Celebrating the Spring Holidays

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  1. OH I am so glad you used that rainbow embossing powder!!! I have had mine for months and didn’t really use it correctly. TFS😎. I love cocoa and must have a drop or two of peppermint extract! Yum!

  2. Oh so excited to watch his video…..it’s like you reached into my head and put my thoughts on this card!!! Thank you so much…I was looking all over online trying to find a large snowflake….already placed my order (I also grabbed the ornament) Peppermint Mocha….because I love coffee too

  3. Simple but pretty card and like always I love the dark red.

    I don't like cocco/hot chocolate or any hot drink that has a milk/cream base… yukk! (I would happily drink them cold from the fridge/with ice though). Black coffee no sugar… I'm a simple gal!

  4. Lovely card!! ❄️
    Thanks for letting us know which child was you in the photo. My hair was much blonder as a very little child, too. Since no one in my family has anything but dark hair, I told people I got it from the lady who lived next door! 😀😀 (That made sense to me as a 3 year old. Lol)
    I like my hot chocolate the traditional way, but I might have to try the hazelnut since I really like that idea. My mom always described her way to drink cocoa as being "marshmallows with a little hot chocolate on top!" 😍

  5. I love hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows in it when they get melty, but I love cinnamon toast to dip in the hot chocolate.  Sooo very good!

  6. I love your card designs, so beautiful and you make it so easy to understand how to make them. I recently made a dozen each of your day 1 white and red cards to send to the Caring Hearts card drive for the elderly. I hope the recipients enjoy getting them as I did making them. Thank you for the inspiration! I have always been traditional cocoa and marshmallows girl but recently my son made it with a little cinnamon and it was very tasty!

  7. I love all kinds of hot cocoa, even white hot chocolate! You make it by melting white chocolate into milk or cream and add a splash of vanilla. I like to add marshmallows, whipped cream, peppermint sticks, or creamers. If I’m having just plain hot chocolate I like to add a pat of real butter to it. It adds a delicious richness. My dad taught me that trick.😋

  8. I like the peppermint too, always with marshmallows or whip cream! The card is beautiful, that would be an easy one to mass produce.

  9. I indulge in whipped cream when it's available (such as in restaurants), but I don't keep any of that at home. Irish cream liqueurs, of course, although my preference is for Carolan's or Brendan's more than Bailey's.

  10. Beautiful card! I like Land of Lakes Raspberry Hot choc mix pkg. i prefer a spoonful of marshmellow cream over marshmelows. Yummm

  11. Lovely card – and I love your music note top. As for hot chocolate, I like it with marshmallows, I like it with mint, I like it with toast. Hmm, I guess I like hot chocolate!

  12. When you go to St*rbucks, get 1 pump of chocolate and 4 pumps vanilla in your Hot Chocolate made with whole milk. You’ll thank me for this tidbit of info. 2 pumps of Peppermint for a little holiday cheer. ♥️ Love your videos. Been watching forever.

  13. I got it right. Love this card best. It’s a wonderful design that I can reproduce in multiples. Thanks for all you do!
    Now for hot cocoa I like mocha hot chocolate with a bit of adult holiday cheer added before the whipped cream.

  14. I love my hot chocolate straight, with no whipped cream, but I have been enjoying a cardamom flavored one lately that is quite yummy!

  15. I put Cool Whip in my sugar free hot cocoa. I'm diabetic so I get a wonderful sugar free cocoa mix from a company back east and use Silk Almond Coconut milk since I have a problem with dairy now that I am older too.

  16. I miss living up in Georgia where drinking hot chocolate was a daily event. Here in Florida, not so much. This card is beautiful, Kristina. The cardstock looks like red velvet, and I HAVE to get some of that embossing powder!

  17. That's really a beautiful Christmas Card with that SnowFlake and glitter. I got Navy Blue Cardstock with baby blue permanent ink and glitter for my snowflake Christmas Cards this year. I hope it's beautiful like yours : ) I Hope, I hope, I Hope! Oh and my Hot Chocolate I mix a little Cayenne Pepper and Mexican Chocolate with International Delight Sweet Cream Creamer in mine ; p Yummiest Ever!

  18. Definitely Peppermint Mochas from Starbucks. The skinny version, no whipped cream, is a little less guilt-provoking! 🙂

  19. Another beautiful card. Question for you…I noticed you hold the card up off the table when you heat set. Just curious why you don’t leave it on the table flat and then heat set. I do realize that you direct the heat on the back to combat the warping, but I don’t see any other reason for not leaving it on the table. Thank you and I like my cocoa with little marshmallows!

  20. Love this card! This definitely inspires me. I like traditional and peppermint hot chocolate 😍. I'll need to try the hazelnut hot chocolate 😋

  21. Oh goodness, my daughter and I love hot chocolate with marshmallows. But the older I get, the more lactose sensitive I get. So, this year, I'm experimenting with making hot chocolate with almond milk and cocoa powder. The recipe needs work, lol 😆. The card is gorgeous with that huge snowflake and the raindrops. So magical 🤍

  22. Just plain old marshmallows, or if I can find it, raspberry chocolate is awesome!


  23. Hi Kristina. I do love how you can make a very simple card but packs a lot punch. We always make peppermint hot chocolate every year. We of course, put our peppermints in the blender to chop them very fine and then we take Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate and mix them together. We take a couple of thermoses of it and our Christmas mugs and load up the car and go for a night of looking at Christmas light displays! This is a tradition that was from my husbands family. We have five boys still at home and they LOVE to do this. Gosh, Kristina you have brought up some wonderful memories for me! My folks always took pictures of all of us I. Our PJ’s on Christmas Eve. You looked so adorable in your photo of you and your sisters. I had guessed you were number 1. You have the same eyes. ~ Katz

  24. I always enjoy your creativity and occasionally drop a chili-infused chocolate into my hot chocolate for a little extra kick. I don't think there's a bad way to drink hot chocolate! TFS!

  25. I never heard of putting something in the hot chocolate besides sweet whipped cream. I should try things out. Just like card making you gave me some new ideas. I also love snowflakes. Thank you so much for all those videos.

  26. Oh what a stunning and elegant card! I am not much of a marshmallow fan so no marshmallows for me. I make my hot chocolate with dark chocolate and a splash of vanilla.

  27. Beautiful card! I love to add peppermint mocha creamer to my hot chocolate….I'm going to have to try hazelnut now 🙂

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