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Holiday Hottie Workout | Tone It Up Tuesdays

Holiday Hottie Workout | Tone It Up Tuesdays

Hi, it’s Karena and Katrina from Tonitup.com
and you’re here on Livestrong Woman. Today we are doing your Holiday Hottie Workout.
Now, the Holiday Hottie has been a challenge on Tone It Up. If you follow us on Instagram
or Twitter, we’ve been doing daily challenges and workouts, things that you can do throughout
the whole holiday season. So this workout, we’re going to challenge you to do… Every
Tuesday and Thursday. Yes. Alright, let’s go. Alright. Alright, let’s get to it. Let’s
get that heart rate up and warm it up. Okay, so you’re gonna start in a plié squat, put
your hands on the inside and then you’re gonna come up into a jumping jack. There you go.
So this gets your heart rate up, the blood pumping to your muscles so you warm-up. Yeah.
And this one’s really great too because the plyometrics, so be really soft in those toes.
Remember, all of our workouts on Livestrong Woman are printable routines too, so you can
take them with you, and they’re at the link below. And 4. Last one. There you go. Okay,
now grab one dumbbell, and step to the right of your mat. Now you are going to lunge to
the left and bend your left leg. So your right leg is straight. Now peek down and make sure
your knee is in line with your ankle and come up and tuck that knee up for those lower abs.
So you go out and then work those lower abs. There you go. So slow down, take your time.
Good. Now if you wanna progress this move, you can also press when you come up. I like
this. Yeah. So you’re working your glutes, your inner thighs, your quads, your shoulders,
your triceps, your upper chest, and your abs. Good. Feeling the burn in the booty. Slow
it down. 3, 2 and 1. Alright, step to the other side of the mat. Lunge with your right
leg. Keep your left leg straight, come up, and press if you’d like. Sit back as far as
you can to really isolate that booty. You’re gonna sit back right here. There you go. Sit
back and pop up. Four more — 4, 3, 2 and 1. Alright, now Karena’s gonna take us Skinny
Dipping. One of my favorite things to do. Alright, come onto our bums and we’re coming
into a tabletop position, so hips lifted up to the sky. Now we’re doing a tricep dip while
extending one leg up. And come back. And alternate sides. There we go. Keep the booty and hips
up to the sky, working your glutes, your triceps. You can really feel this one. Just make sure
you keep lifting your hips up. I dip, you dip, we dip. Now let’s go — 4, 3, 2, last
one. Good. Now we’re gonna do Inverted Push-Ups. So you wanna go down into a downward facing
dog. Now kick one leg in the air and do a push-up. Bring that down, kick the other leg
up. What does this work Karena? Everything. I’m working my booty, chest, arms, abs, and
getting a nice stretch in the hamstrings as well. I like the shoulders, the triceps, the
upper chest. Alright and 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. You got it, last one. Alright, now we’re going
to ride it out and do the Bicycle. We’re doing 50 of them together, okay? You ready? Let’s
go. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… We’re halfway done. Ready? 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. That
was good. Alright, now you’re gonna grab your weights and we’re going to have our palms
forward, feet shoulder width apart, roll them down your thighs. Okay, head forward, neutral
spine, come up, bicep curl, and a V press. So you press out to the side and then come
back down. Palms forward, roll down. Good. Curl and press. Now this works your hamstrings,
lifts that booty. Right there. Works the lower back. And the abs. Good. And then your biceps.
And your shoulders, especially with that V press. Great job. Squeeze. Favorite part of
the move. Okay, two more. And last one. Alright, now we’re gonna do a Side Slimmer. So put
one dumbbell down and hold that dumbbell in your right hand, put your left foot out to
the side, and your right foot is facing straight forward. And put that right hand in the air
and you’re just gonna bend down to the side, roll that hand down to the inside of your
foot, and then come back up. Now you’ll feel this all throughout the sides right here,
so your waistline. Last one on this side. Alright, switch hands and switch feet, we’re
gonna work the other one, the other waistline. Dumbbell up in the air and slowly slide that
hand down to your ankle and come back up. And slide it, contract. Really squeezing your
abs, giving you a nice, slim waistline. Now remember, we challenge you to do this workout
every Tuesday and Thursday, and make sure you go to the blog at Toneitup.com to follow
all the Holiday Hottie Challenges throughout the season. 2 — last one, hotties. Alright.
Alright, don’t forget to subscribe to Livestrong Woman, and leave us a comment at the link
below and let us know what you want to do for your workout next time. And we’ll be commenting
back. Bye. Bye-bye.

