some more food you need these don't actually feel you I've got to have two of them there we go guys let's go walked a lot walk I'm we now know how to do the fire dance and we also I don't know but we found a couple of hidden maps we all got buried treasure so that's pretty good the good news is we could go to really expensive hotels and just rack up an insane bill and then just not have right like what I'm gonna pay my bill I guess it just get added to my household bill so if I don't pay off McHale he'll show all right I don't leave the body here make sure we become a suggestions and be back down below I'll see you next time thanks for watching and have an awesome day

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  1. 1. The kids were upset because mum WAS in bed with another man… psst that's not their father
    2. To fire dance – click on him, then Entertain
    3. Keep digging with the fam and eventually you'll get the map! Then [SPOILER] you can get a Voodoo doll at the secret lot!

  2. I think vacation was one of the last expansion packs made. University was the first expansion pack made. So maybe they worked out the technology for have continued days.

  3. I downloaded the sims 2 on my computer but the graphics are literal trash how are yours so good 😭

  4. YOU SHOULD COOK IRL PINEAPPLE SURPRISE! looks Like a fried rice green leaf garnish pineapple circles cut in half and grilled with the shrimps,

  5. While Sims are in the hotel, they can order food straight to their rooms, just use the phone in their room.

  6. MAN I missed this! There hasn't been a decent vacation expansion pack since Bon Voyage. World Adventures was much more geared toward exploring to the point you had to build your own lots if your Sims wanted something fun to do. Plus you could build your own vacation worlds…good times.

  7. The sims 2 has the most realistic hotel resorts in terms of how you have to check in and all the room service

  8. Sadly TS2 bonvoyage alweys work like this u pay for 4days and 3 nights there is no cheating to get more time then u buy like we doo hav on normal loot or univesity 😉

  9. i am sorry but this was frustrating….why would you bring children with you and waste money on a hotel room for them if you didn't even play as them? And why would yo take Nina out for adventure yet do exactly the same thing she would at home? She doesn't need to makw out with people, she needs to explore the ruins, talk to the giant monument, meet a ghost at the ship! C'mon man.

  10. A convenient way of filling out the requirements for your Don Juan lifetime aspirations.
    Better buy a second home, though.
    Keep it simple, you do not want to monitor multiple people in the vacation spots. which typically have more and more troublesome distractions with bigger downsides.
    Stay away from resorts! Having to cope with 2 sims with… soot all over their bodies with the attendant problems… is a big bother in a resort – not the right kind of amenities in the right places.

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