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Guy Fieri’s Family Vacation on Carnival | Carnival Cruise Line

Guy Fieri’s Family Vacation on Carnival | Carnival Cruise Line

I’m guy Fieri and we’re on Carnival.
I brought the entire family! And we’re having a blast! Have you guys had these burgers? Look at that big slab of cheddar. [Rock Music] Ellis, you’re out! Oh! This is the newest concept we’ve done
called Pig & Anchor. We have Blue Ribbon Chicken we have Real-Deal Brisket
we have beans we have mac and cheese pulled pork you name it.
Pit master! Nicely done. Beautiful. Look at that bark on there. Thanks guys. Good dudes. Bang for the buck? you can’t beat a Carnival Cruise. You get to see three different beaches on one vacation. I’m not the pits guy I just do the restaurants. But dollar-for-dollar, pound-for-pound You can’t find a vacation like this. This is exactly what this is all suppose to be. [ship’s horn blows]

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  1. My favorite burgers at sea!! I have been to his restaurants and your quality was right on the mark!

  2. I personally think they have slipped in quality very much. I just got off my Christmas cruise and my wife and I are looking at other cruise lines.

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