Celebrating the Spring Holidays

Holiday Gift Hacks | LIFE HACKS FOR KIDS

Holiday Gift Hacks | LIFE HACKS FOR KIDS

if you got nothing to do well I've got a couple of tricks for you so take a look at these myths cuz it's like hacks for kids hi I'm sunny and today's episode is hockey holidays the winter is here all this done tis time to hack some holiday fun and the first fine hack warms wintery snow it's called the spoon errific cocoa to go for this you'll need a plastic spoon wax paper mini marshmallows chocolate chips and a food coloring marker lay down the wax paper melt the chocolate chips in the microwave then dip in the plastic spoon place three mini marshmallows in the shape of a snowman in the spoon after the chocolate hardens add the snowman's face and buttons it looks terrific and when you stir hot milk with it you get instant hot chocolate complete with marshmallows hmm extraordinary in these happy times no one should see a plain fireplace or an unadorned tree to make sure of this your time to be spent all making hack emoji ornament for this you'll need plastic lids yellow spray-paint string a hole punch and pink pins spray the lids yellow and let them dry next draw your favorite emoji faces punch a hole in the top and tie on a piece of string for easy hanging perfect to decorate the halls and the walls now let's bring some sparkle to the holiday nights with my glimmering glowing ping-pong lights for this you'll need string lights and nail a hammer and egg carton and ping-pong balls put some ping-pong balls into an egg carton to keep them steady poke a hole into the ball large enough to fit over the base of a string light you now stick a ball on to the light repeat the process until you filled up the entire string ornaments for hanging hot chocolate for jintan and beautiful lights just right for twinkling until next time I bid you adieu happy holidays friends to each one of you remember to subscribe to DreamWorks TV and click here for more lifehacks for kids with me what kind of dear helps the grass grow a reindeer mmm let's get some yummy in your tummy with an elf size snack my dinky doughnuts for this you'll need cooking spray cinnamon chocolate chips a spoon powdered sugar Cheerios a mint tin sprinkles white and black paint markers and wax paper

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