Celebrating the Spring Holidays

Happy Holidays from Duet Justus!

Happy Holidays from Duet Justus!

what's up guys Michael here with do it justice it is 11 degrees with a wind chill of negative 3 today in Columbia Missouri yes it is the day after Christmas so this is a current update of what Jenny and I are up to as you can see the RV is parked in this very snowy weather and yay while I'm out here I wanted to show you guys an awesome Christmas gift my parents got us Harvey got some new shoes check those out right new hubcaps for the RV on both sides just to give you an idea of how cold it is that right there's the deadbolt for our door which is completely frozen right now so we can't go in through that door luckily we have the driver and passenger side doors which are a-okay but ok that's enough of all this stuff out here I'm gonna go ahead and take you guys inside and I'll update you on stuff that we've been doing in 2017 and also some stuff we're going to be doing in 2018 so let's go ahead and go inside [Applause] check it out hey it's so good to be back I am so happy to see you it has been a while yes 2017 was a crazy crazy year jenny was helping her family and stuff through transitional stuff as as was I developmental period for just us as a team and also a huge transitional period for like Jenny's side of the family yes multiple moves I'm sure you guys saw all that on the update video that we posted about a month and a half ago but yeah Neuse new update to that story though my sister so they moved to North Carolina and they actually just moved back to their old house so just like this sister moved twice in the last six months and they moved back to Nashville two weeks yeah two weeks before we left to come here to Columbia so it's just been a crazy year in 2017 we're wrapping it up here in Columbia Missouri I'm here with my family and my brother flew in from LA and it's just good to see family good to see you know I don't know it's just it's always good to see family you guys know what I'm talking about yeah so besides that I have not been involved in a lot of the videos because trust me solar power there's nothing that I have to add to the solar power conversation it's just not my forte it's his so I'm just letting him do his thing and yeah yeah but that will not stay the same in 2018 we have lots of plans for 2018 it's going to be an epic year we are in the process of working on collaborations we are going to be getting out of the Midwest as fast as we possibly can even though it's awesome to see family and stuff with the holidays we're so thankful to be here 11 degree temperatures is just not gonna fly in an RV so we are going to be regular snowbirds I think from now on we're gonna be heading to the southwest here in just a couple of weeks you guys won't get to see that until maybe three weeks down the road there are gonna be some like congruence issues because we have already shot some videos we still want to update you guys on but we wanted to do kind of a present-day update to just kind of wish you guys a Merry Christmas yeah I know it's a day late but we hope you guys had a very happy day with your family and friends and we also want to wish you guys a very prosperous and productive 2018 we are really looking forward to it we would love to hear what plans and different things are going on in your life yes in 2018 we love to stay connected with you guys yeah that's the thing we love about the RV lifestyle Jenni was saying earlier is like we want to kind of do community stuff down in the southwest so if you guys know of any cool stuff that's going on or if you're gonna be in the southwest we'd love to do some collaboration or just meet up with some of you guys and see you guys face to face yeah hit us up that would be so much fun we love hanging out with people and just being social with you know people in the RV community or people that want to get into the RV community yeah or people that just want to hang out with us yeah we're total actually going yeah we're extroverts to the max oh we definitely feed off that stuff so hit us up in the comments below or shoot us an email at do it justice at gmail.com do it justice yeah do it justice at gmail.com and we will get back to you guys and hopefully we can schedule some stuff to see you guys so yeah yeah oh we should probably show them the doggies you guys haven't seen chase aronia in a long time rody premiere chase oh oh she's not too happy about these it's okay girl I love you too but it doesn't she look so cute in this thing I'm thinking about leaving it on all year you guys think I should hit me up in the comments below all right Barney's gonna go down oh you go be grumpy somewhere else Jim thank you I thought this is gonna take us a few seconds but oh me well yeah so yeah we will see you guys in a few days we're gonna have another video out but other than that if you guys have any questions or comments hit us up in the comments section below if you like this video hit the like button always as always subscribe to our channel because we are going to be putting out a lot more content in 2018 and as always we will see you on the next video bye Merry Christmas Happy New Year bye guys bye

Reader Comments

  1. U guys are cute and smart..love to c future videos..love it wen someone makes ur time worth it..so take the hint..

  2. Glad you guys had a nice holiday with the family! Looks so cold there. We love your channel and hope our paths cross on the road sometime. You guys produce such great videos. Happy New Year! πŸŽ‰

