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ah it's you you freak yes didi a disgusting freak hello everybody and welcome back again to vacation simulator yesterday or last time we finished the beach we got all of our memories there and we did a bunch of hacking around if you guys missed it you should probably check it out but this guy was so creepy he was like the biggest creep in the world hiding deep beneath the ocean so if you guys miss that you should go learn more about our little friend efficiency bot and how freaking weird he is but today you can tell by my hat we're moving on to the forest to collect the rest of our memories we only have nine in the forest so we got a lot of work to do today um I don't even know where to begin I think we'll start up here so I learned something special up here what we can actually do in this we don't actually have to be a great painter because we suck at painting what did I oh there okay that's weird but we could actually just take pictures like we're gonna get a nice landscape right here let's just get that bad boy that one's beautiful and then we just put them in here and then we can paint mine and then just print that bad boy out and then take it to deliver that's perfect look at how much better that is than my crappy painting I tried to do that's go over there now that thing looks awful and this one looks beautiful okay just stick that in our bag and then we need one more here let's get one of the signs so that they remember who it's coming from there we go okay get this out of there and that one looks good I think we're pretty much set now we got two of those so we needed to take it to grill bot and the weird bot that like melted ice cuz they're weird so let's go up to the beach okay which one do I have for you I have a is that a picture or painting I think this one's a picture I have a bunch of paintings in here I don't remember it well that's big okay so let's give him he can have the waffle and pancake I'm sure you'll appreciate that one most okay I tried so hard on that painting you have no idea how long that took me I don't remember when I took that picture and you what are you gonna appreciate I feel like you like warmth in general so all of these fit but let's give you this one that one's really pretty yes look at that that's beautiful okay weird but okay okay that's what memory finished already we're cruising through this this is gonna be easy that's it I'm done already you don't have any more memories for me oh I thought you were gonna give me more memory you got nothing oh that's upsetting okay well there we go we're up to ten now I guess that's a start at least now we need to find someone else that we can make memories for so let's go let's go cook some stuff hello okay so this one's intermediate we got Bott moss he wants is that pancakes with three okay I guess I shouldn't be asking you you're about useless okay he wants pancakes with three marshmallows in it that's weird what do they or no I put batter on top of the pancake that one's garbage let's try that again there we go hey just a little bit touch more there we go perfect check those out those are both beautiful so now I need to take this and put some mushrooms or marshmallows on it two three and then that you know what that doesn't look half bad you guys don't even care okay that's going on my bag for now okay so this this crazy lady wants a a flower ping or a flower waffle here so kind of weird but I'm not one to judge how do I put two of these on here do you write to dehydrate them hold on let's just I don't understand you're just gonna leave that one in there uh I don't feel like that works very well crap okay well oh that's beautiful that's so beautiful I'm glad you like it so much that's beautiful so I I guess we had to do stuff over here a little bit but today I think what we're gonna do is we're gonna actually hack behind the waterfall I'm actually really excited about this since I first came here that's where I've wanted to go because it just looks awesome so I wonder what's back there we're gonna find out all right now we ate it here you take it quick before they eat more of it that's great we still got it luckily even though the fish ate half of it look at all these tiny little minnow fish that's so beautiful oh well hi green fish I didn't really want you I'm kind of upset that we're done with this one because frankly this one was one of my favorites that we've been able to do I like this one a lot hey I've got a weird pancake sandwich for you you're welcome so welcome okay so the first one I see is biology but just wants anything dehydrated and then put into a waffle so let's do hide rate a whole can of food and then we're gonna put that into a waffle and then we got dehydrated waffle food I don't feel like this would work not even a little bit that would just burn that would just burn but whatever it's in our bag now and then somebody wants a dehydrated popsicle which is kind of weird but that doesn't seem efficient at all but we're gonna do it that you what is that it's a secret missing piece this is the key to everything the key to the whole world okay so now we just need one more thing and then we'll go find these guys so I guess we'll go to the beach first and we'll drop off biology