Reader Comments

  1. I have a question I'm starting my workout soon and I want to really tone my body frame up. I'm not really big just gain a few pounds since I've gotten older. Do I need to take a protein supplement (like the shake mixture) to help me tone to build muscle?

  2. If you have trouble meeting your daily needs for protein ( 60+ depending on weight and height) or you lift weights then yeah. If you eat a lot of chicken,eggs, and other lean protein sources then you should be fine. hope that helped 🙂

  3. oh and you I read you should have protein 0-30 min after working out especially with muscle toning moves like these

  4. Thank you all sooo much for getting back to me. I will be turning 48 yrs old and I weigh about 150 5'6' ( don't mine telling you that lol). I do eat plenty of meats and beans, but I'm planning on doing some weight training, walking(treadmill) and eliptical.

  5. Always look forward to Tuesdays, for your new workouts..Love this workout, will try tomorrow as its night time here now and have already done my workout for the day:)..Hope you both have a fab day…xx

  6. I would love to see a swimming workout, actually. I'm not able to do much exercise involving impact, after having a hip replacement when I was younger. But for something like Sunday Runday, it would be nicer to see what I could do in my local pool.

    Thank you!

    B x

  7. Oh! And along the same lines, if you could let us know what moves could possibly replace done if the plyo stuff you do: just as effective, but without so much impact? I don't know how many other people would find that useful (maybe some of your older followers?), but I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks again!

    B x

  8. thank you guys so much, and i was wondering if you guys could do a video on how to get a lean body. i've been looking around but most of the videos i find are for muscle building/sculpting but i really want to find some exercises for an overall lean body! thank you!

  9. hi girls! love the videos! I would love to see more warm up/stretch exercises to warm up the joints, before the strong workouts. thanks!!! love from Peru! 🙂

  10. @shugarspaz I've been look for that too and discivered that cardio workouts are the way to go, studd like running high knees butt kicks jumping jacks jump rope etc.

  11. Hey Girls, I love your workouts. I have purchased your diet plan. I would like to know can I really get the muscle definition you girls have without joining a gym?

  12. dang, I came up with a bunch of excercises- but all of them require being able to do a side plank. Can your shoulder handle the side plank yet?

  13. Thank you so much K&K! My weddings is in 5 days and with a busy schoolteachers life, its pretty busy! But, I still do your girl's workouts every night to look hott and toned for my future hubby! Thanks again girls! ;))

  14. omg this workout was so good! the last workout was the killer icing on the cake, thx u for helping me get a step closer to my goal and yes i am one of your new subscribers whoop whoop

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  16. YOU ARE THE BEST OF LS WOMAN…FULL OF CHARISMA & ALWAYS INCHARGE OF EVERY STEP, BOTH NARRATIVELY AND IN YOUR WORKOUTS! I introduced you to my friends at the gym today! More women are encouraged by your enthusiasm and elaboration every day! Thanks for all your videos and physical education.

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  19. Love the video…very helpful but too many face shots …. at the start of a new move I'm looking a face shot instead of the movement I need to follow.

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  29. ok so just starting to get in shape and on the last exercise you said go down to the ankle so my question is …. Do I have to make it all the way down to the ankle or do I go just as far as I can? If I am going down as far as I can will I eventually be able to go down farther?

  30. Love the live strong workout! I can do three different ones on the same morning and never get bored and sweat from head to toe!

  31. Love you girls, so beautiful so very PERFECT! Beyond inspirational, motivational and exceptional ways to get fit while having fun! Much lvoe and success to you BOTH!

  32. Hi love this workout.
    i have just bought a
    prower tub and was wondering if you could post a workout for it and is it better than using weights?

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