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Guide to Investing in Panama City Beach Real Estate – Vacation Properties & Vacation Rentals

Guide to Investing in Panama City Beach Real Estate – Vacation Properties & Vacation Rentals

everybody this is Rachel WarrellI’m a
real-estate agent here in the Panama City Panama City Beach area and today I
want to make a video explaining the various parts of Panama City Beach and
what they offer so this video is for anyone who’s not familiar with Panama
City Beach but would like to invest in either vacation home or an
income-generating rental property so I’m specifically talking about what the
locals call front Beach Road and this is the section of money that runs directly
in front of the Gulf of Mexico and so if you hear a local say Front Beach Road
know that’s what they’re talking about the road that runs directly in front of
the Gulf of Mexico I like to break this area into three separate territories the
first being the east side so the east side has gone through an incredible
transformation as of late Panama City Beach has been working very
hard to get away from its party city Spring Break image and really attract a
more family-friendly vacation demographic so the East End has seen
interstate park it’s also where a lot of the older condos are located and they
were built in these 70s or 80s and what makes these buildings special is they
because they’re not the high-rise new construction condos these condos have a
lot more intimate view of the Gulf of Mexico and it’s a really quiet relaxing
peaceful area to vacation it’s also an area where you can invest
in a lower pricepoint and some of these condors haven’t been updated since the
70s or 80s so with a little renovation a little TLC you can transform these
condos into modern adorable vacation homes or vacation rental properties
now if the second area I’d like to talk about is runs along from the east into
the West Pier Park really so this is where all the newer construction condos
are their high-rise a lot of them you were built to post 2006 so they have the
hurricane glass and they offer a lot of in-house amenities depending on the
building some of them have indoor pools or outdoor pools movie theaters in-house
restaurants and they’re closer to all of the attractions like Pier Park or the
Panama City Beach Sports Complex so they’re very appealing to the vacationer
that wants to be right in the middle of all the action and close to all the
local attractions now the third area is an area that is
west of pure Park and it’s outside of the Panama City Beach City Limits so the
zoning restrictions aren’t as strict and I like to call this area the Wild West
because really as far as vacation rentals you’re not limited as far as
your rental term links which makes this an interesting and alluring part of
Panama City Beach for anyone who wants you have an Airbnb or a br vo its golf
cart friendly there aren’t any high-rise condos on
this end of the beach so it’s very old-school Florida it’s very peaceful
and it really is a nice area for anyone who’s looking for a quiet into the beach
away from all the hustle and bustle of Pierre Park as a vacation home a primary
residence or even as a short-term vacation rental so I hope you found this
video helpful if so please subscribe to my channel for more videos
also if there’s anything in the world I can do to help you feel free to direct
message me call me and available anytime eight five zero eight nine six five
eight nine nine and I love to discuss your upcoming real estate plans also
comment down below and tell me which part of Panama City Beach you find most
appealing and why thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one

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