bots meal and then we can get efficiency BOTS thing wait wait a minute this isn't what I wanted hold on was the other one back in the forest I feel like it was okay well this isn't the one we wanted let's get out of here okay well since we're here already we might as well go ahead and deliver this one we had our dehydrated weird meal so just deliver that there dude look out you didn't even get to eat it you didn't even get a chance cuz this weird pufferfish ate it and now he's white that's weird okay oh man well let's get out of here because we already know what's about a hundred feet below us and frankly I don't really want to live relive that situation cuz that's just creepy ah ha ha that's what I need hey I don't need to hear from you okay I just need a nice little snowflake so give me that bad boy and then we're gonna get what we need and then we're gonna go make a waffle out of it I'm pretty sure that's what we're doing anyways put that one there oh okay so efficiency Bart wants it be high what will it just leave you literally sugar if you dehydrate at a popsicle stick but that doesn't make any sense okay welp there it is nice and dehydrated it looks cute so adorable all right let's get to delivering these so let's go find bird bot first cuz bird BOTS deep in the woods somewhere and then we can find efficiency bot and get this thing over with oh hello that's a nice hat you got there can I take that I can't first things first you should take this and then I'll get the pictures yeah look there's that too luster okay you just made a really weird sound I kind of want to get away from you now but I'll keep an eye out for other birds while I'm at it you freaking weirdo okay now we got to find efficiency by which I don't remember where they're at so we're just gonna go back to the entrance because I know there's an efficiency bot there always and here we go beautiful hey buddy there you go I will that's great that's a great way to eat food okay I think that's the truth behind vacation simulator right there we're all just pawns it's all just a trick to get our information Oh I'm freaked out now okay well that's that's the way it is then let's see where do I even get most of this stuff okay we got an acorn right here ACORN what the heck is what what is that that looks like something sliced oh I got a slice the acorn so I got to take that one to the slicer and then oh god okay avocado I'm what else is in there it looks like an avocado mushrooms and then another weird thing I don't know what that one's about okay let's go ahead and make sure we empty our bag here since I don't need these anymore I'll just throw those out the window all right I got two of the ingredients that I need I also need Jam which I have right there and I need bread which I don't have here so I should better take that with me and I need mushrooms and that thing what is that I don't know what that is I'm gonna take a picture of that just so that I can make sure that I get the right thing because otherwise I feel like I'm gonna forget okay and then what else do I need I shouldn't need any of that stuff from here there's soy milk mayo and creamer yeah that sounds awful okay we don't have any of that here well time to get on our way then okay so I think the mushrooms are gonna be back into the woods here so let's go ahead and head way and then I feel like there was a bird here there it is there's a bird oh no I got rid of my other bird okay well that's fine we're just gonna take this bird to him then put that both back in our bag and then whip out our bird picture here you go I'm gonna get out of here now because I don't really want to listen to you what kind of mushroom was it was it this one it was probably this one I don't understand I still don't have any idea what I was supposed to do here Oh what was that what was that all about what the heck is going on with these weird freaking mushrooms okay well uh you know what we're just gonna leave that like that all right I'm gonna go ahead and take this one mushroom because I think that's all we need from here okay so I needed this one for sure Oh leave the lid on there I'm gonna just take that one hmm okay whoops backpacks full definitely don't need that anymore I don't need that either get rid of both of those I'm gonna hang on to everything else though okay so I need some white milk I need creamer which I don't see uh was it a carrot wait a minute was that thing a carrot I feel like that looks like a carrot okay I'm just gonna take that and hope that that was the right thing and then we also have cheese which does have soy milk and milk but no creamer there's cream not helpful hello friend all right so let's get to chopping some stuff so first I'm gonna put the carrot in here and make sure that looks right I think that looks right yeah that definitely looks right okay so we got the first part of our sandwich then we need the avocado and the mushroom here we go all right chop up the rest of those I'll just put those over here I don't really need them anymore bit more of avocado beautiful ah crap wait those are our graham crackers okay whoops kind of messed that one up but I did get them sliced at least so I think we got everything we need carrots already in there so that one should be good now so let's put