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Harishankar Picnic spot and Waterfall || Odisha Picnic Spot || Balangir Odisha || All About India

Harishankar Picnic spot and Waterfall || Odisha Picnic Spot || Balangir Odisha || All About India

[Applause] Harris anchor which is situated in volunteer district 402 kilometer away from state capital Mogadishu and only 40 kilometer away from Pat Nagar via Africa road of Orissa you can enjoy the nature and see to Hindu lots Vishnu and Shiva the temple was constructed by the order of Dan Qin do love Devi of Maharaja Virgil dev Chauhan inside the temple campus a huge Hanuman statue is there outside of the temple near waterfall an open sewer temple with shiva linga is present for visitors [Applause] the dancing Ganesha statue has been found which can be pressed to the earlier 12th century according to the Wikipedia this methodological place is on the slope of Grantham Arden Hills Yohe Parvati discover none remain Miki Agatha according to mythology Lord Hanuman kiri can do more than Parbat on his soldier from Himalaya to save the life of flux month during REM Robin fight you can find national temple on the opposite side of the Gundam arden hills after all you can have the Prasad of Horus Anka only at 45 rupees in the temple veranda very cynical is a tourist attraction spot because of the beautiful waterfall and temple waterfall is the main attraction of Ferris Anka in winter specially during Christmas and New Year people are coming here to enjoy the beauty of the nature hygienic fresh fruits are available here for walk or to test this is all about Sri Sri Harrison curd Galveston and waterfall near it stay tuned with us for more interesting informatics about different place and culture of India

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