  3. -3 windchill and you think that is cold. Christmas 2017 up in Canada was -46 Celsius with the wind…. -3. that's a tropical holiday to us weather hardened Canadians….. πŸ˜‰

  4. Love,love watching you videos, Michael you know so much about what you do. I am going on the road in the Spring of 18, I live in Abq NM. and would like to extend an invite to you and get out of the cold and vist New Mexico, I have a 30 amp plug in for the RV so come on out , would love to pick your brain on how you know so much, I am still learning, happy holidays. terry

  5. Always good to see you both I have been enjoying all these solar videos. Merry Christmas belated and Wishing you both a Happy and prosperous new year also.

  6. Merry Christmas. Yes, to leave the cute scarf on Roney and Chase probably needs one too. πŸ™‚ We live about 75 miles east of Columbia off Hwy. 70. Have a wonderful 2018.

  7. Noooo! Jenny, you can see me?! Hehehehe, hey, over here in Springfield where I am now, bitter cold! Not in RV, but small house. I caught pipes just before they froze! Supposed to be 2Β° Sunday morning!! I thought we had RVs so we could follow weather!

  8. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We're getting our first travel trailer in 2-3 months! Super cute pups!

  9. Happy Holidays! I can't imagine living in and area that reaches only 11 degrees!! That's way too cold. Oh, and the collar is cute, but only for Christmas!

  10. Hey guys.
    Merry Christmas πŸŽ„from Florida.
    Please don’t leave the Christmas collar on the dog πŸ•

  11. My husband and I want to be out there by next Christmas. And my husband, Kurt tried a beard during 'No shave November " and every time he saw his reflection in the mirror he felt like a homeless bum! Couldn't wait to shave it off the 1st of December. I got his baby face back!

  12. Happy holiday season to you both. Looking forward to many more great videos from the two of you.
    a./ yes by all means leave the collar on the dog all year

    b./ For volunteer ideas, you should check out Habitat for Humanity. You know the good work that they do, and I am sure they are located almost everywhere you travel. There is also a community of RVers who travel from one Habitat build to another all over the USA. One guy on youtube was volunteering on his 36th Habitat house. There are many husband / wife teams that do it. Check out: https://www.habitat.org/volunteer/travel-and-build/rv-care-a-vanners

  13. Hooray puppies! haha Thanks for sharing guys! Good luck getting back out on the road! Travel safe πŸ™‚ – Shane

  14. Well, we're from Michigan (Detroit). It is currently -2ΒΊ with a wind chill of -11ΒΊ. For 2018, we bought land in New Mexico for recreation and we may buy land in Arizona as well…

    Merry Christmas to you two as well!!

  15. The lab in my house will bully his way into attention then the germen shepherd will put him in his place. Eventually doing the same think over and over!

  16. Im pretty new to your channel. So Im catchin up on yours and a couple of others. I will admit Ive skipped a few Solar vids too. I need to learn more but just aint there yet. We are in NW Florida. We are looking to start our adventures in 2018 maybe early 2019. Weve got some things to hash out. We just got the decision made. So right now we are on the planning stages and getting things together and ready for the run. Lol We have a big pack of Chihuahuas with us and 1 terrier we are taking along with us. So its going to be a real adventure. We are hoping all of them will travel well. We are looking to do small runs in town with each of them just to see how it all works out. If it dont well we will have to figure something out. ( Valium) lol( hubby says) just kidding. We wouldnt dare do that. So yeah we hope to get to meet up with alot of our UTube stars as we go from place to place. We have so much to learn and just learning a rig aint but half of it. Lol.
    I noticed your furbaby not liking being picked up. Lol we have a grumpy too. I figure you have her fixed cause the hormones sometimes causes that. And pain too so just so you are aware. Not that you probly arent or anything just stating something you may not have thpught of. Only reason is usually females are just usually not the grumpy 1s. Truthfully its usually the males. Mine thinks he the harem leader cause him n only 1 other male out of all our females. So he just thinks hes the macdaddy. Lol. I just wondered had you checked to make sure none of that was jer problem. Mine are so loving and want to be held all the time so it may just be her temperament. Anywho. I love your channel and we will be stalkin ya from now on. Much πŸ’˜ 🐝Safe & God Bless. Merry Christmas from Florida. Oh yeah our low was 45f I think. But the highs have been in the mid to high 70s. Just sayin. Get South Quick!!!

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