this one in here I know that we needed these chopped up and then I think they were on sandwich bread so we'll just put those ones back in there for all right let's take a minute to verify everything that we have here so I need bread where do I get bread from I remember having seen bread okay well I remember we have oh there's bread I found the bread everybody it's fine it's fine okay so we're gonna take this bit of bread we're gonna take Garden nicely chopped up acorn put this on here and then a little bit of jam and then top it off and we got an acorn in Jay beautiful so that's going to raft by whoever the heck that is now for our next one we have a really weird one we got a graham cracker with all three of these on it and I think it's in any order so I'm just gonna put that one that one that one and this one and there we go so let's make sure that that looks right that looks right okay that one's going to parent bot which is actually just right out here and then the last thing we need we have the soy milk we have the Mayo but we're missing that bottle of creamer where the heck is that it well I guess first things first this one goes back that's the wrong parent but here you go good meal but I'm glad that you enjoyed it at least weird oh wait a minute oh oh they got tricky with us iced tea how it is there we go that's the one that we needed so now we should be good to go we can do some work in here ooh botnet solitaire but mail what is this all about hey human get your grift on with this deal all right I don't really feel like checking this mail right now actually as interesting as it is I think we're gonna just leave it there well we got all kinds of crap in here I'm gonna take one of these thank you oh crap okay now we can get to making this thing so we're gonna need several different things on this is it just wait that doesn't look like this this isn't pancakes what am I even making here does that not say pancake er it does but it doesn't what the heck I guess they do want pancakes whatever we've got plenty of them either way so let's go ahead and just try and start making pancakes out of this so first we'll just put on a little bit of mayo there we go put on some creamer nope that doesn't look right that doesn't I think we got to start over that looks disgusting okay now we've got this I don't know if this is right because I just feel like these are supposed to be combined into one but I guess we're just gonna take it like that and see if we can find snow-bot now to deliver it to and then we also need to find Raph ba who I think it's actually just in the woods being a creep so let's go looking for our creepy friend but mr. raft bot hello how are you what are you doing in here anyways oh there's a bird as a bird everybody hold on we kind of need this Boop there we go perfect okay now what is up with you why are you just chilling out here and I guess it's not a big deal here you take that what hello take your stupid sandwich you're not staged when you take it okay we messed up something here so what did we mess up I thought we did that right we sliced them and then we put them on bread with the jelly like that's what this is is it not can I take this back apart I can take it back apart look there's slice there's that there's jelly all on Brett what the heck do you want okay is not easy okay well at least we got one of them done I don't know about this other one it seems rather confusing but I did go ahead and grab an acorn as well so hopefully that's enough I'm not really sure if it's gonna be though but let's go back to the vacation for us because this is where we need to check on that real fast to make sure that it's all right okay let's go over this again so what we have is we have an acorn which is right here whoop there and then we have this sandwich so it says with what is it what does it did he once did he want like the jam plus the bread there we go and then maybe this on top and then this one I don't think it really matters but you know what whatever we're gonna take that just like it is and I think okay we got to figure this out what do you want do you want this no you don't want this how about if I throw an acorn the Acorn won't even go on it look how about that that is pretty no you don't care about that what if I do it just like just like this huh no second bread no it's not what you're after okay wait the tracking wait what they're tracking me huh oh I gotta get rid of this thing I got it this thing is evil this is all part of the evil tracking plans oh okay 404 bot was definitely right where did that weirdo bot go I need I need that bot huh there he is hey what is that song okay wait will you take this now yes yes oh my god okay uh uh I was worried that I messed up on your sandwich but clearly no we're fine so now what are these songs about I guess we'll figure this out okay yes okay how do i oh wow well oh this is awesome I have absolutely diggin this this is actually really cool okay so far we're at 31% and we can't mess up two more times so I think we can not definitely crust it ah I'm a monster rafting monster yeah okay we're almost 80% down it's starting to speed up a little bit but I think we're still crushing it yes thank you thank you so much oh well that's nice that's lovely okay do I get a memory or anything no no memories okay well you know what let's keep it going frankly that was just a blast here we go everybody final song we're gonna absolutely demolish this oh it's moving faster this time move it a lot faster but I'm a tax break here we go here we go everybody coming up on 90 percent there's nothing stopping us now Oh baby whoa okay yeah we did it thank you thank you that's another memory what are we up to now twelve that feels good that feels good and now that we finished that we're on 13 and here we go that is 14 memories already we have absolutely crushed it today I want to try and get one more real fast so we're gonna go with an easy one which is this one right here so let's just get these two photos we need the Flamingo with the little gnome bot and then the easel there's one done already now I just gotta get this bad boy hit okay that looks good that looks good I think we're set now thank you thank you and that brings us up to 15 for today oh I think we did I think we crushed it I think we absolutely crushed it now it's time to get into some exciting stuff it's time did we hack around the forest so there's a lot of stuff to see around here you can see this place is pretty massive in comparison to the other places so I want to try and go pretty much everywhere or see at least pretty much everything so what we're gonna start with is we're actually gonna go into grandma's camping trailer and see what she has in store oh oh hi grandma I adore it don't mind me I'm just gonna step in there's a root in your I can see it what is that that's so weird okay you just keep that on don't mind me all right everybody here we go time to put on our night vision goggles since we're hacking around let's see what grandma is hiding in their creepy trailer oh yeah okay I guess this is probably the most efficient use of space isn't it what are you looking at little creepy kid bye turn back around okay well there you have it everybody grandma's hiding absolutely nothing in a creepy trailer it's just kind of weird stop looking at me I don't like that okay let's go somewhere else then well where did I go what did I do oh I broke it okay well this is what's behind the tent I guess not a whole lot going on down here uh hi how's it going kind of floating don't mind me I just learned how to use your magical floating technology that's right I'm pretty special like that okay well I don't think we're gonna see a whole lot more around here so let's go ahead and get into the waterfall the most exciting place of all let's see if we can even make it over there whoa well we're getting close everybody look I can actually interact with stuff over here still can't I can I grab that oh I can almost grab that I feel like I'm just a little bit too tall but if I wasn't I could grab this fish yeah oh oh here we go it actually works just like it normally would I can interact with everything over here that's pretty interesting so it's not locked to just when we get over there we can actually just come over here and mess with everything that's kind of neat okay but not what we're after still well we're after is that bad boy what are you hiding from me mr. waterfall oh look at that we're in it everybody we are in the waterfall look at him he's staring at us that creeper okay now it's time to just see if we can slowly walk through this and see what's hiding behind it here we go oh okay I don't really see much other than the wall sadly there's not a giant cave inch wall what the heck oh can I actually go up there oh this is weird oh this is freaky okay let's go farther and see if we can push the boundaries here things are getting pretty weird oh we've made it through everyone I've defeated space and time job stimulator cannot hold me anymore oh now I want to get up there and be king of the world because that sounds a little bit more exciting than being down here behind the creepy waterfall let's get up there whoa look at this everybody oh this is so cool I really wish we could like actually come up here naturally this is such a cool view I mean they just put a trail up here so that we could come and look down on what they made cuz this is incredible right here this makes the game look amazing oh I'm pretty excited about this okay well everybody I think we have a couple more things to do but I think I'm ready to get down from the waterfall before I get swept off and die cuz that doesn't sound very nice now for our final trick for our final masterpiece what we're gonna do is we're gonna dig way down below us about a hundred feet to see if there's anything else in this map that maybe we haven't seen yet something as some secret trail or something weird but let's go ahead and see what we can find oh look at that look at all the little pots it looks like a board game it's like a giant puzzle oh that's so weird and the fish just keep on going when do they disappear oh never mind he just vanished okay well here you have it everybody if you've ever wondered what's hiding underneath the forest in vacation simulator now you know lots of weird stuff going on around here a bunch of really massive trees and just creepy stuff in general but I think that's gonna be it for today everybody hope you guys have enjoyed

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